Sideways is the best ways!

It's been less than a month since we re-introduced you to the BMW M3 from EV West that is now powered by a motor pulled from a Tesla. You may not recognize it, however. In that time it's changed its stripes and added some fender flares to better accommodate its wide rubber.

We understand the EV West team spent Sunday zooming around the awesome Laguna Seca racetrack on the outskirts of Monterey, California, while in the company of dozens of other electric vehicles for the annual Refuel event. While we impatiently wait for footage from that happening, we're happy to share the video above, featuring the revamped coupe hanging out with some pro drifters in Anaheim, California.

The video, put together by YouTuber Jehu Garcia, features the beastly BMW turning rubber into smoke in the company of some traditionally-powered drift cars. For those unfamiliar, drifting is a technique that involves purposefully oversteering and spinning the rear wheels up so that a vehicle goes through turns sideways while the driver countersteers. It's not the fastest way around a turn, but it's fun to perform and watch (can't imagine inhaling all that smoke is especially healthy, though).

While the video above might make the Teslafied BMW look like a natural, it's not. A number of adjustments needed to be made for the sideways style of performance. For one, they had to turn down the power by about 50 percent. Also, EV West principal Michael Bream left this comment on its Instagram account, where they had shared a couple of short clips:

The biggest challenge was our stock front geometry and steering angle. Much room to improve, and now have a good list. Power was a bit too much so we turned it down. Modulation is tough with the torque, and a motor that can’t resist spinning up to 16k rpm. There was also the fact it kept running up on the Mustang because it was faster. Not my words.

Besides the rubber burning action, the video also features a look at the back of the car and a casual explanation about how induction motors work. A word of warning: this part is laced with profanities, so if that's offensive to you, you should just fast forward past.

If the video above wasn't quite enough drifting action, we've embedded the aforementioned Instagram clips for your enjoyment below.

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A post shared by EV West (@evwestdotcom) on

Source: YouTube

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