Launches Evergreen Edition

The Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle now has a new face, along with a new trim level. Meet the FUV Evergreen Edition. This new option-laden variant, we're told, will be the first available for retail sale. The company will get in touch with existing pre-order holders to offer them first crack at this initial batch. Deliveries are said to start this spring.

When we took the all-electric three-wheeler for a spin last November, the prototypes we drove had a set of very nonproduction set of lights mounted to the front. As you can see in the video above, the lighting arrangement now looks much more polished, as the fascia features the two main beams integrated into the center section.

Also notable on the Evergreen is the storage compartment in the back. This will give owners a lockable space instead of the flat rack on the base model. The other big feature on this spec are removable doors. Although the example in the video here is not wearing them, the company does have some renders of what they will look like, which you can see in the gallery at the bottom of this post. Other niceties included with this trim package are heated seats, heated grips, Bluetooth speakers, and a Level 1 charging cable.

According to the press release, which you can read in full below, buyers will be able to choose the base color as well as the accents. The price of the three-wheeler, which they now say has a range of 100 miles and a 75 mile-per-hour top speed, is $19,900 before incentives.

Arcimoto Unveils Flagship Electric Vehicle, FUV Evergreen Edition Arcimoto now accepting reservations as it moves to retail production.

First customer deliveries scheduled for spring.

EUGENE, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Arcimoto, Inc.® (NASDAQ: FUV) announced today that it is now accepting customer reservations for its new flagship electric vehicle, the FUV Evergreen Edition, in Oregon, California, and Washington. The Evergreens will be the world’s first FUVs available for retail purchase, with first customer deliveries planned for spring.

Arcimoto Unveils Flagship Electric Vehicle, FUV Evergreen Edition. Let the fun begin

Tweet this “In 2007, we set out to build the world’s most affordable and efficient everyday electric vehicle that also happens to be insanely fun to drive. The FUV Evergreen Edition is the realization of that vision,” said Arcimoto Founder and President Mark Frohnmayer. “With the FUV, you save money on gas, time on parking, and your daily commute is transformed into a pure electric joyride. Finally, a practical, American-made solution to the two greatest challenges facing the world today: global warming and getting groceries.”

Built in the Pacific Northwest with state-of-the-art equipment at the Arcimoto Manufacturing Plant in Eugene, Ore., the Evergreen has a top speed of 75-mph, an estimated city driving range of 100 miles per charge, and comes pre-loaded with heated seats, heated grips, Bluetooth speakers, removable doors, lockable rear storage, Level 1 charging cable, and HOV lane access. Customers will have their choice of base and accent colors. Rockstar parking comes standard.

An affordable everyday electric vehicle for everyone, the Evergreen is priced at $19,900 before gas savings, available tax credits, and rebates. Depending on location, FUV owners may also qualify for sales tax exemptions, utility rate discounts, free parking, toll discounts, insurance discounts, and other benefits.

Starting today, Arcimoto will reach out to its earliest pre-order customers in Oregon, California, and Washington to confirm their Arcimoto reservations. Customers who decide to reserve an Evergreen Edition will then choose colors and make a non-refundable reservation payment to secure their place in the production queue.

Arcimoto expects to deliver the first 100 Evergreens by end of June 2019. As Arcimoto expands its service and delivery networks, it expects to begin delivery to other states, with the goal to deliver all current US-based pre-orders by the end of Q2, 2020.

“As we scale operations and drive down costs, we intend to introduce more options and accessories and ever more affordable variations of the FUV,” Frohnmayer said. “The Evergreen epitomizes our commitment to an American-made everyday electric vehicle that is affordable for everyone. It is the FUV by which all other FUVs will be measured.”

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Source: Arcimoto

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