Real Power’s Mobile EV Quick Charge Vehicle is now officially for sale to fleets, the general public and any parties who may be interested in owning a truck capable of quick (and slow, as an added option) charging of electric vehicles.

“The most reliable, cost-effective and efficient means of recharging an EV without relying on grid power.”

Claims Real Power.

This mobile quick-charge truck has been on sale for some time now, but Real Power wants to spread the word that it's accepting orders from the public (perhaps you're interested in starting your own mobile EV quick charger business.

"The self-contained system allows for Level 3 DC fast charging of compatible electric vehicles and uses Real Power‘s patented PTO-driven generator technology. It can deliver a full Level III DC charge in 20-30 minutes while using less than one gallon of fuel! Base pricing starts around $95,000 US*."

Real Power Mobile Quick Charge Truck

Standard Features of the Mobile EV Quick Charge vehicle include:

  • 2012 GMC 3500HD 2wd Cab Chassis (reg. cab)
  • 137” Wheelbase
  • 6.6L Duramax Turbodiesel engine
  • 6-speed Allison automatic transmission with Power Take-Off (PTO) provision 67KW 208V 3-phase Real Power integrated AC Generator
  • Convenience outlet panel with 4 – 120V and 1 – 240V outlets, voltmeter and e-stop
  • CHAdeMO compliant 50KW DC fast charger and connector works with a variety of EVs
  • Steel Flat Bed BodyAvailable options are listed after the pictures below
Real Power Mobile Quick Charge Truck With Optional J1772

Available Options:

  • 4-door Crew Cab
  • Level 2 SAE J1772 Charger(s)
  • LED Night Lighting package
  • Aluminum bed and storage boxes
  • Wifi Hotspot
  • Electric air compressor and hose reel
  • Strobe light package
  • Auxiliary fuel tank (up to 100 gal.)
  • Remote start/PTO operation

Of interest to you?  Check out Real Power's site for more details.

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