Kenguru EV

It was nearly a year ago when we first featured the Kenguru wheelchair-accessible electric vehicle.

The heartwarming story was focused on how Community Cars founder and CEO Stacy Zoern almost single-handedly saved a Budapest-based EV manufacturer.

When we first reported on Kenguru, we stated the following:

Zoern, a wheelchair-bound individual who hasn’t driven an automobile since her college days, hit the Internet a few years ago in search of something that was wheelchair-accessible and easy to operate.  Her search led her to the relatively unknown Kenguru.

Kenguru, a Budapest-based automaker who advertised a small electric vehicle that was the ultimate in terms of wheelchair-accessibility, was struggling to survive.

This Kenguru vehicle was so remarkable—it does, after all, allow wheelchair users to enter and drive without existing the wheelchair—that Zoern, an Austin, TX resident, had to have one no matter what the cost.

Now, the story continues with Kenguru announcing that it's finally accepting orders for its wheelchair-accessible EV.

As Translogic reports:

"Kenguru announced that they would begin to take pre-orders on their B1 and Z1 wheelchair-accessible EV models. The B1 features the motorcycle handlebar steering design that we test drove, whereas the Z1 is controlled by joystick. Both models are powered by a pair of 32 volt AC belt drive motors on the rear-wheels, with a top speed of 25 miles per hour and an estimated range of 45 miles. Charge time for the 2 kWh battery is eight hours."

"The B1 has an MSRP of $25,000 and the Z1 will cost $38,500, but those who place a $100 refundable deposit by January 30 will receive 10% off the MSRP, according to the announcement from Kenguru."

For those with restricted mobility, the Kenguru EV offers freedom to travel here and there with ease.  This is one EV that has the potential to truly be life changing.

Source: Translogic

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