Tesla Model 3 pushes the automotive industry into the future of how the cars will be made.

Here is a detailed look at the car's Front Body Controller.

Ingineerix once more provides insights into the Tesla Model 3 architecture, presenting the VCFRONT (Front Body Controller), one of the three body controllers on-board.

It's powered from the 12 V battery and distributes low-voltage power to other two controllers. The entire unit is highly integrated and fuseless (no fuse box).

Tesla Model 3 - VCFRONT (Front Body Controller) (Source: Ingineerix)

Tesla Model 3 - VCFRONT (Front Body Controller) (Source: Ingineerix)

"In this quick video we take a detailed look inside one of the 3 body controllers used in the Model 3. This one is designated VCFRONT by Tesla.

Main components BoM:

Main Microcontroller: ST SPC56EC74L8 Fan & Pump Motor Controllers: LV8907 (3) 20A Schottky Diodes: ON Semi MBR2045EMFS 235A N-Channel MOSFETs: ON Semi NVMFS5C426N 5A Low VF Schottky Diodes: Nexperia PMEG045V050EPD Dual Smart High Side Switch: Infineon BTS5020-2EKA Single Smart High Side Switch: Infineon BTS5008-1EKB 16bit low power I/O port: NXP PA9539RPW (2)

Unknown ST part: VN1TT4 (Likely a high-side driver)"

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