New Nissan LEAF Advertisement Takes Shot At Tesla Model 3


LEAF Ad Takes Direct Shot At Tesla Model 3

LEAF Ad Takes Direct Shot At Tesla Model 3

LEAF Attack Ad

LEAF Attack Ad

Tesla Motors has nearly 400,000 reservations for its Model 3, a vehicle that won’t be available for some ~20 months still, so Nissan is taking the opportunity to let us all know that it’s got an electric car you can buy today.

Via its newest LEAF advertisement, Nissan states:

“Why wait when you can drive an all-electric LEAF now? And why drop $1,000 to stand in line when you can get $4,000 cash back and best-in-class range?”

Additionally, the advertisement says:

“No one should have any reservations about getting an electric car today.”

According to Automotive News, the ad will have widespread publication today in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.  However, we aren’t sure the decision to take on Tesla is a terribly good idea, or will win Nissan any fans in the EV segment.  Can’t we all just get along?

LEAF sales have plummeted as of late in the US (not so much in the rest of the world though), so the automaker is perhaps getting desperate. The problem is Nissan doesn’t have a 200-mile electric car, so the LEAF, with it 107-mile EPA rating, really doesn’t stack up well against the Tesla Model 3 or even the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt.

People camped out in lines many hours before the Tesla stores opened for Model 3 reservations on March 31st

People camped out in lines many hours before the Tesla stores opened for Model 3 reservations on March 31st

Tesla has a certain draw that the other major automakers just can’t match. The lines that formed to reserve the Model 3 impressed us all. There may be some Model 3 buyers out there who are willing to lease a new LEAF (or Chevy Bolt) until the Model 3 arrives, but it seems unlikely that either the LEAF or the Bolt will match the 3 in terms of appeal, desire, sales and so forth.

At least Nissan is advertising the LEAF though, which is something few automakers do for their plug-in offerings.

Source: Automotive News

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Hahahaha. Nice try, Nissan. The Leaf is a great car, but it’s no Tesla. Maybe, just maybe, the 2nd Gen Leaf will be able to compete.

+1, this is getting pretty funny. They all have reservation envy ?

OTOH, it’s the only one that’s actually – you know – available right now, as the ad says.

Problem is, the Leaf is not an object of desire, and 21st-Century consumerism, especially in America, is all about desire.

Yup. Why do they even bother? Just come up with a better product. The way things are going, they could swoop in with better car than base Model 3 that _might_ ship in 3 or 4 years.

Nissan IDS is likely to ship in 2017 or 2018. That is sooner than $35k Model 3, if you will ever be able to by usable $35k Model 3 at all.

What is the point to wait 3 years for imaginary pie in the sky when you can lease Leaf or Spark or whatever right now? That is assuming they work for your driving pattern.

No chance I’m interested in a LEAF. Nissan has done ***k all to update it the half a decade since it first came out. They’re LAZY. A little extra range, a few extra trim features, a more efficient heater. Still the same hideous and creepy bug-eyed design. Is it SO hard for them to have tweaked the design?

Aside from not having active battery temperature management, the LEAF is well built, and reliable. I mean, no major drivetrain recalls or repairs like the RAV4, 500e,etc.

The standard 2016 Leaf, what with the 3.6 kw charger and ‘improved’ 24 kwh battery is definitely the car they should have released 5 years ago.

The optional 6.6 kw charger/30 kwh battery/chademo is also great for some people.

But it is obvious Nissan/Ghosn are trying to wring out the very last sales out of an increasingly dated product. I saw this full page ad in the WSJ.

I’m wondering if they are spending too much on advertising beating a dead horse, as opposed to contracting with a very competant firm such as LG to get them a more modern 200 mile range car.

oh don’t get me wrong it is indeed a reliable car, i’m just saying it feels almost like an afterthought to Nissan

I actually got a call from the Nissan Dealership right after the Model 3 reveal… asking what I planned to do when our Leaf lease was up early next year.

I could hear the disappointment over the phone when I told them I’d reserved a Tesla…..

Why Wait??…To stave off the inefficient ugly !!…Nice Try nissan… lol

All those people on the line look like UBER drivers. 🙂


So what are you trying to say exactly?

UBER drivers dress comfortably, don’t over analyze. The line I was on had many more suite and tie folks.


Around here, suits and tie are poor people while “normal” people wear jeans. Rich people wear bathrobes.

Oh, please get rid of the signature once and for all. nobody cares what your volt number is or whether or not you refuse to buy a plugless vehicle.

..They are Uber drivers ….l m a o……

Umm Nissan, there’s a reason folks are waiting for the better (BETTER) product. (Did I say ‘Better?’) It’s because it’s BETTER… What Nissan and other opponents fail to understand is the crowd waiting for the Model 3 falls into one of two categories: 1) Those who are EV owners and have been perpetually patient with the electric technology, or 2) current ICE drivers who see an opportunity to own a Tesla, which was previously out of reach financially. You could likely even add a 3rd category that includes current Tesla owners who are very happy driving their Model S/X until their 3 is ready. Add to the fact that the specs on the Model 3 blow the Leaf away in every category and it stands to reason why crickets are chirping loudly at Nissan car lots. The reasons are so obvious I likely wasted my time posting this. Oh, and one last thing that all car manufacturers besides Tesla don’t understand regarding EV’s: they’re all on the same side. EV’s don’t compete against EV’s, they compete against ICE, which is a complete paradigm shift for the buyer. And that’s the problem for ICE manufacturers that dabble in EV’s, they can’t… Read more »

The established car maker cartel is sitting on its captive market base to delay BEVs as much as possible. But meanwhile new comers like Tesla, BYD, FF, Solyndra, etc etc are preparing the future.
Maybe they will leapfrog those giants still grasping their archaic inefficient ICE technology.

“But meanwhile new comers like Tesla, BYD, FF, Solyndra, etc etc are preparing the future.”


LOL! No wonder I called you a Moron!

You should crawl back to your hole and stay in hibernation until Model 3 comes out few years from now.

Stop wasting our bandwidths with your F***** Stupid comments.

Buttery-eclectic vehicle? Omg I can’t believe it’s not battery.


Oh… I don’t know; maybe these reasons.

1. LEAF is fugly
2. limited range
3. Not a sedan
4. not fast at all (0-60 in 8 seconds)
5. looks cheap and unattractive
6. no superchargers
7. no AWD.

I’m one of the 400,000 waiting. This is just my opinion on why i’m waiting. This is all I can think of right now. But that is enough to make me wait…

Does an actively managed cooling system.
Battery life and thus resale value poor.

Does not have..doh!

So by your requirements, you’ll be paying mid-forties for your particular Model 3.

Just as Saint Elon predicted! 😉

Leaf 0-60 is about 10 seconds or more. 8 sec is about that of FitEV. As for no supercharger, not that big a deal for short range EV when there are Chademo available.

I don’t think I would ever buy a Nissan with the way they treated me with their “Roll Out”. I followed the LEAF before it had a name and was one of the first 5,000 people to put a deposit down. I waited until they were going to deem me worthy enough to buy one of their cars. Before they got to my reservation they were putting the car into rental fleets and eventually canceled the need to have a reservation before it was even sold in my state 3 years after the first one was delivered. Nissan killed it’s own customer base, now they want it back. Not going to happen!

Nissan makes a LEAF, Tesla builds a whole tree!

You’re referring to the weight of the vehicle then..?

He’s obviously referring to the fact Nissan is just making the car only (the ‘leaf’) whereas Tesla is also investing in the expanded infrastructure (the ‘tree’) – IE: gigafactory, charging points, etc.

This Nissan ad is a gift to Tesla.

The Nissan ad serves to highlight the huge popularity and anticipation of the Tesla Model 3 and the cherry on the top for Tesla is that Nissan does not even mention Tesla by name which that omission in itself promotes Tesla as being a unique and popular brand.

If I’m someone that has put or is considering to put a $1,000 deposit on a Tesla Model 3 and see this Nissan ad it would likely reinforce my resolve to purchase a Tesla and maybe entice me to consider purchasing a Leaf as an UMM3A (until my Model 3 arrives) car.

Right. This is actually _not_ a shot at Tesla. It’s riding on the back of Tesla.
It’s saying “We know the Model 3 is what you want, but you’ll have to wait, and you don’t know when you’ll get it, or how much it’ll actually be. You can get a Leaf right now and we’ll sweeten the deal.”

Of course, they are careful not to mention the Bolt…

But if GM put out this ad, everyone would be losing their sh!t.

Every time GM breathes, it makes me want to STAB THEM. Oh, they killed nearly 200 people with a faulty ignition design, and lied to the public AND government officials about it, while refusing to deal with it for over a DECADE? Oh, they actively pay lobbyists to block Tesla from directly Selling their vehicles in THE SAME COUNTRY THEY WERE BUILT IN??? WTF, GM. Afraid of some real competition, much? But when they finally DO build a long range BEV, they outsource the BEV tech-parts to South Korea.

Nice. What happened to all the amazing EV1 folks you used to have on the payroll? What happened to real innovation and competition?

Oh, you crushed nearly all of your BEVs, so people would forget about them. FU, GM.

Oh, wait. I’m sorry. This was just a hypothetical rant / post– if this ad were in fact from GM and not Nissan.

Mtn Ranger, the response from ANON proves you are right.

GM did issue the mildest competive response, which is really hurting the EV industry as a whole. Some unreasonably objected to even that.

Everyone likes to criticize GM for not sufficiently advertising the VOLT. But if all the bigshots complain when they come up with a ‘blameless’ statement, they’ll just say forget it – we won’t advertise on these things at all.

We can always put more ad $$$ toward high-margin products.

EV’ers should really be encouraging these companies.

I’m not sure I personally got the very best value out of ALL my EV purchases, but I don’t constantly rag on the companies I’ve bought from..

I own no stock in any car company, but I do feel it is unfair to constantly disparage the companies actually trying to make multiple EV models. GM is actually trying to make at least 3 very good models, and would have more if they didn’t hire that distasteful DeNyschen.

err: Should have been: The negative response to GM’s very mild statements are hurting the ev industry as a whole.


I think you have an excellent point. This isn’t actually a slam at Tesla at all; it’s an acknowledgement of Tesla’s resounding success.

No matter how many smarmy ads Nissan puts out, it won’t change the facts. As mentioned above, the M3 will be a BETER car, at not much more money(OK, forget the wait time)whenever that M3 is available, Musk has promised that a base level M3 will be a great car as it is. Even a fully equipped LEAF is no match for a M3. Having said all of that, Nissan may be able to snag quite a few M3 buyers with attractive lease rates on the SL or SV models. That’s where their market is right now. No one is going to buy a LEAF knowing that in 18 months a higher range, better LEAF will be on the scene. We are just not that stupid.

As a former Leaf driver, and Model 3 reservist, initially I scoffed at this ad.

But my 12 Leaf was exceptionally reliable, which is something Tesla struggles with. Maybe Nissan should try talking about quality instead.

My 2013 Model S is exceptional reliable. That is something Nissan has problems with like dead batteries or motor noise.

These my one example against the entire population comparisons are not very informative.

With the awful batteries they put in the LEAFs and the horrible way they treated their early supporters whose batteries crapped out on them? Nah, I think Nissan had better STFU about their “quality.”

Exactly for that reason I have no respect and pay no serious attention to Mr. Andrew Palmer.

When people in Tucson were being told “they’d get free adjustment of their capacity gauges to get all bars”, I thought, they must think all their customers are stupid.

What a way to treat people who have gambled a relatively large amount of cash on a new, somewhat experimental product!

That criticism doesn’t apply to Chelsea Sexton, since none of us set policy where we happen to work. – And she’s been in favor of ALL EV’s, not picking favorites.

It would be interesting to know how many of the 400,000 reservation holders already drive a plug-in vehicle.

That actually would be useful to add to the site…

I’m no Leaf fan (I love the Volt) but you Teslarians are dreaming if you think even the BASE Model 3 will price under $45,000 when it’s finally in real production in late 2018/early 2019. Meanwhile supposedly by mid-2017 the significantly less expensive Leaf will have around a 200-mile range itself. So in the real world (not the Musk stock-pumping vapor world) this isn’t at all an apples-to-apples comparison.


We all do believe Your word 😉

GM can do, without little previous experience, but the market leader (both EVs and battery packs!!!), can not?

Yes. Sure. We do so believe You 😉

So true! Some people seem to think there’s magic in making EV. Fact is Tesla3 at 215 miles range with far superior aerodynamics probably has smaller battery than Bolt. On top of that, Tesla3 is geared for 500K cars but Bolt about 50K. Even if the cars use exactly the same parts, Tesla3 would cost less due to volume.

Given historical design precedent, the Bolt likely has only one battery size.

The Model 3 on the other hand, includes an option for towing. Given that Tesla has added a Towing Option for the Model X, and the cargo trunk on the M3 is tiny in comparison– it makes sense to offer more than one battery pack size for their newest vehicle.

What those finalized sizes are at the time of production, are anyone’s guesses. But the 215 number for EPA range, is likely the base battery size option; and not the only one.

We have been slimed again by the professional stock manipulator who is short on Tesla Mark Spiegel.

Well Mark, since virtually none of your other anti-Tesla predictions have come true and your shorts got a dump in (pun-intended by the tsunami of Model 3 pre-orders you predicted wouldn’t happen I suggest you get in your ICE vehicle and drive away at this point.

I’m sure the average selling price of the Model 3 will be in the 40k range because the vast majority of Tesla buyers will add some options but they will get out a stripper version at around 35k once their rapidly expanding Gigafactory has dropped the prices on their batteries to the $100/kwh range.

“Slimed…” I love it 🙂
An apt description.

Musk may be a bit exuberant at times, jumping ahead of his engineers, but he does(eventually) deliver.
So no, he’s not a stock pumper, nor does he need to be.

As I’ve posted elsewhere, it’s not that difficult to believe that Tesla can meet the $35k price point:

Base Model S = S70 = $70k
1) gross margin = 25%.
2) EPA range = 230 miles.
3) 70kWh pack w/old-gen cells.
4) large car = more materials, more weight, larger battery.
5) fancy things like motorized retractable door handles standard.
6) all-aluminum body.
7) large alloy rims standard (19″).
8) fancier front end with separate trim and applied “T”.
9) etc., etc., etc.

Base Model 3 = $35k:
1) gross margin = 15%
2) EPA range = 215 miles.
3) fewere kWh with newer/cheaper cells.
4) smaller car = less materials, less weight, smaller battery.
5) things like motorized door handles not standard.
6) mostly steel body.
7) smaller alloy rims standard (probably 16″ or 17″).
8) no special front, just a “T” decal/paint/whatever on the hood.
9) etc. etc., etc.

Also consider that the Model 3 was designed with manufacturing efficiency in mind, and not over-reaching on novel features (*cough*Falcon*cough*doors*). In fact, so far, there is nothing about the vehicle, either physically or software, that goes above and beyond what they currently offer in the Model S.

Oh, and the Model 3 has an RHD/LHD agnostic dash and center console – another cost-cutter for development and manufacturing.

Mark B. Spiegel said:

“…you Teslarians are dreaming if you think even the BASE Model 3 will price under $45,000 when it’s finally in real production…”

Dude, are you still trying to short-sell Tesla stock? That’s just sad.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” — attributed to Albert Einstein

Mark D. Spiegel said: “…So in the real world (not the Musk stock-pumping vapor world) this isn’t at all an apples-to-apples comparison.”

@Mark D. Spiegel,
Only time will prove your predictions right or wrong about the BASE price for the Tesla Model 3 but it’s Nissan through this ad that is inviting the as you say “an apples-to-apples comparison”.

Well, you can also look at Tesla’s history.
Model S : promised $45k, became $70k
Model X: Promised what, $75k? Became much higher ( $82.5k now)
Powerwall: promised, but now gone.
Powerpack: promised at #200/kwh (Elon’s tweet). Today prices doubled to over $450/lwh.

So, we can simply look at what Tesla said and what it did.

Yeah, we can look at what Tesla has actually done, which is to make and sell compelling and highly desirable electric cars which are transforming the industry.

And not sit around desperately looking for anything negative to say about a successful, forward-looking, influential company, while betting on that company’s failure with a short-selling investment… like you.

I have a 2013 leaf and am on the list for the Model 3. Enough said……

I leased a 2013 Leaf, was hopeful when I did so that 200 mile BEV’s would be out by the time the lease was to end.

Seeing that was not happening in time, I turned in my leased 2013 Leaf and purchased a 2016 Leaf with the 30 KWh battery – which makes a big difference in usability and feels like far more than a 25% increase in range.

And I have a reservation for the Tesla Model 3. The 2016 Leaf will stay with us though even after getting a Model 3.

. . . . ditto . . .

Ack! Does that make me a ditto head?

The LEAF is not a good looking car. On that advert it looks really bad!

It’s pretty sad that the only advantage Nissan could come up with is ‘its available now’.

To be brutal, this is an almost identical car to the one launched in 2010 and now Nissan are paying the price for their lack of innovation.

I give Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn huge props for arriving early at the EV party with the Leaf. Ghosn has been a visionary & cheerleader with regards to EVs.

…But Nissan taking a pass on providing a reliable national supercharger solution for Leaf owners will be what most puts Nissan at a disadvantage against Tesla even if Nissan were to produce an EV that is marginally cheaper, longer battery range, and better looking than a Tesla.

I agree, not much innovation on the Leaf since 2010 launch. Where’s the 200 mile sportier Leaf for $35k?

I love my 2011 Leaf and have reserved a Model 3.

/putting on marketing hat

They should have said: “Lease a 2016 Leaf for two years – drive all-electric now, and turn it in when your Model 3 arrives!”

completely agree with All Green! You can like drive a Leaf today and Model 3 in 2018-19.

Also I wouldn’t compare Model 3 to today’s Leaf, I would compare it to 2018-19 Leaf at which point I wouldn’t be surprised if Nissan didn’t have a 200 mile leaf at a slightly cheaper price point. It won’t match Model 3 on every point but it may well be a good budget choice – and might have better availability. I have a feeling the queue for a Model 3 (or for any Tesla) will always be a few years long.

Seems like a great idea … if you don’t want to keep your job. Otherwise not so much. LOL

Reminds me of the head of Starbucks tea operations, when it had one, who suggested that Starbucks turn over its tea list to Peet’s when it exited the product line. But this was funny because he knew what he was doing.

I did exactly that! The lease of my Zoe was up and just leased a Leaf for 3 years in the expectation that my M3 will be delivered by tgen.

Guys ,
Let’s all get along we all have the same idea….
Of course TESLA is from another galaxy…

It wouldn’t surprise me if the leaf had a 45kWh battery release soon as an interim until their 60kWh offering next year arrives ?

we went through 2 LEAF battery packs on leased cars. We have friends on their 3rd battery pack here in the south.
Our FORD Focus EV is 3 years old in the HOT Phoenix Sun with not loss at all. I measure with a SCAN GAUGE made for FORD plugins.
We have 2 model 3’s on order.

Of course Nissan will keep updating the Leaf and BMW will upgrade the i3. Unlike Tesla, they can’t announce future plans because everyone would immediately stop buying current models. The genius of Tesla means that BMW, Nissan and others will be forced to up their game! Competition is a beautiful thing.

Lease the leaf today. Having driven one for 6 months and 10k miles, I have not stopped at the pump and love not handing my fuel money to OPEC. The Nissan Leaf depreciates the fastest in the first 24 months of any car, according to Edmunds. Consumer Reports recently downgraded the 2013 Leaf to “worst of the worst” category among many other gassers. Still, I find it as a great car until the competition heats up in 2018!

When this Tesla crowd funding experiment goes through its growing pains, I will get the chance at actually kicking the tires of an affordable Tesla that has all the range and options that Nissan hasn’t yet offered. Can’t wait to have some choices when it come to a configurable EV with range and charging infrastructure. Thanks Elon for bring it! Carlos, you are going to have to release the IDS concept with Real customer and charging support.

Leaf is hideous

I wouldn’t be seen in one.

I am leasing a 2014 Leaf. I think I will buy a used 2015 Leaf when my lease is up. To me the important thing is to not send my money to OPEC. IMHO it is not important which electric car you drive. The important thing is to not use oil.

Oh Nissan, don’t even TRY to go there…

You won’t like any actual comparisons between products, when they’re made.

That’s a great point but my guess is that you will not be happy when the actual products show up.

BTW, next year I’m offering a full sized SUV with a range of 400 miles and a 0-60 MPH time of 4.2 seconds. Will be a top quality vehicle similar to the best that Mercedes Benz has to offer. It will be huge! See how easy that was? Just put on your Trump/Musk persona and promise away.

Comparing Elon Musk to “The Donald”?

Even for a serial Tesla bashing troll, that’s low.

Give it a rest. When one company has an actual product and another has has a promise of a product, what do you expect the advertising to say.

“Best in class range”? What class would that be, the hatchbacks-made-by-Nissan class?

I think the category is “belated halfway measure upgrade of an outdated 2010 BEV”.

Sorry to be so negative, but it’s really astounding that in 2016, Nissan is still selling a BEV without an active thermal management system, after the inadequacy of that has been so amply demonstrated.

sub 40k class perhaps? And they’re right on that. For now.

I have a Leaf and I love it…but this is a stupid ad.

“Why wait when you can drive an all-electric LEAF now?”

1) It has less than half the range of the base Model 3.
2) It uses a DC fast charger that is half as fast and is not well supported.
3) It is not nearly as attractive as the Model 3.
4) It does not perform as well as the Model 3.
5) It lacks attractive options like AWD, a bigger battery, free DC fast-charging, higher performance, etc.

The LEAF does have some advantages:
1) It is available now.
2) Hatchback for those that need it.
3) Uh . . . I’m out.

Why wait? Because, Nissan, you could have already produced a Leaf with a 60KwH liquid-cooled battery and 200 mile range. But you didn’t. Because our Leaf has lost two battery capacity bars in less than 22K miles of gentle use (never has battery temp been near the red zone, always garaged — thank God it’s a lease and we return it next month). Because Tesla has a Supercharger network and no one else does.
Sorry, Nissan. We love our Leaf, but not the battery! We’re driving a Spark EV (liquid-cooled battery) for the next couple years until we can get an affordable 200-mile range EV.

I give Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn huge props for arriving early at the EV party with the Leaf. Ghosn has been a visionary & cheerleader with regards to EVs. …But Nissan taking a pass on providing a reliable national supercharger solution for Leaf owners will be what most puts Nissan at a disadvantage against Tesla after the Model 3 is launched. I’ve often wondered why the executives of traditional car makers including Nissan avoid addressing the supercharger network topic for their EV offerings. The only thing I can figure is that these car executives don’t themselves spend any time driving an EV as their primary car…they hear from other guys in their organization (who also don’t have an EV as their primary car) on how the supercharger network topic is not a big deal because a 200+ mile battery will cover 95% of the driving…that no need to be overly concerned about that other %5…that providing a consumer a 95% solution is reasonable. It takes having an EV as your daily driver to appreciate that the 95% argument is paper math that does not translate well into the real world of driving from point A to point B. Said another way,… Read more »

“I’ve often wondered why the executives of traditional car makers including Nissan avoid addressing the supercharger network topic for their EV offerings”

Quite simple: petrified thinking. It has always been the case of: “We provide the wheels, someone else takes care of the petrol”

Because your Leaf is doing just 100 miles; wind behind; in a down slope.
And the Model 3 will do 215 miles.
I already have a Leaf as second car but it will never be my first car with 100 miles of autonomy.
If Nissan was a leader, it would have made a 200 miles+ car before GM (Chevrolet Bolt).
Stupid ad.

I agree. Nissan talks a good game, but the IDS based Leaf 2.0, seems a little late to the plate…

They have been ultra conservative with their EV Program since inception, and are falling behind the likes of GM. GM of all companies!!! How embarrassing is that???

Get yer a@@ in gear, Nissan!

So when does the 200 mile LEAF hit landfall????

Since we haven’t seen any Leaf 2.0 testing prototypes/mules yet, I’m guessing early 2018. You usually see them doing extreme weather testing at least a year before release. For example, prototype Bolts were seen last year and it is going to be sold at the end of this year.

I own a Leaf and I really do like it, but even at 107 mi or EPA range, it really is just a commuter car. To say that this car is an alternative to Tesla even with a $4K rebate is really ridiculous. That being said, at some of the prices the dealers are offering… $32K (-$4K incentive) (-$3K dealer discount) (-$10K tax incentive in CA), it makes for a reasonable offering and most people after all of this can get one out the door at or about $20K. Compare that to a Model 3 at roughly $30K Out the door, with no options and including credits, and the Leaf is a reasonable option if you don’t need the range. Of course, you’d have to assume that the battery would need to be replaced twice as often as the Tesla because of its size and then you’re at $26K or so for the Leaf.

I don’t follow your math. 32K-3K-4K = 25K – 10K = 15K. But where does 20K come from? If Leaf can be had for $15K, that’s pretty good, but I haven’t seen any deal like that.

If you’re talking about low cost EV, SparkEV post subsidy is $16K, though it can be had for $9K in some sales (26K-7K sale-10K subsidy=9K). It seems there’s some price war going on as seen by with many listed below $22K ($12K post subsidy).

You guys are being so unfair, What most of you are saying can be translated as follows.
Nissan, i am personally holding you responsible for not having a car today that tesla won’t be selling for another 2 years. And hmmm, writer, can’t we all get along? Really? It’s tesla and their minions that bashes and beats and spits and scratches the living body out of everybody else. you morons are a danger to the EV movement. I’m ashamed of you

No one’s personally holding Nissan responsible for anything other than what Nissan does! When Nissan pulls a stunt like this, of course Tesla fans are going to come back at them.
Nissan should be upping its game, instead of playing for time. By the way, the Model 3 is going to be selling in 18 months.

Tesla is paying the press for their propaganda.

People who live in glass houses….

A serial Tesla basher like Counter-Strike Cat complaining about propaganda?

Wow. Tesla bashers have no shame at all, do they?

And besides, Cat, you’re factually incorrect. In general, Tesla doesn’t need to pay for advertising. Tesla Motors has become a true master at getting the media to give them massive amounts of that for free!

Still no active safety/semi-autonomous features in the ’16 Leaf. Nissan has the tech. In the ’16 Maxima there is available:

Front and Rear Sonar System
Blind Spot Warning (BSW)
Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
Predictive Forward Collision Warning (PFCW)
Forward Emergency Braking (FEB)
Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)
Driver Attention Alert (DAA)

Most of these are even available in a fully loaded ’16 Sentra. I assume the Leaf will eventually get these, but not in ’16.

people are waiting, because, you Nissan, have failed to deliver a better Leaf.

You are lying! Leaf sales are running from record quarter to record quarter in Japan in Europe. Tesla sales are CRASHING DOWN. Tesla is FAKE.

It’s such a pleasure to read all the posts from short-selling, FUD spouting, Tesla bashers, and their reactions to reaping the bitter harvest of betting on Tesla failing.

Schadenfreude… such a guilty pleasure! 😀

Why wait? The answer is simply:

– Nissan1 is ugly
– see above
– Nissan has no Supercharger-Network
– see above

Why buy a LEAF when you can wait?

Can’t we all just get along?


LEAF, Tesla, Bolt, whatever…

in the end what will matter the most are EVs vs ICEs

“The problem is Nissan doesn’t have a 200-mile electric car, so the LEAF, with it 107-mile EPA rating, really doesn’t stack up well against the Tesla Model 3 or even the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt.”

But, that’s comparing apples and oranges. My Leaf lease just ended, so I need to replace it with a car now. Today. The Bolt won’t be here until the end of 2016, the Model 3 won’t be delivered for 2.5-3 years.

Thus my choice isn’t between the Leaf and the Bolt, it’s between the Leaf and the other cars in showrooms right now. I ended up leasing a 2016 Kia Soul EV, which will take us through the next three years, at which time there will be a choice between the Bolt, Model 3, and whatever 200 mile car Nissan or others have.

Even then, I’m not so sure the days of the 100 mile car are limited. They will find their price/performance niche in the automotive ecosystem.

I though they had a new model with a decent range for a second!

The Tesla fake company can only PROMISE 16000 sales in the first quarter.

Renault-Nissan DELIVERED OVER 16000 sales!

The Leaf is and will ever THE MOST SOLD EV of the world!

Were you paid to say that?

A short-selling serial Tesla basher and FUD spouter begins going thru the Five Stages of Grief over the loss of his bet on Tesla failing.

First comes denial and anger…

Karma is a bitch, ain’t it? And I don’t mean the electric car.

Even if they didn’t intend to from the outset, Nissan’s EV strategy has evolved into the follower. A 107 mile Leaf? Dropping any plan for Infiniti? Am I stating the obvious? If you’re an OEM, stay in the frog pot, keep your fat ICE margins and have Rihanna sing “Work, work, work, work work” to your marketing department.

Brilliant approach! Subpar product making headlines!

Better than GM approach of shaming the leaf by a random malfunction of an elevator…Whoops!

The problems I have with Nissan is their terrible dealer network, quality, and lack of effort. Nissan is so hit or miss with quality. A high school classmate of mine had a Sentra that went 300K miles without a sweat. Meanwhile my bestie has a Versa that has had suspension problems (rusting springs), required a new subframe/engine cradle, motor mounts, and bushings. No dealer would help him figure out the clunking noises when going over bumps, then a quick google by me uncovered hundreds of complaints by owners with same issue. Nissan USA said that whatever the problem was, it was due to owner negligence.

The Leaf should be an awesome platform for an EV. Was it not purpose built to be an EV? Nissan chintzed out by using an air cooled battery pack?

Well, what would you expect? Of course, Nissan will play the availability card – they have to! What else can they do, since they probably need to keep quiet about the next Leaf.

Naturally, Chevy did the same thing, and will continue to do so, I’m sure.

What I can’t wait to see is how many Bolts and Leaves are going to be sitting on dealer lots, off lease, in 3 years when Model 3s start delivering…could be very interesting…

The Leaf along with the Spark are 2 of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen in my life.

The Leaf is fugly. AMC pacer does it for me.

Why wait for Nissan to put a 100 KW fast charge port in every Leaf? Why wait for Nissan to build out a DCFC charging network? Available on the Tesla today.

Love my LEAF, more range please.

214+miles please…

There’s a compnay that put second battery in back of Leaf to almost double the range. If they do that with 30kWh, then you’d have 200+ miles range today. Brute force approach is ugly.

What Leaf should do is to make it more aerodynamic, like Cd=0.15. Then even current form could achieve lot more range with just sheet metal work.

Well, that’s one place where the disadvantage of not having an active thermal management system becomes an asset. If you want to add an auxiliary battery pack to the Leaf, you don’t need to worry about the battery cooling system… since it doesn’t have one!

Hey Nissan Marketing, try this one:

Why buy a new Nissan Leaf when you can buy a perfectly good used one for less than HALF the price!

“No one should have any reservations about getting an electric car today.”

Dear Nissan:

Hey, that’s a clever ad. Now, how about putting a battery thermal management system into the Leaf? And how about upping the electric range to 200+ EPA-rated miles?

Even better, how about building a new BEV model, using a true skateboard design and a body style that doesn’t look like a pregnant whale?

Advertising campaigns work much better when you actually have a compelling product to sell.

Let me paraphrase their ad campaign:
The Nissan Leaf — Lease our inferior EV now, while you wait for Tesla to build your Model 3 that you actually really want instead.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

Nothing wrong with leasing what is available now, until 2017/18/19 or whenever. It is just a car lease, not a marriage proposal.

Driving a Leaf or some other of the existing BEVs right now is definitely better for you and the environment than keep driving an old fossil car for several years thinking you’ve done your share because you’ve made a TM3 reservation.

Better for me is not having a car payment for 2 years.

Better idea would be to buy a used low mileage LEAF for few thousand dollars! No car payment indeed!!