UPDATE: Tesla Model Y Reveal: Watch Livestream Replay Here


Tune in here to watch the live reveal of the Tesla Model Y.

Livestream begins at 11 PM Eastern, 8 PM Pacific, but festivities start before the main event. We’ve included a pre-show and post-show video down below. The highly anticipated electric Tesla CUV is sure to be hot.

We all know how typical Tesla livestreams work (hint: they often fail), so we’ve included several Tesla Model Y viewing options in hopes that some Internet connection remains reliable.

Link from Tesla for livestream on Tesla.com

The latest Model Y rumors, predictions and related news seem to suggest it will have a base price of around $45,000, which is $10,000 more than a standard Tesla Model 3.

It’s expected that Tesla will formally announce some sort of official pricing tonight, as well as reveal detailed specs on the Y.

We have several InsideEVs contributors who will be attending the event in person, so stay tuned for even more coverage from the live reveal.

Prior to the reveal of the Model Y, a pre-show stream should be available directly below via Model 3 Owners Club on YouTube. Watch for that video to go live below.

Video description:

Connection-permitting, join us live from Hawthorne CA as we live stream the pre-show outside the event. Meet personalities and watch the festivities!

Following the reveal, friend of the site Sean Mitchell hopes to livestream the after events, which should include views of the Y and even test drives. Watch for that video to go live below.

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11PM Eastern. Ouch. Looks like tonight’s wine consumption gets time shifted a bit later than normal.

Central European Time: 4 AM (on Friday 15th of March)

Can’t stay up so long.

I could set the alarm though.

Wine for breakfast? *grin*

Big night for Tesla.

Also big night for automotive industry…

Likely tonight’s reveal of the Tesla Model Y all-electric sport compact-SUV/CUV will going foreword become the comparative reference benchmark for all other EVs in that class. Once volume production kicks in, Model Y will likely rise to the #1 slot of the INSIDEEVs PlugIn Sales Scorecard with Model 3 comfortably securing the #2 position. For many the Model 3 will continue to be the preferred choice.


…Model Y reveal will be a bad night for the anti-Tesla crowd but they do gain something… a new Tesla model they can gibe against (timing, price, demand, production supply, etc). Should hold them over till the Tesla Truck reveal later this year.

(Original James) Could we see the truck tonight as well? Stranger things have happened…

Fingers crossed.

Tesla stock $289.96 as of tonight….


“Big night for Tesla.”


I’m sure that Elon Musk will reveal some very interesting and exciting details today. Perhaps there will be a “one more thing” moment as well?

And I’m also sure that Tesla has gained some experience in the previous years and as a result of that it has evolved into a more mature and stable company.

@Benz said: “…Perhaps there will be a “one more thing” moment as well? …”

I’ve been waiting for a surprise Model XL reveal.

An extended length (rear storage area) version of existing X… all else including battery pack remains same as X.

Ive not heard of any rumors of a Tesla XL but I’m certain it would sell well in USA. It would replace our family’s last remaining ICE… wife’s Chevy Suburban… the kids & vacation trips hauler.

I think there would be a big market for a little bigger more SUV looking Model X.

(Original James) I like your thinking, but instead of as you say, Model Y becoming the “comparitive reference benchmark for all other EVs in that class” – that Model Y will become:

A) The comparative SUV reference benchmark for all premium brand compact unibody crossovers, both ICE and electrified.

B) The comparative reference benchmark which replaces former stalwart benchmarks in both the premium brand sector and mainstream brand sector (as in Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, GM, Ford, Hyundai, KIA and Volkswagen).

Model Y has to be many things. A disruptor in many markets. Big established auto titans can build several versions of their platforms, either contenting or decontenting them to reach a pricepoint. Model Y has the potential to disrupt multiple layers of these markets because it is not uncommon for the average consumer to spend $40,000 – $55,000 for an SUV today.

“Prior to the reveal of the Model Y, a pre-show stream should be available directly below via Model 3 Owners Club on YouTube.”

At what time?

6:30 pm Pacific Time

Pricing is not only “expected” to be revealed — Elon explicitly said it will.

Useless approximation. They normally change them three times a fortnight.

…but you never change your unswerving devotion to Tesla bashing. 🙄

Another reason to r-eject the trolls and their weak-ass FUD.

Thanks, Elon, but I’ll catch the news in the morning.

Tesla’s margins should be healthy over the next few years. By the time they reach mass production of the Y, their pack costs should be under $100/kw-h. There should also be significant economy of scale on inverters and motors; if the semi uses four Model 3 motors/inverters and the Y uses the same motor/inverter (for rear wheels) then they may triple component volume, which should decrease production costs significantly. I doubt Tesla will mention any of this tonight as “our cars will be less expensive a year from now” is not a good sales pitch.

(Original James) I’m really getting tired of the frontal teaser shot. The reveal couldn’t come any sooner.

$45,000 rear wheel drive hopefully from the start with AWD Dual Motor options from the get-go. The beaten path of (Model 3) starting with the high end versions to earn money to make the $45,000 version would be depressing at this point. History has proven that media latches onto that negative message and Tesla continues to be more competition for BMW and Mercedes than Toyota, GM and Ford.

For $45,000, it better include AWD.

Well you could just say OJ, for Original James, or on second thought, maybe not. I’m glad they brought back the OJ though, the new James is fine too, refreshing but not as flavorful as the Original James. Who is classic.

Gawd I hope it wont look like a bloated/pregnant TM3.

Too late – given the teaser shot from the side that they presented a while back, plus these new, more detailed front views, it’s going to be exactly like an inflated Model 3.

I will be at the event, and I plan to stay very late. It will be a fun night, I’m sure.

I’ll post pictures on the Facebook groups at:


I’m betting a revised Model S is going to be shown as well.

It’s a popular prediction. 🙂 But altho I’ve guessed that may happen myself, I certainly woudln’t bet on it.

I’m hoping they’ll tell us how the pack has been improved to handle charging at the 250 kW Superchargers.

I wonder if they will also have some Model 3 SR deliveries at the event, just to add some sugar. It would be a good cross-model line promotional move.

no luck. Probably this weekend.

Needs roof racks and a little beefier just my thoughts

8:06 pm. Nothing yet?

8:12pm….still nothing for me.

No video. Says “video unavailable” and something about removed by the user.

We got rid of that one now.

They never start on time.

They are on Elon Time™

At the moment, the “LIVE Tesla Model Y Unveiling!” feed is active. (10:12 PM central time, which is… 8:12 Pacific time, I think.)

I got nothing

What’s going on? The Tesla website has been a mess all night

A massive amount of Web Traffic?

Model3 Owned- Niro EV TBD- Now Model Y! TBD

Holding tight…..

Live-stream is on Elon time.

Model3 Owned- Niro EV TBD- Now Model Y! TBD

Stay tuned

Order pages are down for S, X and 3, so it looks like there will be more news coming for other models as well.

Looks like it was down while they updated it to start Model Y pre-orders. Now live with “Production is expected to begin late next year”

I knew that Model Y is just a lifted Model 3.

The price is right though.

compared to an ice equivalent, hell no its not!

Have you priced an X4 or X6?

So the model Y is basically a Model 3 hatch. Well that was underwhelming. *Yawn*

Seats 7! That is pretty big.

Well, it would be if it was actually 7 seats for full-sized adults, which I very seriously doubt. Heck, I’ve even seen complaints that the Model X 3rd row seats aren’t for full-sized adults, and the Model Y has a shorter wheelbase.

Name a seven seat vehicle that any other car maker calls a “hatch”.

So you will be staying with your German petrol car then Talia.

Can you make the stage any darker Elon? Dark stage and a dark blue Model Y…..or is that a Model 3?

At 70% of the same parts — what did you expect?

With 30% difference in parts, I didn’t expect it to look so similar to the TM3 that when it first rolled onstage, we wondered if it was just another Model 3.

A couple of the people posting to the Tesla Motors Club thread about the event said that, and I had the same reaction. Yeah, I was expecting it to look similar, especially since one of the teaser images showed it had headlights just like the Model 3. But I wasn’t expecting it to look exactly the same from the front!

not sure y you got a thumbs down but that $hlt was too damn dark.

i’ll hold back judgement till the NDA on the pics and spec are released.

those streaming vids need better bandwidth, that really sucked the big one.

Did you go full screen with the viewer, and view from a decent size screen? Was fine for me.

Specs are live on Tesla’s website, and were live well before you posted 6 minutes ago. Not sure what your complaint is with that.

The video in the link I was watching was awful. Very low res. It didn’t occur to me until late during the Reveal to use the YouTube link and see if it was possible to improve the resolution. Once I did, it was much, much better. Definitely non-awful!

I re-watched the video on an older standard definition 14″ laptop screen with automatic contrast adjustment turned off, with the 360P setting on youtube without going full screen.

Wow. What a difference from watching it on a 4K 27 inch screen at full-screen 1080P setting with automatic contrast adjustment turned on!!

It goes from dramatic “evening wear” lighting that makes it look sultry and sexy, to wondering what the heck that dark blob is on screen. I think people had very different experiences depending on what resolution they were getting, and what screen they were using. I was probably at the top end of the spectrum with my experience, and it sounds like lots of folks didn’t fare so well.

Can you make your heart any darker MadBro?

You are a complete shill for GM and the auto stealership model.

For once he has a valid point. That dark blue color on the Model Y was too dark for the event. One or two people on the Tesla Motors Club forum discussion said the same.

The Model Y used for the Reveal should have had either a lighter color or much, much brighter stage lighting.

Boy, for as awesome as the Model 3 presentation was, this was at the other end of the spectrum. Almost Faraday-Future cringeworthy at some points. The best part was the cool opening video. This whole event appears to have been rushed and I’m not sure why? Instead of drumming up more excitement it may have only osbourned some 3 sales….

Actually, it seemed to be designed specifically NOT to Osbourne existing vehicle sales. Instead it was clearly designed to BOOST current model sales by showing off all the current vehicles. Maybe that is what you didn’t like?

Maybe that was it. It certainly didn’t seem like there was much enthusiasm for the TMY, and there wasn’t much time spent on showing it off. As you say, there was much more time spent on showing off Tesla’s other models.

But then, why do a Reveal at all this far in advance of actual sales, if Tesla is worried about the Osborne Effect?

Can you imagine the level of whining we would hear if Tesla DIDN’T do a reveal until late 2020?

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

Completely agree. That was a new low, even for Elon. Elon stuttered / rambled on for like 30+ minutes about the history of Tesla, giving ridiculous anecdotes along the way, and then couldn’t even present the Model Y. Where was Franz to talk about the design of the thing? What about the engineers to talk about the performance? I was expecting Model X, Model 3, and Roadster levels of hype. This just had none.

Well, I was very very wrong about my prediction about 3rd row seats! Not only are they present (altho optional), but the seats have the same configuration (2-3-2) as in the Model X, and not the reversed “jump seats” as in the Model S.

Otherwise, it’s pretty much as I expected. Frankly the Model Y looks even more like the Model 3 than I thought it would.