Let's take a closer look at Tesla's numerous price changes.

One of our avid readers taken the time to put a nifty chart together that tracks the price changes of the Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X. It even includes some speculation about Model Y pricing. However, since Tesla has yet to reveal Model Y prices, that entry simply serves as an estimate, but moreso, a place to include future entries. We can only assume -- based on Tesla's track record -- there will be many price adjustments to the Model Y section of the chart, as well as all other Tesla models.

The hard part for Tesla is that people expect a price and comes across as "entitled" to make the automaker to stick to it. Legacy automakers may "stick" to a price, at least in terms of MSRP and invoice. However, prices change all the time for almost every car. Deals are new every month, different markets offer varying prices and deals, and demand (or lack thereof) can impact vehicle pricing and incentives considerably.

Regardless of potential demand, why does Tesla keep changing prices?

Sadly (depending on how you look at it), due to Tesla's intense commitment to owners, it has made incredible leaps to passify complaining owners. Honestly, at InsideEVs, we wish the Silicon Valley electric car maker would just tell people they're out of luck. While it stinks if someone gets a better price than you or gets options at a cheaper price, it's reality. Some people just need grow up and deal with the real world situation. Or, they could send Tesla a refund check if they get a better deal or cheaper options than the next buyer. Right? Never gonna happen!

If Tesla didn't have to constantly appease its audience, mainstream media, and stock reporting publications, it may be able to just set a price and run with it. CEO Elon Musk tweeted some valid points recently, yet he still works too hard to make fans happy:

At any rate, below we've included an image of the Tesla pricing spreadsheet. In addition, you can click here to access Google Doc for your enjoyment.

tesla price.JPG

Hat tip to Aldrich for producing and providing the spreadsheet!

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