The highly-anticipated electric vehicle from Porsche is doing its winter testing in Norway

Porsche is doing their homework regarding the Taycan. After all, the first fully electric vehicle from the high-performance vehicle maker needs to be perfect. The first electric vehicle by Porsche is slated to release later this year, and the carmaker is putting its EV through some rigorous testing.

A part of this scheduled test program is the cold weather testing, and that's currently being done in the cold of Norway - as we can see from a set of images revealed on Reddit earlier today. Test mules are seen being driven on icy, snowy roads of Norway. And that means that the final test phase for this EV is underway and that we can expect the reveal quite soon.

Several recent images of the Taycan were shared on the r/Cars subreddit by auto enthusiast u/NexpFPV. The vehicle was spotted while being driven in the snow, together with what seems to be a helper Porsche Cayenne. Furthermore, the vehicle is seen at a charging station. Additionally, one of the images showcases two Taycan test mules on the side of the road, with one of them having its hood open. To make matters even more interesting, both vehicles were outfitted with fake exhaust popes, just like all the recent Norway sightings of Porsche's test mules. While we can only speculate on the reasons behind the opened hood, we don't feel there was anything special going on there and it was just a regular stop.


What do the images reveal?

While there's not a lot of details revealed about these particular test mules, there are a few rather significant items that they do reveal. First, both vehicles showcase the well-known wide and aggressive Porsche stance. In turn, the real-world shots of the Taycan give out the feeling that the vehicle is ready to tackle any road out there with high-speed - just like its ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) counterparts. And we very much like that!

Nonetheless, we're still months away from seeing a production version Taycan, and that day cannot come soon enough. Furthermore, the exact pricing for the Taycan is yet to be revealed - even though a Porsche Global Brand Ambassador has reportedly stated that the Taycan would be offered in three models - the Taycan, the Taycan 4S, and (the) Taycan Turbo. However, we expect the entry-level Taycan to start at around $90,000 and go upwards of $130,000 for the Taycan Turbo - before options.

You can view the full gallery of the Porsche Taycan winter testing right below.

Gallery: Porsche Taycan Spied Winter Testing In Norway

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