Tesla Autopilot cameras have pros and cons when it comes to direct sunlight.

Tesla Autopilot still has plenty or quirks. This is precisely why Tesla didn't attempt to launch its upcoming full self-driving technology prematurely. With each update, we see plenty of positives. However, there are also issues that the electric automaker must resolve.

Being that the Autopilot system only relies on cameras and radar, there have been issues with regard to different levels of light and objects that blend into others, etc. The facts continue to show that while the feature may be the best on the market to date, it's far from perfect.

Tesla owner and YouTuber Scott Kubo has a habit of providing Autopilot update videos. In fact, it's just about all he focuses on. He's uploaded a handful of other content, but Autopilot is clearly his thing.

In Kubo's latest share, he addresses issues related to Autopilot dealing with direct sunlight. Fortunately, he is impressed with the car's lane-keeping feature. However, he does note that automatic lane changes caused some problems.

While the auto lane change feature is a nice bonus, at least it's something that may not be expected at this point. If you try and the car fails, you simply take over and change lanes yourself. Being that Tesla Autopilot is still a "hands-on" system, the expectation is that users are aware and in control at all times. This means, if a feature isn't initiating properly due to some circumstance, it's your job to handle it.

We're confident that Tesla is aware of such issues and will continue to make necessary updates and adjustments for improvement.

What are your issues with Autopilot. Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via Scott Kubo and YouTube:

Tesla Autopilot Driving Directly Into the Sun

How well does Tesla's camera-based autopilot perform when driving directly into the sun? Lane-keeping was pretty good, but auto-lane changes were problematic.

This was tested on v9.2018.48 and v9 2019.5.6

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