Musk: Tesla Targets Hour Turnaround Time For In-House Collision Repair


Tesla CEO Elon Musk just lit up Twitter and owners should be thrilled.

The CEO commented several times in regards to what it’ll mean to bring most body repair in-house under the control of Tesla.

In short, it means less waiting. A lot less…eventually.

Last week we learned of the opening of Tesla’s first nine in-house body repair shops and it seems the response is positive thus far.

The benefit of these facilities is that they are dedicated to servicing just three cars (Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X) so stocking parts is relatively easy. At least compared to outside shops that perform collision service on every make and model under the sun.

Enough chit-chat. Let’s roll those Tweets:

So, eventually, the 9 Tesla body repair facilities will grow to a number that’s exponentially higher and each site will become equipped to deal with almost any collision/body related car issues. If all works out as planned, then repair will happen quicker and with much less inconvenience to owners.

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This could work if the parts on the Tesla are easy to interchange and switch with one another.

I’m sure that Tesla could do a bit better than $7000 for replacing a front fender on a Model 3 like that one body shop charged.

Adjusted for Elon time, does that mean a week? 😉

I don’t know, but I flatly don’t believe a 1 hour turnaround time will be either standard or average for any repair work involving cutting or hammering on the body. Even if they figure out how to quickly cut out and replace one or more damaged sections of high-strength and/or ultra-high-strength steel (such sections cannot be bent or hammered back into place), there is still the matter of painting the repaired sections. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here by stating as fact that there is no way they can paint (including drying time) the damaged sections in an hour hour or less.

Now, that’s not to say that there won’t be any work that doesn’t require painting. Perhaps in an hour or less they can replace an entire body panel that’s pre-painted in the correct color and/or replace some of those exterior plastic panels or body sections which come pre-colored to match the paint.

But if they’re going to do actual body repair work that involves painting after repair… well, just look at this time-lapse video and tell me if you think they can do this sort of thing in an hour or less!

Obviously it would entail replacing an entirely pre-painted complete panels.
So if they could stock or order ahead of time such panels it might be possible.

Probably cheaper then repairing aluminum panels too.

Exactly, and with only 5 colors this would be feasible. Only issue is pre painted panels might not match perfectly.

Shouldn’t be worse than repainting I’d think?…

You are correct yet that doesn’t make sense to use pre-painted panels…No big companies use prepainted panels in the industry…They would get a lot of complaints…

Why would they need to paint? That’s part of the idea behind only offering 5 different paint colors – this way each shop can just have one of each part in each color.

I don’t really think it should be necessary to explain why auto body shops often need to do painting after repairs. If you don’t already know, then try visiting one some time.

Yeah, Elon always drops BS everywhere at the end of each quarter, I am wondering why 😉

Example with link pls.

just follow @elonmusk tweeter, it s full of regular supply of Horsesh*t.

The repair issues are due to Tesla being hopeless are supplying parts (they are probably too cash poor to stock enough of them), nothing to do with third party repair shops

And you base the cash poor comment on what?

One almost immediately gets the impression that you are intimately familiar with horse manure. It seems to permeate all your comments 🙄

@Arno Stein
There was a story about 5-minute delivery. Whuch was rather BSy as well since that would imply 40hr x 12 deliveries/HR = 480 deliveries made weekly per delivery center worker – so Elon envisioned 11-person team taking care of whole current deliveries of model 3 worldwide.

…or maybe you (or whoever you copied that FÜD from) just made up B.S. about Elon thinking that an 11-person team could take care of all deliveries worldwide. 🙄

It continues to astonish me that those who wish to conduct Tesla bashing campaigns so quickly resort to such obvious B.S. I guess y’all think most readers are idiots. If you must post FÜD, then at least put some effort into making it plausible!

@pushme Well I very rarerly post anything here but i don’t think the story is FUD. But if You think so go trash the source
I thought the story to be rather silly at the time, since basic calculation suggested that even at one hour delivery time that should not really be an issue.
Every time you swing the F-word it means a little less. But perhaps that od Yours hidden agenda…

Well, obviously not the same reason for your dropping BS everywhere, all the time.

Over a week I’m sure, months.

Amazing Tesla can suddenly expedite all the insurance claim paperwork red tape too. How are they doing that? Or is this just for OOP repairs?

Elon’s been watching too many reality shows where they claim to remake a car in 24 hours, problem is, shoddy work tends to leave a big mark and follow you where ever you go.

Keep hating you jerks.

By all means don’t ever believe that improvements can never be made

The problem is 100% Tesla’s and their inability to supply parts to service centers that paid 60K each for equipment, and Tesla changes parts often on its models, with no thought as to the repair consequences. It’s all fine for models that do not crash, my brother likes his x, however the blind spot monitor should be in the mirror not the screen.


There have been many, many instances where the body shop blamed Tesla for the delay when in fact, they neglected to order the parts to begin with.

Yup. Widely reported. But of course, the serial Tesla bashers aren’t interested in actual facts or the Truth.

Really, they change body parts often on their models at assembly ?

Your full of BS BroncoBut.

Yes, they change very often. For example there are several different Model S door handles. Until the car is in and disassembled, a body shop doesn’t know what to order and even then they typically have to modify the car to the latest standard. Did you know that some S handles are metal while the newest are cheap plastic with chrome coating?

Would you really want your car that was involved in a serious accident fixed at “Ludicrous” speed in less than a day?

I would expect any Tesla car involved in a “serious” accident to be totaled.

So your pretended “question” is just more concern trolling, innit? 🙄

OMG Elon just shut up SHUT UP! Just for a month. Just for a week. Please.

“Son, your mouth is writing checks your body can’t cash…”

(Psst- it’s called advertising..)

I’m sorry. Did your dsylexia cause you to post at this site rather than the shorting or GOP sites?

You missed backing big oil and voting for Trump. Isn’t there a list posted somewhere?

Tesla is best, people should stop complaining and be happy that they can buy the best car in history

Shills for rival auto OEMs, shorters and haters will never be happy.