Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales Booming In Canada

DEC 4 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is well suited for the Canadian market.

Mitsubishi celebrates more than 5,000 Outlander PHEV sold in Canada during the first 11 month of the year, which makes the Japanese car the most popular plug-in hybrid on the market.

Through 11 months, Mitsubishi delivered 5,052 Outlander PHEV, which is 21.4% of the total volume for the entire brand in Canada! The result is high thanks to a high ratio of 47% of dealers who decided to offer the plug-in hybrid.

“Dealer support has been critical to Outlander PHEV success with wide availability of the vehicle from coast-to-coast. An outstanding 47 per cent of Outlander PHEV sales come from Québec. Top five Outlander PHEV dealers year-to-date in order are Québec Mitsubishi (Québec), Metrotown Mitsubishi (B.C.), St. Hyacinthe Mitsubishi (Québec), Wolfe Mitsubishi (B.C.) and Boisvert Mitsubishi (Québec).”

In November, Mitsubishi sold 299 Outlander PHEV in Canada (17.5% of total volume), while in the U.S. it was just 376 and 4.9% of the volume (3,735 and 3.4% for the 11-months).

Tony Laframboise, president and CEO, Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc. said:

“Canadians are recognizing that the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is electric and much more helping to establish a new industry high water mark. We see our strongest results in Québec month-after-month. Most Outlander PHEV customers were in gas-only SUVs and cars previously. As the first affordable plug-in hybrid SUV in the market, we’re helping to significantly grow adoption to EV. We are very proud of that,”

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Mr. Serge McGraw from Québec helped Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV set a 5,000+ record as one of November’s Outlander customers purchased from top Outlander PHEV dealer Québec Mitsubishi. Mr. McGraw is moving out of a 2010 gas-only SUV and he chose Outlander PHEV for its load capacity and its ability to run on 100 per cent electric. He has driven his vehicle for three weeks already without filling the gas tank.

(L-R) François Roy, General manager, Québec Mitsubishi, Serge McGraw, new owner of an Outlander PHEV, Marco Sauvageau, Sales Director, Québec Mitsubishi.

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“5,052 Outlander PHEV, which is 21.4% of the total volume for the entire brand in Canada”

Oof. You mean Mitsubishi only sold ~25,000 vehicles over all of Canada in the year so far? That’s got to be brutal. Then again, it’s not like they have a lot of appealing models. I’ve seen a few Mirages around, and a few RVRs. But other than that, they seem like a dying brand.

I think it is actually a pretty good number for Canada. It is a fairly small market.

According to stats I’ve been able to find, us Canadians buy around 2 million cars a year. That puts Mitsubishi at around 1.3% of new vehicle sales. That’s not great. Heck round it up to 2% for the rest of the year, and that’s still not great.

The Outlander plug-in is a nice car. I may have bought it if it had a bigger battery.

Or a more refined powertrain like Volt, Clarity or Energi.

I took it for a “Test Drive”, at the Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre, last month, in Toronto. Yup, it’s Electric, but if you “Punch” the Throttle, the Gas Engine kicks on, and as I understood, then stays on in hybrid mode, unless you switch it off. (As in, turn the vehicle off, then restart! Not something most drivers would do, even if stopped at a light!)

But, it does have a certified towing capacity, so the center uses it to pull a trailer, when going to EV Events!

Personally, a bigger EV Only Range, AND, Not Staying On After a “Hard” Acceleration, would be 2 big improvements, that would have it do much better in sales. The EV Only Range Target needs to hit at least 40 Miles, for a Solid step up.

It shuts off after a few minutes of normal driving. Source : I have one.

I purchased the Outlander PHEV, and while I too wish it had an EV range of 40-50 miles, I absolutely love this car. I still manage to drive the majority of the time in EV mode, taking my MPG well over 200.

It is electrified. not electric. it still burns fuel most of the time. So it should get ditched.

It can do almost 30 miles of electric driving at the begging of each route so for most people it’s the other way around.

If you have a reasonable commute it is very do-able. Ours has had one tank of gas since July with over 6000 km put on….so almost completely electric driving. I think you are on the wrong site to promote false info.

You have no clue about this phev because you are not using it, stop saying negative comment.

… only PHEV with ChaDeMo quick charge… battery is same as I-MiEV…

But why? Where I live, ChaDeMo costs money, and with the small range, it is actually less economical than running on gas. To me this is an unnecessary thing to have added and could have reduced costs. Otherwise, really loving the vehicle. Maybe charging is free some places, I don’t know….that would change my mind.