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Tesla is eager to get some of the new Tesla Model S P100D sedans on the road. The car, that trumps many supercars in a 0-60 sprint, is already available on Tesla's website for immediate delivery, in the form of new available inventory.

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We have seen this more and more lately. A growing number of Tesla vehicles are attainable in a jiffy on the company's website. The vehicles come for sale or lease, after having been a display model, loaner, test drive vehicle, or employee demo. For this reason, the cars typically have low miles and many are also stacked with optional equipment. There is no loss of tax incentives or warranty when purchasing these "new" Teslas.

On top of all of this, the immediacy of delivery is a huge selling point, added to the fact that usually some sort of discount must be offered since the cars aren't still "hot" off the line. If you look at the new inventory tab on the automaker's website, the P100's don't show up. This is likely because Tesla is not yet offering any discount on them, even though they are inventory vehicles.

To find these hidden gems is a bit tricky. One must go to the Tesla website's Design Studio, as if to design their own Model S P100D. Click on Model S at the top and then "custom order" in red at the bottom. Make sure that you choose the P100D tab. Off to the right there will be some price calculations and a tab that says "October delivery". Scroll down a bit and you will see "September delivery". There it is!

Be sure not to click near there on the tab that allows you to see ALL inventory. You have to click on details or September delivery. There were vehicles listed in Chicago, San Francisco, and Florida. At the moment, only the Florida vehicle is showing up in the initial search, but changing the options brings up a few others. We can imagine that the inventory will change quickly.

Source: Teslarati

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