Musk Hand Delivers Tesla Model 3 In New Factory-Direct Trial

Elon Musk personally delivers a Tesla Model 3 to a reservation holder. [Credit: Devin Scott/Twitter]


Elon himself participated in the first run of the factory-direct delivery system, taking a brand new Model 3 to Devin Scott from Playa Vista, California

In a never-ending quest to find new ways to deliver the Model 3 faster to its customers, Tesla has revealed a new initiative. Revealed by Elon Musk, the Tesla Motors CEO in a recent tweet, this new vehicle delivery system uses enclosed trailers to transport your Model 3 straight from the factory to its new home. Musk noted that this new way of delivering their cars is “super convenient” and that the vehicles – even though they are transported without the usual plastic wrap – will be delivered to their new owners in pristine condition.

Just recently, Elon himself participated in the first run of the factory-direct delivery system, taking a brand new Model 3 to Devin Scott from Playa Vista, California. While most will consider this totally random, the location is interesting because of several riveting details.

Playa Vista is a sprawling tech community located in the Westside of the City of Los Angeles, California. The area is located just north of LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). Previously the headquarters of Hughes Aircraft Company from 1941 to 1985, it was the site of the construction of the Hughes H-4 Hercules “Spruce Goose” aircraft. After the redevelopment, the community became a choice landing spot for technology, media, and entertainment business. Together with Santa Monica and Venice, it’s known as Silicon Beach.

Elon Musk personally delivers a Tesla Model 3 to a reservation holder. [Credit: Devin Scott/Twitter]

The area is located roughly 2-miles from Tesla’s Marina Del Rey delivery center. While the car didn’t have to travel long for it to be delivered, it’s nice to see that Elon Musk took time away from his busy schedule to make one particular owner really happy. While PR events like these catch the eye of the media, innovative approaches to vehicle delivery are crucial for Tesla to keep delivering the Model 3 on time. With the ramp up in production and with thousands of vehicles slated to be delivered each week, Tesla needs to ensure that the vehicles don’t sit idle in their inventory and create a bottleneck in the delivery process.

Elon Musk personally delivers a Tesla Model 3 to a reservation holder. [Credit: Devin Scott/Twitter]
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Elon Musk personally delivers a Tesla Model 3 to a reservation holder. [Credit: Devin Scott/Twitter] Simon Alvarez BySimon AlvarezPosted on July 30, 2018 REDDIT TWEET SHARE SHARE EMAIL COMMENTS Tesla continues to push new initiatives to get the Model 3 delivered to buyers as efficiently as possible. In a recent announcement on Twitter, CEO Elon Musk revealed that the electric car maker has been trying out a new vehicle delivery system that uses enclosed trailers to transport vehicles straight from the factory to owners’ homes. Musk noted that the new delivery system is “super convenient” and a process that ensures vehicles are handed to their owners in pristine condition, despite not having the usual plastic wrap.The first images of Tesla’s factory-direct delivery system were recently posted online by Devin Scott from Playa Vista, CA, a beachside enclave and tech hub of Los Angeles that’s located roughly 2-miles from the company’s Marina Del Rey delivery center. Scott noted that his vehicle’s delivery became extra special since his Model 3 was delivered by none other than Elon Musk himself.Elon Musk ✔ @elonmusk We tried out a new delivery system using an enclosed trailer straight from factory to owner’s home, so super convenient & car arrives in pristine condition without wasting plastic wrapDevin Scott @MichiganMan2007 When @elonmusk hand delivers your #Teslamodel3 😎👊🏼⚡️ thanks to the #Tesla team for an unforgettable day!!View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter 5:55 AM - Jul 30, 2018 37.9K 4,676 people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy With Tesla starting to hit its stride with Model 3 production, producing thousands of vehicles per week, the company must ensure that it does not sit on inventory and end up creating a bottleneck in the delivery of these vehicles. Such a bottleneck appeared to have happened last week, when a Tesla owner reported that a family member was stuck in a delivery center for hours waiting for paperwork to be completed. In response, Elon Musk stated that Tesla is looking to eliminate paper contracts completely. Musk also noted that the company is trying to come up with a system where contracts for the vehicles can be signed digitally, allowing customers to get their cars with a simple tap.tesla-new-delivery-system-1tesla-new-delivery-system-2 tesla-new-delivery-system-3tesla-new-delivery-system-4 Elon Musk personally delivers a Tesla Model 3 to a reservation holder. [Credit: Devin Scott/Twitter] Elon Musk personally delivers a Tesla Model 3 to a reservation holder. [Credit: Devin Scott/Twitter]

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I don’t see how this can scale better than delivery centers…… it’s easier to get lots of people to provide their own transportation to the center (we took the train) than to get lots of trailers and the time to drive back and forth.

The point is skipping the multi-stage approach involving staging areas, batched shipments, delivery centres, and other logistics complexities… Not sure how well that works out in practice, though.

It’s simple economics. Wrapping a car for transport is costing time and money, as well as some space to do it. Then there are the transport cost to the delivery center, where someone has to remove the wrapping again, prior to delivery. Granted, the transport cost are probably lower when multiple cars are delivered on one trailer, but for short distances from the factory, the cost savings of not having the car wrapped and unwrapped may exceed the cost of one delivery guy and a short trip to a neighboring city. By getting local deliveries out directly and unwrapped, the existing wrapping infrastructure can handle the same amount of cars as before, but in total, the output for shipping from the factory is higher, while creating a few jobs in the process.

Do you know why they wrap the vehicle?

Vehicle wrapping is standard practice (all manufacturers) as usually long range transport is aspired, e.g. on open trailers or railcars, or temporary storage on a large open lot before further distribution (e.g. at a harbor when waiting for shipping).
The wrapping ensures that dirt, dust and also dead insects as well as bird droppings do not settle in on the shiny new paint job.

For short distances – they generally don’t completely wrap the car.

Why not just have the customer drive it home. Cheaper and less CO2.

I would be happy has hell to see Elon Musk delivering my new Tesla car

Unless you found a scratch on it and became engulfed in a Twitter storm.

I wouldn’t. Don’t want to be part of a PR stunt

IT’s funny, because I commented on an article where they were asking about how Tesla can boost profitability, and I suggested a special option for purchase to have the cars delivered by Elon personally.

Damn Elon’s tall

The soap box is not showing in the photo.

@Zac that was my takeaway too. given that the sign above him says clearance 8’2″ and that it’s not probably not a lot more than a foot above his head …

he undoubtedly owes some of his success to it (do a search for correlation between height and success and you’ll find more)

Clearly they are having a hard time finding qualified delivery experts, and had to get this guy instead…


Seriously though, this is how they started delivering Model S’s in the first place way back in the day. So they have experience in this sort of delivery method. Good for them if they have figured out how to augment their new delivery centers by going back to a successful process they are very experienced with.

Yeah – back in the day when 100-200 cars a day was a lot. And they went away from that even back then to delivery centers because …???

It is to augment deliveries through a second method. Not replace.

What’s pulling the trailer?

@fotomoto said: “What’s pulling the trailer?”

Imagine thousands of Tesla Semi (eventually autonomous) on the road each day delivering Tesla cars to customers.

so only ever a fantasy world? (based on the autonomous part)

it starts with an ‘eye’ and ends with a ‘see e’

How did they get the car into/out of the trailer? Summon?

*THAT* would be cool!

Would be a nice idea for states, where Tesla may not have any store. Like New Mexico I guess.


I sense more of an end of the month pressure on this delivery and the need to get inventory out of the door.

Am I just being cynical or is it just coincidence that these customers happen to be young beautiful people?

She is but not him. He’s fugly

there’s might be a correlation their perceived attractiveness and their presumed wealth.

Logistical nightmare wanting to happen

Why? They did it for years. They already know how to do this.

I can’t wait until the day that I just show up and they build the car around me.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a CEO of a car company ever being present at a delivery. That shows he is proud of his company’s products. Way to go Elon.

Yes, and it has nothing to do with it being a PR stunt.

@Nelson I know right? he’s usually so reversed and recluse-like.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Where did my posts go?!?!?!?!?!?

Censorship Bull$……..

Would be a nice idea, where Tesla might not have a service center…


Must be a weird camera angle, but Musk looks huge compared to the other puny humans. 🙂


I didn’t think people could get bent and mad over a car being delivered.

Clearly I was wrong. *sigh*