Fairly steep taper but still a huge improvement.

We just reported on the unveiling of the first V3 supercharger. Now we have the first chart showing a Tesla Model 3 charging on the v3 Supercharger. Captured by user privater via Twitter here are the charts:

We don’t know about you, but we were a bit shocked at Tesla’s claim that the Model 3 Long Range RWD will charge at 250 kW. As such, we expected a fairly steep taper. While there is indeed a fairly steep taper, it's still a huge improvement over the current V2 Superchargers. It looks like the average power between 0-50% SOC is still in the neighborhood of 200 kW. So, during the first half of the charge, you might be able to get an average of around 800 MPH charging rate.

We estimated around 600 MPH charging rate during the first half of the charge (ref). We based that on a maximum current capability in the charging cable that runs from the charging port to the battery. Per Ingineer, the manufacturer’s spec on that cable is 430 amps, and we are sticking by that current rating.

However, our power calculations were at a lower voltage. We incorrectly estimated more like 350 average volts during the first half of the charge. Preliminary leaked V3 supercharger specs were that V3 can charge up to 500 volts.  At 430 amps and 500 volts, the power calculates out to 215 kW, which is still a bit shy of the demonstrated 250 kW charging rate. It looks like in this one sample, the Model 3 Long Range held 250 kW between 10 and 18% charge.

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