Model 3 Spotted Testing Near Tesla HQ – Video

JUN 21 2016 BY JAY COLE 23

A rare Tesla Model 3 in the wild was spotted today out testing near Tesla’s HQ in Palo Alto, California, on Highway 280 by reddit user jeffklak who added some back-story on his sharp-eyed find.

Tesla Model 3 Spotted Testing Near Palo Alto

Tesla Model 3 Spotted Testing Near Palo Alto

“I was driving on Highway 280 toward Palo Alto when I saw three Teslas merging on to the highway. It took me a second before I realized the middle one was a Model 3. I stood in line the first morning to reserve one so was pretty pumped to see one in the flesh. In fact, when I first saw it I cut across three lanes of traffic pretty quickly to get closer and am pretty sure I scared the crap out of the Model 3 driver. Sorry for my overexuberance Tesla!”

Overall reaction to seeing the 215+ mile Tesla in the flesh?

“Overall, the car looks amazing in person. I have gone back and forth a bit with the pictures I’ve seen, but now I am absolutely sold on it.

I’ll take mine in this color please!”

We agree, the matte black is a fine choice.

jeffklak (reddit), hat tip to ACuchi! (Acuchi)

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Same empty dashboard….

That dashboard isn’t changing, I have that on authority. Where the touchscreen is or how it is mounted may change.


You have that on authority? That’s some argument. 😀 Well, I have it that it will! 😀

Looks like the same matte black car we saw at the debut, minus the wheels. It still has the old-style Model S door handles.

What is the best way to film a lengthy object? – Hold your phone vertically, of course!

Right? I think taking vertical video should disqualify you from owning a Tesla…..

Vertical Video Syndrome PSA:

Personally, I’m really happy that it’s the *passenger* who’s doing the filming. At 80 mph.


“Elon… they attacked us again today. Permission to execute car automatic defense mode…”

The really good news here is that Tesla may be a bit farther along with the Model III than many had assumed (especially relative to the Chevy Bolt which we all know is pretty imminent).

It does seem reasonable that Tesla could have a lot of the design decisions finalized somewhat soon, with the big unknown (as we all know) being “can they ramp up the production itself?”.

They can drive that one right into my driveway.

It will be a shame if they don’t send that paint to production.

Matte Black in 119 degree AZ. sunshine would literally “melt” it’d be so hot you would not be able to get near it much less in it!

That’s what I always think when I hear people raving about the “cool” matte black – I traveled in a black Dodge Neon in AZ and NM in the summer once, on one occasion the air coming out of the car when I opened the door was so hot it dried my eyes out instantly and glued my eyelids shut for a few moments.

The very existence of Phoenix is an effigy of man’s arrogance. It’s The Place That Should Not Be.

If Afghanistan had strip malls and condominiums, they would call it Phoenix.

“Overall, the car looks amazing in person.” I was just re-reading MT saying the same when they went to NV. Otherwise, the tail isn’t a hatch and the dash is missing. I’m afraid a HUD won’t be busy enough to replace what’s already lost.

Maybe they’ll update the front seats to face the screen. Wouldn’t that be clueless?

One of the best looking cars ever. Especially in that color.

good looking car

Elon hinted at a HUD and believe him.

Love this car, but If I don’t see a HUD or instrument cluster in front of the driver seat during the upcoming 2nd reveal, I may need to reconsider this. Can’t wait for my Model-3.

I rarely use the DIC in my ELR except to check ACC status. Actual speed doesn’t matter when commuting since it is usually WAY below posted. I just set ACC to follow another car. (5mph or so above what everyone is moving).

If they are above posted speed, so be it.

I could deal with only one screen since it is HUGE. There is a lot of speculation out there, but, HUD is probably in the cards. A real HUD that can replace a gauge cluster.

Vertical video..unprofessional 🙂

Looks just like a smaller Model S. For the price I still prefer the Chevy Bolt EV which has better internal space and cargo capacity. The money difference will pay for many thousands of electrical powered miles.