Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Lease Deal – $299 Per Month


2014 B-Class Electric DriveMercedes-Benz has announced a lease deal on the B-Class Electric Drive: $299 per month with approximately $4,000 down.

Word of this deal comes via InsideEVs contributor Chris Neff, who adds:

“$299 per month. Yes $4k down, but those are guideline numbers. My experience with any MB dealer is to target the advertised lease number and start at zero with money down.”

We’re not saying that the dealer will bite at $0 down, but rather it’s a starting point to work up from.  So, maybe you’ll get lucky by landing the lease for $299 per month with $2,000.

*Note: Range Package is not included in this sample lease deal.  Range package is standard on Model Year 2015 B-Class Electric Drive, but optional ($600) on Model Year 2014 B-Class ED.

Link to MB USA site with lease deal offer

The fine print:

2014 B-Class Electric Drive


Available only to qualified customers through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services at participating dealers through December 31, 2014. Not everyone will qualify. Advertised 36 months lease payment based on MSRP of $45,355 less the suggested dealer contribution resulting in a total gross capitalized cost of $41,510. Dealer contribution may vary and could affect your actual lease payment. Includes Destination Charge and Premium 1 Package. Excludes title, taxes, registration, license fees, insurance, dealer prep and additional options. Total monthly payments equal $10,764. Cash due at signing includes $2,999 capitalized cost reduction, $795 acquisition fee and first month’s lease payment of $299. No security deposit required. Total payments equal $14,558. At lease end, lessee pays for any amounts due under the lease, any official fees and taxes related to the scheduled termination, excess wear and use plus $0.25/mile over 30,000 miles, and $595 vehicle turn-in fee. Purchase option at lease end for $20,863 plus taxes (and any other fees and charges due under the applicable lease agreement) in example shown. Subject to credit approval. Specific vehicles are subject to availability and may have to be ordered. See participating dealer for details. Please always wear your seat belt, drive safely and obey speed limits.

Special lease rates may not be reflected in lease calculator prices shown on Please see your dealer for final pricing.

Special lease rates may not be reflected in prices shown on Please see your dealer for final pricing.


Qualified customers only. 2.99% APR financing for 24 months at $42.98 per month, per $1,000 financed. 2.99% financing for 36 months at $29.08 per month, per $1,000 financed. 2.99% APR financing for 48 months at $22.13 per month, per $1,000 financed, 2.99% financing for 60 months at $17.96 per month, per $1,000 financed or 2.99% financing for 72 months at $15.19 per month, per $1,000 financed. Excludes leases and balloon contracts. Available only at participating authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Must take delivery of vehicle by December 31, 2014. Specific vehicles are subject to availability and may have to be ordered. Subject to credit approval by lender. Rate applies only to Mercedes-Benz 2014 and 2015 model vehicles listed. Not everyone will qualify. See your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer for complete details on this and other finance offers.

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Electric Car Guest Drive

I wonder how much pressure this will put on VW e-Golf and Kia Soul EV prices.

We’re in the process of leasing one right now –

gonna pick it up tomorrow –

we’re looking at a $48950 MSRP with a $46328 invoice.
Premium/Multimedia/burled walnut/radar recoup/blindspot

We did not want the latter 2 options but wife wanted White – and it was literally the ONLY white one available in SoCal. It’s not like I can drive to Phoenix to get one!

We’re getting -5000 MB incentive, invoice price, another $2500 back of invoice for $38826.

Then minus 7500 for fed rebate. . .

Out the door is $795 acq fee, $471 misc title fees, first payment –

Total down is $8855. payment with tax is $355.36.

We had a deal yesterday that fell apart that was $346 for basically the same options – greedy dealer blew that up last minute by trying to add on almost $1000 in junk fees.

Any chance you could let us know the dealership for this deal? I’m shopping around the e-Golf and the B-class and just trying to figure out what makes sense.

I’ll just go right out and… Uh move to California?

Limited release compliance car.

The B-Class ED will be nationwide. Like the Soul EV, it’s starting in CARB states but is scheduled to move to all 50 states.

We’ll see. The soul is not scheduled to do anything except stay in CA and then roll out to the other CARB states in 2015. Any other rollout depends on what they determine the market to be. MB HAS intimated that they will sell nationally, but no mention about timing. 2015? 2016? 2017? I’m happy to be proven wrong on this. But until they roll it out it’s a compliance car. From mykiasoulev website: Initially, Kia said that the Soul EV will be available in the US some time during the fourth quarter of 2014, likely has a 2015 model year. No specific dates have been given, and no markets have been given. There is speculation that it will be available in California (obviously), but as to whether or not it will be available nationwide is speculation. At the Detroit Auto Show on February 6th, 2014, Kia announced the Soul EV would initially be sold in California and Oregon as well as New York, New Jersey and Maryland, the regions “with the largest EV markets and infrastructure.” Kia didn’t mention whether or not the Soul EV would eventually be offered nationwide, but did say they will “look to offer the… Read more »

Just as one of those random obscure things. From speaking to Mercedes my impression is that it is regional/”complianace” for the very limited initial 2014 MY production run (which is now complete)…which who knows why they even started it? Perhaps just as some kind of verification/setup ahead of the changeover? Again, who knows.

When the slightly refreshed MY 2015s start to arrive in the US for Q1, then the plan as I understand it will be to expand out nationally shortly thereafter.

I don’t know all the places the car is available, but there’s a dealer in Buffalo advertising this car in their radio ads, and their web site says they have one in stock. []

It seems that it’s yet another example of a slow, phased roll out of a car with a plug.

The RAV4 electric is manufactured under a Toyota-Tesla deal that is limited to 2600 cars in total.

Does anybody know if there is a similar limit for the Mercedes EV?

“Advertised 36 months lease payment based on MSRP of $45,355 less the suggested dealer contribution resulting in a total gross capitalized cost of $41,510.”

The KEY phrase is: “less the suggested dealer contribution”, good luck with that.

I was thinking the same thing. However, the lessor should have some contribution to Cap Reduction because of the Federal Tax Credit. The difference they are showing is similar to the initial amount offered by BMW. My understanding is that BMW has since raised the Cap Reduction that they contribute to leases. Basically, I’m saying that this is not purely dealer discount as it would first appear.

They’re giving them away right now – you can EASILY get the entire $5000 in dealer money, plus most of the holdback plus another $2500 – just by breathing.

Joe F, could you provide dealer info for those smokin’ deals?