Perhaps everything you've ever wanted to know and understand about Tesla battery tech all in one place.

If you're an EV fan, and especially those that really dig the deep-dive battery tech explorations, get yourself some popcorn and a cold (or warm) beverage. You'll need to carve out about 40 minutes to get through all three videos, but it's well worth the time.

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See Tesla Battery Technology Explained In This 3-Part Video Series

YouTube vlog EV-Tech Explained recently put out this in-depth series. The narrator's voice sounds a bit robotic, but these videos are far too interesting to not share.

You do get used to the voice after a bit. Just do like we did, consider it "soothing" and free of annoying distractions often found in many video narrations.

You can watch portions of the videos without the sound because EV-Tech Explained provides plenty of detailed graphs and visual data to assist with the message.

Anyhow, we aren't the first to say that there's a lot of misinformation out there about EV batteries, and more specifically, about Tesla's battery packs. While the automaker seems to attempt to be very transparent in some aspects ... other areas, not so much.

Tesla believes in open-source patents and has a primary goal of enlightening the automotive world about what the future can bring. Nonetheless, when it comes to highly advanced tech, like batteries, there's a wealth of unanswered questions.

EV-Tech Explained has surely done its homework to give us as much information as possible. There's really nothing else like this out there. If you have access to something related and worthwhile, please feel free to share it with us in the comment section.

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Without further ado, since now your valuable 40 minutes has become 45, on to the videos!

Video Descriptions (summarized) via EV-Tech Explained on YouTube:

This is the full set of a three-part video series which will explain Tesla's battery technology in depth, with the first video focusing on the cell technology, the second dealing with the module, and the third focusing on the battery pack.

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