Mini Slows Electric Car Plans

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While the the MINI electric vehicle program inches closer to production, it will still be years before the company actually launches any production Superleggera Vision EV or MINI E.

Everything began early way back in 2008 with hundreds of MINI E 2-seat prototypes, powered by AC Propoulsion drivetrains and battery packs, under BMW’s preparation for the i3 launch.

But by 2015, MINI’s product management boss Ralph Mahler has cooled aspirations for MINI EVs to new lows, according to Auto Express.

“MINI has ruled out launching a new all-electric successor to the MINI E – at least in the short term”

In the short term there will be no electric MINI. One of the indicated reason is that “only in Norway demand for BEVs is high“:

“Electric vehicles are something we always analyse, but there’s currently only one market with EV demand. We must ensure the products fit that demand. It’s a possibility, but not on the near future.”

If MINI Superleggera Vision will not make it into production, some of the design elements are promised to be used in forthcoming ICE models, such as the new Mini Convertible. That has to be consolation, right?

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“If MINI Superleggera Vision will not make it into production, some of the design elements are promised to be used in forthcoming ICE models, such as the new Mini Convertible. That has to be consolation, right?”

No, it is not. No plug, no sale.


It’s such a great design; it would sell if the price was right.

It’s like watching financial suicide in slow motion. Oh well, no great loss. Someone else will take their place.
Speculawyer, I’m with you. No plug, no sale.

+1, it’s like watchin Nokias downfall, but much slower…

Count me in. No plug, no sale.

Would BMWi like to now break their silence on these and similar electrification comments to the media by senior executives of BMW Group.

Do they represent the views of BMWi or do those execs speak for the non-i division?

Clarity is now needed on the future of BMWi, for those early adopters who have invested so much.

You owe us that much.

The problem with an electric Mini is that it is still based upon a gas car chassis, so the batteries still have to be crammed awkwardly into the car.

The smart thing that Mini’s parent company did with the BMW i3 was to build the chassis from the ground up to be a dedicated EV.

Without a dedicated EV chassis, it is going to be tough for Mini to fit enough batteries into a gas car conversion to meet the new market demands of 200+ miles of range.

There just isn’t any point anymore in releasing any new pure EV cars if they can’t stuff enough batteries into them to compete with the upcoming Bolt, long range Leaf, and Model 3.

Do I like that BMW/Mini isn’t making an all electric Mini of some sort? No, I don’t like it. The original Mini E was one of the early EV’s that really appealed to me, and I’d like it if they made one. But I certainly understand why they have to go back to the drawing-board. Tesla is pushing the competition harder and faster than many companies are ready for.

Not looking like the Bolt or Leaf would be more than enough to be competitive.

BMW, has no sense of deep time. Nor urgency to make this planet’s future, a better one.


They’re Tied in with BIG OIL…So Sad , That would make an awesome EV…..

The BMW i3 outsold all models of Mini’s last month. Mini is obsessed with making their cars bigger and fatter. They obviously can’t see the writing on the wall here. BMW need to do some more collaboration with that division to get some plug-in something going.

I had a Mini E (#466) in 2009-2010. Since, ive bought a 2012 Leaf, 2015 Leaf, and 2012 Imiev. None have matched the range (150 miles) or charging speed (12kw) that my 2008 Mini E had. It was also quick as hell, 15.9 seconds in the quarter mile. Id trade both the Imiev and the Leaf to have it back. At the time the only other production EV on the road was the Roadster. I thought overall the fit and finish on the Mini E was better. Ive driven all the new EVs and only the model S p85 i drove for a week compared favorably to my old Mini E. If we could have a little 2 seater with 150 mile range and 12kw charger back in 2009, why cant we have it now? I don’t need fancy doors, a rex, or a gas engine backup. I don’t need seven seats or 0-60 times that rival a motorcycle. The Mini E with the trailer hitch i added was perfect. The only thing they would need to add is cruise control and a heated seat and id pay as much as the shorter range i3 which is supposedly the best… Read more »

Here here. They really have no clue how that car could kill it in today’s market.

BMW,sadly doesn’t think like that. They have the i3, the think they know how big the market is, they decide two cars is to much for such a small market. That they can expand that market by selling different cars doesn’t come into mind. I own a Tesla Model S and my wife and I were looking for a car to replace her BMW 1 series. She doesn’t like the i3s and the Leafs looks, the e-Golf is very overpriced in Germany (costs the same as a better equipped i3), the B-Class is even more overpriced and doesn’t really fit her needs. Thats it, there is no 500e, there might be one Soul standing in a secret dealership. We don’t want a plug in hybrid, because the range is to low and there is no new Volt/Ampera coming to Germany.
We would happily buy another EV, but if you have a choice of bad looking (in her opinion) and overpriced…

Lol “no demand”

Earth’s atmosphere is kind of demanding us to switch…

could care less for mini, no respect.

I moved away from the Mini brand after 10 years to go electric. I’d move back for a BEV.

Count me in no plug, no sale!

The MINI is one of the worst brands for electrification: it’s smaller than an i3, which means less room for batteries, but at the same time has a very distinctive design which is not aerodynamic. Those two features are not compatible.

Id have to disagree with you. My Mini E had almost twice the battery and went twice as far as the new i3. And the “non aerodynamic” distinctive shape is the best part! The regular Mini Cooper looks retro and awesome, wheras many agree that the i3 is ugly. I dont think its ugly, but i do prefer the looks of the mini. And if small cars dont make good electric cars, please explain the Fiat 500e, the Chevy Spark, and my IMiev.

FWIW, your Mini E was a two-seater. This is how they fit all those batteries in it. There is even less of a market for a two-seater than a four-seater like the i3.

After reading the above from the prior Mini-E owners, it appears to me to be more a case of BMW not wanting to produce any potential competitor to their i3. If the EV market is as poor as they stated then why did they produce the i3?

This won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Electrification is coming in more ways than one. Like “A New Perspective on Freight Distribution”, a LinkedIn post I wrote explains:
“Mention Freight and we all think trucks and trains, ships and planes, but what vehicles move the most miles for freight? CARS! For each truck dropping off ten tons at the store loading dock, a thousand cars come and go through the front door, collectively burning more from store to home as that truck over the first thousand miles.”

What the Model S did to the 7 series, the Model ≡ will do to the i3.

Seems likely.

JUst like utilities scared to death of homeowners buying solar–all ICE makers are scared to death EV’s will completely transplant all of their ICE vehicle lines–they are all paranoid! EV’s rule that’s why. So their fighting production of pure EV’s.