Line 'em up!

It's time for some Tesla Model 3 versus Model 3 racing action.

This particular Tesla drag race features not 1, not 2 or even 3, but rather 4 Model 3s racing against each other. There's the Model 3 Performance, as well as the Model 3 dual-motor and even the Long Range and Mid Range versions of the 3 featured here.

The actual video is a bit difficult to follow, since it's not immediately clear which version is which. However, as the description states below, the finishing order is pretty much as expected. The Performance Model 3 easily takes the win.

Though we do enjoy this video featuring all Model 3s, a previous Tesla family race was even more exciting. That one even showcased the original Tesla Roadster.

Watch World’s Most Epic Tesla Race: Model S, 3, X & Roadster

Video description:

Short Video Of the Drag Race Between Model 3 Performance (1st), Dual Motor (2nd), Long Range (3rd), Mid Range (4th), Stay Tuned For 0-60 Numbers w/ Draggy for All Models!

Thanks for watching! Unfortunately, we were short on time and we were not able to capture what we wanted! This should give you an idea of the difference between the model 3s.

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