The Mobility House Presents Vehicle2Coffee

AUG 27 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

Nissan LEAF and V2G

Nissan LEAF and V2G

The Mobility House, together with Nissan and Endesa, evaluate bi-directional DC charging system (V2G) in Germany. Nissan and Endesa earlier this year announced collaboration on Vehicle-To-Grid.

One such charger was installed at the The Mobility House headquarters in Munich.

There is a reason for that as TMH experiments with Vehicle2Coffee. Now, employees are protected against lack of coffee in the office due to power supply interruptions, because energy will be provided by a LEAF.

Whether there will be broader commercialization we don’t yet know.

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Oh wait, what was that about Germany making hydrogen with “surplus electricity”?

Perhaps they are not satisfied with the less than 20% round-trip efficiency

With all the talk recently about Nissan Batteries losing ‘bars’, I’m sure owners are just going to be LEAPING at the chance to put more Wear & Tear on them and making their short lives even shorter, with V2G.

Nice Pie in the Sky proposal, but the only ones who will do it will be those who rent their batteries.

I thought that heat and calendar life were far more important degradation factors on the Nissan packs vs cycles.

Use it or lose it, right?


Pretty much what I know about this.
Use it or don’t, I’ll fade in time.
So it’s much preferable to use it as much as you need.
And hopefully replace with a bigger/better one when it’s lifecycle is done.
The remaining capcity of the discarded pack will hopefully get some use in ESS.

The charger will need to know the time your leaving and where you are going afterwards for this to work.
I would recommend billing ones cell phone account for the electricity. And every time you plug-in the questions come up with a few default icons like

1.At work will be going home at usual time.
2.At home my next trip will be to work
3. Quick charge fully.

Thanks for covering the progression toward V2G.
Of course it always brings out the ‘not with My battery’ crowd, but sour grapes are everywhere, some quarters notably more than others.

Load leveling and outage resilience from a million EVs that are conveniently charging otherwise sounds like a hella good plan.

Vehicle2Coffee? Priorities, priorities…