Tesla Says More Than 12 Million Miles Have Been Driven To Date In The Model S Electric Sedans

After spending a month or so hitting the international auto shows/hot sports like Geneva, Amsterdam, and Norway (pretty sure Tesla skipped the Algiers Show which is happening now), Tesla is once again focusing on US production and sales in its tri-weekly bulletin.

After Tesla fell a little short on its Model S sales goals for 2012, thanks to slower than expected production (by about 450 cars), the company boldly set a goal of 4,500 electric sedans to be sold the first quarter...then promptly gave everyone the first week of January off.

Faster, Faster, We've Got Promises To Fufill

That extra week of downtime, and some other extenuating circumstances, leads us to believe that Tesla has sold about 2,600 electric sedans though the end of February.  So to say they really need to put it in gear for March, would be an understatement.

Thankfully, according to George Blankenship, who is Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Ownership Experience (and also commission salesman extraordinaire), Tesla is doing just that:

"During the past three weeks we have averaged more than 500 Model S deliveries per week, and it looks like we’ll be setting another record this week."

Mr. Blankenship notes that the cumulative amount of miles drive in the Tesla Model S is "more than 12 million miles since deliveries first began". 

The Tesla VP also tells us that of the estimated 6,000 Model S sedans sold to date, that "today we registered our 3,000th Model S in the Golden State."  We are unsure whether or not having 50% of all sales inside California is a good or bad thing, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Just as a reminder, the Tesla Model S was recently announced award for 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show, and the winner will be announced at the New York Auto Show a week from now, March 28th, 2013.  Also in the running at the 2013 Renault Zoe, and the 2013 Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid.

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