New Smart Electric Drive Lineup Revealed, Arrives In December

SEP 23 2016 BY JAY COLE 43

Daimler has released details on the new 2017 smart Electric Drive ahead of its official debut later this month at the Paris Motor Show.

2017 smart ForFour Electric Drive (available in Europe only)

2017 smart ForFour Electric Drive (available in Europe only)

And for the first time, the plug-in models will stretch across the entire brand lineup: the Fortwo, Fortwo Cabrio and Forfour.

While the US won’t see the four seat model, Daimler says that the ForTwo ED will launch in the US this December, while Europe will gets full lineup in early 2017.

Pricing for the base smart ForTwo ED is set at 21,940 Euro (including 19% VAT), while the cabrio starts from 25,200 and the ForFour from 22,500. US pricing won’t be available until closer to launch, but expect to see a price around $25,000 for the base edition.

“The smart is the perfect city car, and with electric drive it becomes a little bit more perfect”, says Annette Winkler, Head of smart.

“This is why we will soon be offering our entire range – smart fortwo, smart cabrio and even our smart forfour – as all-electric versions. Together with lots of smart fans and enthusiastic drivers of the three predecessor generations, we are looking forward to the unique driving fun offered by the new smart electric drive. And at very attractive prices, especially in countries where there is a buyer’s premium”.

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive with 160 km/100 miles range (NEDC)

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive with 160 km/100 miles range (NEDC)

The 2017 smart ForTwo ED comes equipped with a 17.6 kWh battery, which has to be a disappointment to anyone familiar with the EV already, as the battery is the same size as found in today’s plug-in smart.

Daimler states that the new smart ED will travel up to 160 km/100 miles (NEDC), which is a 10% improvement over the current generation in Europe; translating that to a real world/EPA metric, the 2017 smart ED will get about 75 miles of range as compared to the 68 miles found in the first generation model.

The smart ForTwo Cabrio and ForFour model range is stated at 155 km/96 miles.

Some stats on the ForTwo Electric Drive:

  • motor output: 60 kW / 81 hp
  • 160 Nm/118 lb-ft torque (19% gain)
  • 17.6 kWh battery
  • 0-100 kn/h (0-62 mph): 11.5 seconds (11.8 – ForTwo Cabrio, 12.7 – For Four)
  • top speed: 130 km/h (81 mph) electronically limited
2017 smart Electric Drive Interior

2017 smart Electric Drive Interior

Thanks to a new 7.2 kW Level two charging ability, the smart Electric Drive can now be charged in 2.5 hours (over the previously agonizing 5.5 hours), while a 110V wall charge will take 13 hours.

New app for smart Electric Drive

New app for smart Electric Drive

No DC fast charging option is available in the US, but 22 kW AC will again be available in Europe at some point in 2017 – allowing for a 45 minute charge.

All the smart lineup is produced at the company’s Hambach plant, with batteries still via Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE.

The new smart ED adds some new features, like remote climate control to pre-condition the car while still plugged in.  Also more “smart control” applications are on board, such as intelligent charging, two programmable charge timers.

Handy, albeit somewhat traditional, tach instrumentation for battery charge/power usage

Handy, albeit somewhat traditional, tach instrumentation for battery charge/power usage

The smart ED’s dashboard now includes a battery statues display/power meter, and a option heated steering wheel.

And as always, smart is offering a “fancy” trim for those who really want to let others know they are driving something a little different.

“With eye-catching design details in electric green the special model smart electric drive greenflash is an exciting highlight for the market launch. This special smart electric drive will be available as a coupé and a cabrio with prices starting from €27,839 (incl. environmental bonus: €23,459).”

Gallery (below):  More shots of the 2017 smart Electric Drive lineup

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive

2017 smart ForTwo Cabrio Electric Drive

2017 smart ForTwo Cabrio Electric Drive

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive

2017 smart ForFour Electric Drive

2017 smart ForFour Electric Drive

2017 smart Electric Drive lineup

2017 smart Electric Drive lineup

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive

No words for this

No words for this

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive dash cluster

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive dash cluster

2017 smart Electric Drive plugging in

2017 smart Electric Drive plugging in

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive Cabrio

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive Cabrio

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive goodie bag

2017 smart ForTwo Electric Drive goodie bag

Hat tip to Adrian W!

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43 Comments on "New Smart Electric Drive Lineup Revealed, Arrives In December"

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Dear God, no. Just… No.


The orignal is(was) cute. This thing is ugly.


They are very, uhm, retro-looking… 🙂


No four-seater for the US. No fast charging. No increase in battery size.

Pretty much worthless.


Not generally worthless but certainly 50% overpriced. 🙁

15.000€ for a microcar that can only go one hundred km on a charge and has no DC-capability would include the Mercedes surcharge already. 22k€ base price is just not acceptable. What are they thinking??

And without a roof the car will be even more expensive!! 😀

If they WANTED to sell this car in numbers, they priced it accordingly and didn’t spend a dime for fancy promo videos.


Overpriced? It’s one of the cheapest cars around.

Though I’d pay something close to Tesla prices for a SMALL car that got the Tesla range.. i.e. a smart car with the long range.. Though realistically, I wouldn’t use that longer range too often.


12 more miles in 5 years of “progress”… Daimler is fooling us again.


An almost comically oversized shift stick with the label “ED” on the top. No words indeed.

Joshua Burstyn

I assume of course that the implication is that this lovely vehicle could fix a buyer’s ‘ED’, am I right? 😉


Not in a microcar. Go look among SUV owners. 🙂


I always felt that they misnamed this car, and partly for that reason! My preferred name for it is/was the smart ER car, but even had they thought of it, they may not have liked it implying that the ICE version was dumb-ER (which I do wish to imply, LOL).


Car designers that put space-wasting, dust-catching, ICE gear shift levers in electric vehicles should be fired and replaced.


Should be equipped with a 50 kWh battery, would do 300 miles


Would require a bigger car to accomodate the battery and a stronger engine to move it around. 🙂


Just in the city, Smart has horrible aero due to it’s small size (long, teardrop shape would be optimal).


What’s with the “War of the Worlds” alien eye vents? No QC for US?


Well, I’ll go against the grain and say I quite like the looks of the new smart. Needs more range, and a better localised name than ED, but I think it’s cute, and the electric drivetrain fixes the major problems of the ICE version (notably a godawful gearbox).

What I’d really like is an electric Smart Roadster though ( Maybe Mini will do something with their Super Leggera concept.


Oh man, I forgot about that car. At one point, they were talking about building an Electric version. That would be a cool car!



A little more range
lower price
+ roadster to the model line up

And the smart ED range would make sense. this, however, is 2012 all over again.


The electric version should have been called the smart ER car.

Someone out there

Overpriced and under-equipped. Surely they could have added at least a 25 kWh battery, although a 40 kWh battery would start to make it interesting.




Annette Winkler sounds a bit like Yoda. Translation problem?

Ford Prefect

Major disappointment…



We have the old model, its a good car especially since you get a full rebate on it. Saves us about $2000 a year in gasoline.

The supplied charger used to fit inside the lift gate. Not take up precious trunk space as shown. (ARGH)

Looks like a lame, very lame, “up”grade.

Rick Danger


100 mile EV being cheaper to make than gas cars as commented by Toyota guy might apply here. ED might be cheaper. But one has to wonder why at all other than Cabrio. CARB credits?


I think these moves relate to low gas $ and CAFE being up for review, in 2018. Mercedes and Detroit will just crawl along.

Rep-Upton, like Mercedes, thinks consumers should just throw themselves on the tracks for higher fuel and maintenance bills, while feigning genuine interest for their welfare.


I was expecting the battery to double. But I know that won’t be since 2 months.
With less than 20kWh, the price can’t be over 20.000$.


In 2018 they will be selling us the same car with a battery update (94Ah) as THE REVOLUTION! But for about one year they will be taking a lot of money from hardcore fans who have too much of it (i.e. money).

MTN Ranger

Never mind the car, that’s an awesome garage!


I’m always baffled by the nedc to epa translation. Usually it’s around 60-70% but here it’s less than a half. Isn’t the ratio more or less constant?


“100 miles (NEDC), […]; translating that to a real world/EPA metric, the 2017 smart ED will get about 75”

EPA to NEDC mileage, you mean:
75/100 = 75%, not “less than half”


Yeah, disappointing. Given current battery prices (and Mercedes is suppsedly about to become a large-ish customer, with lots of (PH_EV models) and densities, the minimum range for a pure city car should be 100mi (real world, i.e., ~EPA). Especially given Mercedes prices…

I hope Mitsubishi will also upgrade the i-MiEV, though that looks less & less likely as time goes by (it would be very easy to do engineering wise… Today’s typical cells have 50% more energy per volume than the i-MiEV 2010-era cells, so no need to change the car’s body or internal layout). Even without upgrading the motor, it would still result in a much more practical car than the Smart ForTwo (can actually carry 4 adults, or 2 + decent luggage)


+1 but what a crying shame… They could just engineer to fit some new cells instead. At this rate, 1st Gen cells are not price effective to keep. They’re cheaper, but prices haven’t reduced enough to satisfy ~70 mile ranges. … With 2nd gen EVs like the Bolt, there’s certainly no time left for them to wait and watch sales increase.

There’s really too few automakers who recognise that EV buyers (especially on the fence) treat EVs like phones, as electronic devices subject to swift obsolescence. Not a regular car.


Nissan-Renault will soon control Mitsubishi (even if the stake is at just around 30% on paper) and dictate or at the least influence its direction.

The three companies could soon introduce a new EV below the Leaf and ZOE, especially for markets like China.

The car could them be batched with three company logos depending on regions sold (and to lower costs).


Why did they bother? A 30kWh battery with fast charging, please.


“0-100 kn/h (0-62 mph): 11.5 seconds”

No, thanks…


It is still way overpriced for what you get. An EV with less than 120 miles of real life range will soon be unsellable, unless for delivery/courier fleets or the like.

It based on a Renault Twingo, probably using an electric motor from Renault, too. Like the one in the ZOE it will use the controller for charging, that why it should be able to load in all AC setups up to 400V/32amps = 43kW. Sadly, Renault is looking it in Germany to 22kW max.

Regarding the price, at least in Europe will will probably get a Renault Twingo version of it, priced at least 15% lower.

David Gould

Is there any dimension where this car has an advantage over the Spark EV? As far as I can tell it is more expensive, has less range, is a lot slower, is smaller, and amazingly is even uglier. I own two Sparks, so I get to say they are ugly. The old Smart was so cute it was cool, but this … well! There is a reason all the photos are in front of distracting backgrounds.