Musk Promises Drive-In, Roller Skates, Big Screen At One Supercharger Site

Tesla Supercharger


It was really only a matter of time before the realization that food delivery and entertainment will be big business at Tesla Supercharger stations.

Or … perhaps Tesla CEO Elon Musk read Alex Roy’s recent review in The Drive (which was the follow-up to the record-breaking electric-car Cannonball run with InsideEVs contributor, Dan Zorrilla). However, we can’t imagine that someone at Tesla hasn’t been contemplating this for awhile. We’ve already reported that these new “Mega” Supercharger stations are already quite stocked. Roy wrote:


Mel’s Drive-In (Image Credit: Polly Yuen via flickr)

“Tesla’s Supercharger Network remains the best of breed, but charging speeds still have a ways to go in order to find parity with fossil fuel refilling.

You know what else has a way to go? Facilities at Superchargers, most of which are located near budget hotels and fast-food restaurants. Night-time charging is lonely, and bathroom visits in the winter mean a chilly walk or ducking behind the transformers.

Hey, here’s a business opportunity: food delivery for Tesla owners at Supercharging stations.”

Tesla surely wouldn’t want to let any other outlets take advantage of such a great idea. So, Musk is willing to promise the implementation of an old-fashioned drive-in, complete with roller skating waitstaff, rock music (David Bowie?), and a big screen playing a montage of the best movie clips of all time. We can only imagine scenes from Monty Python, Space Balls, and The Martian.

Hopefully, this concept will trickle into other stations over time and become another big, unique business venture for Tesla. Maybe they can cook locally-sourced, gourmet,  food using solar power. Other suggestions include craft beer (which could prove to be a very bad idea), re-engineered calorie-free food, a vegan menu … and, of course, the list goes on and on.

No paper or printing will be wasted on menus since Musk says the menu will just pop on on the vehicles’ touch screen.

A little girl named Sydney has attempted to save the busy CEO a bit of time by drawing up the plans for him!

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1st world problems

Well he needs to do something to take people’s minds off Tesla’s poor performance

LMAAO, some troll out there can’t help but show everyone how his reality distortion field leads to his serial anti-Tesla troll bias!

It was be working as the stock is shooting into space in another epic short-squeeze.

Musk is such a charlatan, able to bamboozle so many, excluding the few brilliant minds, such as yours, who are not run-of-the-mill idiots like so many of us are who believe in his vision, & his companies.

Exactomundo, sad for the Poorly Educated (dumb as nails).

Googling today’s stock market graph for TSLA… Oh! I see what really has you upset isn’t the performance of Tesla, the company; but rather, the uptick performance of TSLA, the stock!

We appreciate all the money you stock shorters lose by throwing it in Tesla’s direction. Tesla couldn’t grow as fast as it does without you! 😀

Go Tesla!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I would want to just charge and leave, but that’s just me.

Most of the other patrons wish you would too.
(I kid, I kid)

YES YES YES “charge and leave” I don’t want to be tempted into spending money on food drinks shopping entertainment etc…unfortunately Tesla and all charging networks want charging locations to provide food, shopping, entertainment etc. I have submitted to Tesla 2 locations where supercharging can be setup for road trips without any food or shopping just charge and go, but they are not interested.

How about electric AGVs that deliver the food.

How about a drone for food and drink delivery…

make It a hybrid like Sonic and Starbucks had a baby. Good food, but cheep enough to buy and enjoy. Having a FREE air station for tires is a MUST. Make it comfortable to stay a while, but not so long as to turn it into a 2nd home (ahem *St*rB*cks) and be involved it the community at large.

The rollout of St. Elons idea, possibly gleaned from last months Jaguar I-PACE Mel’s Drive-In inspired Video, can’t be Implemented soon enough.

Jaguar couldn’t resist the temptation to start their I-PACE 200+ mile road trip test (LA to Morro Bay), from Mel’s fast charger (CCS / CHAdeMO).

Simon Patel in the video, DOESN’T appear to have had a bite to eat at Mel’s Drive-in. Maybe the next time he is in West Hollywood, he will get a chance to give it a try.

I’m waging a one man campaign to get them to supercharger rt 66. The classic American Hiway. They have Flagstaff and of course the terminus in LA & Chicago.
This idea of Tesla’s has been in the works for quite some time.

To guarantee early delivery of your Tesla-burger next year, please place your online 1st-day burger-reservations (with refundable deposit) now. First burger production to be “triple-patty with everything” only.

The next 6 months will french-frying hell.

Haha. Good one.

A skating rink would be awesome. Those are hard to find these days.

He should also add circus for full fledged performance!

MuskCoin is a must as well! Imagine how many billions it may raise from true believers!

Elon Musk is a highly imaginative guy, but not all ideas are worth throwing money at. At least this idea won’t waste nearly as much money as The Boring Company! Hopefully Tesla will do a test installation at just one Supercharger center, and after its almost inevitable failure, won’t try to build any more.

It’s not the fifties anymore, and people are not interested in hanging at a the local drive-in.

I don’t I think it could be a hit. People spend a lot of time in their cars in CA, that’s why so many thing car related developed there, like the Drive-In. Video killed them, Mcdonalds’s killed the hamburger joint.

So the local Juke joint is gone, but it’s exclusive club, Tesla ownership, and I think there is demand in specific locales, plus you have a captive audience.
Look at Starbucks. Way overpriced coffee and it’s packed. People are social animals.

I consider Tesla high-end so I would expect a collection of Craft Beer just like anywhere else I drive to eat. A lot of us don’t do Soda, and it’s in LA near many of our houses.

yes soda is for fatties lol

I don’t want to eat, skate, or watch a movie. I want to fill up in five minutes and be on my way. Please, Tesla, focus on that. I have better things to do.