Motiv Electric Bus Technology Powers Mountain View Community Shuttle Buses

Motiv Electric Bus Technology Powers Mountain View Community Shuttle Buses

The California Air Resources Board celebrates a milestone of 2,000 vouchers for zero-emission or hybrid trucks and buses since 2010.

The 2,000th Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher went to Redwood Products of Chino, who bought hybrid trucks.

In total over 430 electric and 1,800 hybrid trucks and buses were bought using more than $63 million HVIP

Average amount for over 2,200 vehicles was around $28,000, but HVIP offers a lot more:

  • up to $95,000 for California purchasers and lessees of zero-emission trucks and buses
  • up to $30,000 for eligible hybrid trucks and buses
  • up to $110,000 for zero-emission trucks that provide benefits to disadvantaged communities
430 electric trucks and buses in California funded through HVIP gives us some glimpse into how big a part this is of the market.

"Funding for this program is primarily supported through California Climate Investments, programs funded by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund using proceeds from the state’s cap-and-trade auctions."

"HVIP is the nation’s first program to directly reduce the up-front cost of hybrid or zero-emission trucks and buses. HVIP incentives drive manufacturing production and fleet acceptance of the advanced heavy-duty vehicle technologies California must deploy to meet its long-term air quality and climate goals. Consumer incentives are needed because these products generally cost more than their conventional counterparts, which can be a significant deterrent to their purchase. This streamlined approach – with eligible vehicles and preset voucher amounts available on a first-come, first-served basis – has proven popular with vehicle dealers, manufacturers, and California fleets."

"The ARB in June approved a $373 million funding plan that covers all investments in advanced technologies for fiscal year 2015-16, from zero-emission heavy-duty trucks to rebates for low- and zero-emission passenger vehicles. The bulk of the $373 million -- $350 million -- comes through California Climate Investments. These low-carbon transportation investments include $200 million for light-duty vehicles and $167.5 million for heavy-duty vehicle and freight-equipment projects, including vouchers to help support the purchase of hybrid and zero-emission trucks and buses."

Air Resources Board Executive Officer Richard Corey said:

“Thanks to California Climate Investments, which support clean transportation programs like HVIP, our communities are getting an infusion of resources that help businesses buy low-carbon vehicles, support economic growth and help clean the air – all which will pay dividends for generations to come."

Source: Air Resources Board

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