Orbis Wheels, a startup from Mill Valley in California, tries to re-invent the wheel once more and promises a breakthrough in electric drive.

The Orbis Ring Drive Wheel is kind of an in-wheel motor, but different from hub motors and, according to company founder Marcus Hays, it saves weight, cost and complexity. Having such wheels apparently improves performance, efficiency and braking (outside disc and caliper operates 20% cooler), too.

Here is the idea:

Orbis Ring Drive Wheel (source: HondaPro Jason)

Orbis Ring Drive Wheel (source: HondaPro Jason)

"The company’s brochure explains “the technology divides a wheel or cog into two essential parts, a stationary hub and a rim or ‘ring.’ The ring rotates about the stationary hub, driven by a lightweight, high-speed motor.”

Hays says the ring drive is more efficient while reducing vehicle weight as much as 40% and driveline complexity by 75% compared to powertrains in which the electric motors (in-hub or in the driveline) power an axle."

Orbis Wheels presented prototypes in scooters and in a Honda Civic Type R Hybrid, which was equipped with two Orbis Ring Drive Wheels.

Each wheel is rated at 70hp (50 kW) - 140 hp total. The weight of the wheel is 16 kg (35 lbs), while a traditional hub motor would be 31 kg.

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Soon, the company will test and demonstrate the Orbis Ring Drive Wheel and will be looking for commercialization in the automotive industry or maybe military.

Honda Civic Type R with All Wheel Drive?

The World's 1st Honda Civic Type R Hybrid with AWD. Orbis has engineered 2 electric wheel motors that add a total of 140 hp to the rear wheels of the new 10th generation Honda Civic Type R. Added benefits include, better handling, more power, better MPG, more even weight ratio, cooler brake temps, faster 0-60 times & more. I will be testing this new system out on my own 2017 Civic Type R very soon. Please Subscribe to watch the upcoming videos and info about this ground breaking new tech.

source: WardsAuto

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