France Celebrates Milestone of 20,000 Charging Stations

The electric vehicle charging infrastructure in France has been growing rapidly of late, and last month reached the milestone of 20,048 stations at some 7,242 locations. Compared to year ago, France had 14,799 stations at 4,507 locations, making the increase 35.5% and 60.7% respectively. The country’s long term goal is…

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UK Bill Would Make Chargers Mandatory At Gas Stations

UK’s Department for Transport has announced a plan to require the installation of charging points for electric vehicle at motorway service stations, and at larger gas stations. There is already some 11,500 charging points in the UK today (mostly AC), but several thousand more located at gas stations would be…

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ChargePoint CEO Says Gas Stations Aren’t A Model For EV Charging

ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano shared his thoughts this Summer on why the gas station business model doesn’t fit with the future of electric cars. The EV charging infrastructure of today is far from perfect, but the electrification of gas stations, or following their model for plug-in vehicles is not the solution. Stats: ChargePoint doubled…

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ABB Introduces 150-350 kW ABB Terra HP High Power Chargers

ABB is introducing its new high power charging solution – the Terra HP, designed for 150-350 kW power outputs, while at the same time being dual-standard: CHAdeMO and CCS Combo. The new chargers are two separate units – the cabinet that provides power, and the station terminals with charging connectors…

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Charging Tesla

Check Out Shell’s EV Charging Stations

So @shell branded #EV charging. The tipping point approaches. — Dave Davies (@dodavies) September 24, 2017 It seems Shell is living up to its word, and making its way into EV charging. As we previously reported, the company that owns Shell gas stations was in the midst of plans…

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