Mennekes charging port specification

Mennekes charging port specification

Tesla Motors recently started selling its Model S in Europe.

As Elon Musk stated at Geneva Motor Show (see video below), the European Model S is equipped with a different charging inlet than in the US, because it needs to handle 3-phase that's popular in Europe.

Q: Definitive answer on the charge-plug on the EU versions?

A: Mennekes Type 2

In fact, Tesla adopted the Mennekes Type 2 charging port, but reinforced it for higher power needed for Supercharging.

According to Mennekes, the standard Type 2 can handle up to 43 kW AC (3-phase), 70 kW DC and about 100 kW with additional DC pins.

Tesla used a version without additional pins, so 70 kW was too low for DC.

How much current will the European Model S plug and inlet handle now?  We're still unsure, but we're assuming it'll probably be comparable to the Model S in the US.

The same inlet will be of course used for AC charging via an on-board 10 or 20 kW charger. Both three phase.

Model S owners will be able to charge from any Type 2 points without adapters in Europe, and from 1- and 3-phase via adapters.

Sadly, at least for now, Model S owners will not be able to charge from CHAdeMO or CCS.

In other words, in terms of DC charging, Tesla go its own way as it does now in the US.

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