New Smart ED Starts At $16,300 in U.S., After Fed Incentive


If you qualify for the federal tax credit, please enjoy responsibly.

Last year, Smart surprised us and announced that it would only sell electric models in the U.S.

The new version of the Fortwo ED is a wonderful improvement over the gas model, and even the earlier EV editions.

smart Electric Drive Cabrio Special Edition

Now we know how much it’ll cost you to cruise away in a tiny coupe or cabrio Smart car. Smart has announced that the 2017 Smart Electric Drive Coupe will start at $23,800 – $1,200 less that the outgoing model – while the Cabrio starts at $28,000 (same as before). Both of those prices do not take federal or state incentives into account, meaning that a brand new Coupe ED can be yours for just $16,300 (plus delivery fees, of course).

Both versions of the new Smart ED come with a 17.6-kWh battery – which is unfortunately the same size as the previous generation, and a slightly improved all-electric range of about 70-80 miles (official EPA figures are not yet available, but the previous Smart ED netted 68 miles). They also will be able to refill in less time – about 2.5 hours to 80 percent full – thanks to a new 7-kW on-board charger that comes standard from Level 2, 240 volt outlet.

Also of note:  See full comparison spec sheet vs older model below

The Smart Car Of America forum says that even with the lower cost, the new base electric Fortwo models will come with cruise control, Bluetooth audio connections, LED daytime running lamps and CrossWind Assist. They also have 60 kW motors (which offer 81-horsepower and 118 pound-feet of torque) to power them from zero to 62 miles per hour in a not-so-quick 11.5 seconds.

smart fortwo cabrio electric drive

The arrival of the all-electric Smart Fortwo has been delayed somewhat (now noted as arrving in Summer). It was originally supposed to arrive in late 2016 and went on sale in Germany months ago. With a price this low, though – and with ultra-cheap lease deals sure to return for the new model the way they did for the previous edition – we’re fine with the wait.

You can watch Fully Charged‘s review of the Smart Fortwo ED here and see more here and here.

Gallery Below: 2017 Smart ED Coupe and Cabrio

New 2017 smart ED vs last generation specs

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You’ve got to love it when a car company names their car after a male condition.


Should have added that you can get a Leaf for this much after rebates out here and while it surely has it’s own issues it seems like much more of a car than this.

You can get a brand new Leaf for less. Remember the group buying?

Don’t get why people would buy half a car when they can get a car for the same price.

Perhaps because they only need half a car. I never understood why it is considered crazy to buy a compact car but perfectly rational to buy a fast car or a big car. You park your car every trip when was the last time someone in the city used the top speed of their car? If you drive a car in the city this car is a dream, a sports car is an unbelievable pain in the arse.

I find myself repeating this over and over…why?
“I paid 16512 for my eGolf after tax credit (not counting the $2500 Cali credit)”
Parking is just not good enough of a reason to give up 2 seats and space for for the same price.

Terrible range, but holy crap is that cheap for a new EV. After the MA incentive, it drops to $13800.

Cheap but a slow two seater with poor range given its size and battery pack. That rare combination of ugly, slow and not very efficient. Only bested by the Mitsubishi offering.

Only thing it does better than the old Spark EV (miss those) is the faster L2 charger, but with no DCFC it is still a stuck in the city car.


If I were single in San Francisco, rarely drove out of the city, had to find street parking each night, and had a car sharing station like Zipcar near home – this is what I would get. (The hill assist works really well on this.)

This is what you call a “niche” car. For most people – not so appropriate. For precisely the right situation – it’s arguably the best. Could make a really good delivery car, if they have a recharging station at the restaurant …

If you’ve ever sat in one, the seats are surprisingly roomy. I noticed it’s a full four inches wider than the old model, a hair shorter, and the turning radius is down to 22.8 feet.

And if you find yourself still single after years of owning the car you will know why. Damn right the seats are roomy, there just 2 of them!

Hey Mark, do you really need a “full” car to make up for your stunted penis? Stop already with your derogatory remarks about the smart EV – your closed-loop brain pathways are obviously severely taxed because of your blithering verbiage. You fail to recognize the first law of auto manufacturing – target a specific market for maximum return – which the smart car achieves brilliantly. I suppose for you motorcycles are half an achievement too? Everything has its place, but you’re not familiar with that concept, are you? Sheeeeesh!

According to Dante, Mark will go to a level of hell where he’s allowed to escape once he finds a parking space in the underworld version of San Francisco. He’ll also be sitting next to a beautiful woman, ready to make out with him once he stops. Unfortunately, he’ll be driving an SUV.

Oh, did i hurt your feelings offending the pos car you drive? What market is this car targeting? The market of people that can do math? This thing is not cheap enough to be worth considering but you are obviously to dumb to see that.

I paid 16512 for my eGolf after tax credit (not counting the $2500 Cali credit) so how stupid you have to be to buy this instead? Indeed this targets a specific market…the idiot market you are proudly part of.

You have deep seated issues, Mark; you can’t handle a joke. I don’t drive or own a Smart car, I just said it makes sense in some situations.

My remarks were directed at Arnold.
…and no issues, trust me. I’m just pointing the obvious here that this is a very bad deal for the price….and is butt ugly.

Hill assist? It’s an EV, not an ICE with a stick.

I can’t believe anyone is trying to talk up the Smart transmission. You can’t snow me, I’ve driven one. It’s a disaster.

I’m sure this is easier to park but there are other small EVs too which are easy enough. And they all hold more people and stuff. You can get a 500e for less than this thing. You’d probably do well to do so.

Unless I’m mistaken this car has no DC fast charging capability. This might be somewhat annoying if you are parking on the street at night and picking up charge using other methods.

The gas Smart had a notoriously bad transmission. The electric one – like most BEVs – is a one-speed; it doesn’t have the same problems. I guess hill assist is standard on most BEVs.

No DCFC. That’s a real killer for BEV in the USA.

Good deal… The car looks great, and the 2016 I test drove was much fun.

If they made the battery just somewhat bigger I’d get one.

I think its a HOOT that you can ONLY get an electric version now….. That in itself should make many converts to EV’s.

I dunno. I want to like this car, but I think it’s doomed to a niche market. Two-seater, with max 80 miles of range and no DCFC at any price. That’s adds up to a serious lack of usefulness for all but a narrow band of consumers.

Per: “Two-seater, with max 80 miles of range and no DCFC at any price. “, that pretty much describes the (Lead Acid Powered, 1st Gen) EV1, except this car is not as Sexy as the EV1!

Would love to see some of these deployed as part of the Car2Go car sharing program in many cities. Sort of defeats one of the benefits of C2G (park anywhere), but if they could deploy enough charging stations it would work. I know in some cities they do have a few electric units, but they’re not common and they don’t have any in DC. C2G is actually adding Mercedes SUVs instead.

I don’t think I’d ever own one (I ldon’t need to drive day to day, but when I drive its typically because I’m carrying people or a decent amount of cargo), but Car2Go is very useful for quick trips as a shared vehicle.

Maybe they can do a convertion on the Smart for Four and make an electric version of it. I think they can accomodate 25 to 30KW electric battery that could be good for around 120 miles of range. With a $5k increase in price I think that they can move a lot of them.

Awfully expensive for a golf cart. Plus it won’t even hold two bags of clubs.

Smart EV (MY-2016 and prior years) also has 17.6 KWh with a 68 mile range. May be if they improved the motor, it could go 80 miles. Let’s see when the range data comes out.

Adding a faster 7-kilowatt charger and also reducing the price by $1,200 is a good move.

But in the age of 125 mile range EV like Ioniq with much bigger space and a 5 seater for a price of just $5,000 extra makes this product much less appealing.

Smart is phasing out the gas version and will be selling only the Electric version.

Will it sell at the right volume to justify continuing or it will just phase out because of lack of sales.

Smart ED is probably very fun to drive, more so than a Leaf (and I LOVE our Leaf). Its truly a city car.