Tesla is known for making running changes, but this one in particular has a lot of Model 3 reservation holders fuming.

Tesla Model 3 Road Trip Car

Largely because Tesla has yet to offer an explanation, Model 3 reservation holders are expressing concern over Tesla's move from alcantara interior finishings in the Model 3, to almost all textile fabric.

It's mainly the headliner that's been swapped out, leaving alcantara on just the visors and/or mirror cover. Even worse is that the finishings within one car seem to be what Tesla chooses, meaning some new 3s have alcantara here and there, while others have none.

*Update - Tesla has issued this statement on the matter (via Electrek):

“As we continue to increase production of Model 3 and produce more high quality cars for customers, all Model 3 vehicles are being made with the same premium textile headliner found in our flagship Model S and Model X vehicles, which has always been planned at this stage of production.”

Textile is a standard finish offered on the base Model 3, which is not yet available. Premium Model 3s, the only ones you can order right now, have "premium heated seating and cabin materials throughout, including open pore wood décor and two rear USBs." Though there's no specific alcantara mention, that material has been used on Model 3s to date, prior to this unexplained switch over.

It's believed that an alcantara shortage, due to high demand at a single supplier, is the reason behind the switch, but Tesla hasn't notified those placing Model 3 orders, nor has it listed a discounted price for the lower quality finishings.

A Reddit thread covers the issue at hand in detail. Here's the first posting, followed by some reactions:

"Model 3 headliner is now textile except the alcantara visors"

"...if a couple thousand Model 3 owners have Alcantara and now Tesla uses a much less luxurious material surely this is grounds to readjust the PUP (premium upgrade) price. I get how financially important this car is to them but don’t fool me by saying premium touches and ship some textile stuff that a low end GM car has."

"...they can’t tell me what headliner my car has until it gets here."

Let's hope Tesla addresses this issue in a timely manner. For now, if you've got a Model 3 order in, we suggest you contact your delivery specialist if textile fabric isn't to your liking.

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