Smart and simple

All those who would like to better secure the Tesla Model 3's trunk from thieves receive a new, brilliant solution.

It's a simple 3D-printed locking mechanism, developed by Jon Osborne, who not only presents it but also shared all the files to make your own.

It could be a valuable security device, especially when so many thieves are trying to steal precious cargo. Usually, they are breaking the rear corner glass, reaching their hand in and folding down the seats to see if you have anything of value in the trunk. With this locking mechanism, that will not be possible.

Separately, Tesla is developing Sentry Mode, which will be using Enhanced Autopilot cameras to:

  • give owners a 360-degree look at their car while they’re away
  • option to record footage for use later (10-minute clips)
Source: Tesla Model 3 rear seat lock details, Teslarati

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