Ludicrous Tesla Model S P90D In Transit To Buyers Now


With official EPA range ratings just released, the Tesla Model S P90D can now ship out to the first buyers.

In fact, at least one Model S P90D buyer who opted for the “Ludicrous Speed Upgrade” reports that his electric Tesla is now in transit.

That buyer, a Chicago resident, says the timeline for his P90D order looks like this:

Order confirmed 7/24. In production 8/04. In transit 8/09.

Other reports of their Model S P90D moving to “in transit” status have surfaced, so we feel confident that within a day or two there will be at least a handful of Model S owners who experience “Ludicrous Mode” for the first time ever.

Model S Ludicrous Spped Upgrade

Model S Ludicrous Speed Upgrade

The "Fine Print" On 90 kWh Battery

The “Fine Print” On 90 kWh Battery

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$13k for a few ticks off the stopwatch? Ludricous.

I think trying to use Ludicrous mode in Chicago traffic is going to be ludicrous.

$10k for the few ticks. $3k for the extra 6% range.

Paying for performance at the bleeding edge is expensive. It costs $31k to move from the Porsche 911 Turbo to the 911 Turbo S, to drop 0.3 seconds 0-60 (or 0.1s if comparing the 911 Turbo Sport Plus).

Or similarly, $39k to move from the Panamera Turbo (3.9s 0-60) to the Turbo S (3.6s 0-60).

Bottom line is $13k. Read the fine print: $3k range upgrade is required with the $10k ludicrous uptick.

At this rate, we should see Plaid mode by the end of the year.

That joke was not missed on Musk, as he said he was reserving Max Plaid mode for the next generation Roadster in 4 years.

Can’t wait to see Car and Driver or Motor Trend get their hands on one of these for some comparison testing.

The new round of drag race and “freak the passengers out on take off”, should be fun. 🙂

I feel like the next wave of those video’s is exactly what Tesla was after. That is a lot of free YouTube advertising.

This means P85D owners will wait that much longer to verify they will have the chance to pay for the 691 horsepower, they were originally promised.

Love comes so much easier for Tesla, than trust.

What’s this? The P85D didn’t deliver the full power promised? That slipped past me.

I was just guessing that these improvements were for the X, so they decided to drop it in S to squeeze out a few more sales.

Are you referring to the handful of 2wd roller dynos? Just because all 4 wheels spin doesn’t mean that both axels are being measured.

tests done on two-wheel drive dynos that is

You can search the thread, below, but pretty sure it isn’t a 2whl vs. 4whl thing. There are no links mechanically testing the P85D out at close to 691hp. It’s maximal ~480kw translates to about 550hp. Tesla also took down the claim, after many, many orders were placed, and now refers to front and back “motor power” -potential.

Ludicrous is all about the fuse that takes the amps to those motors. You are battery limited, when you have two motors rated to sum 691hp but you do not have the energy delivery system to maximize their rating. Therefore, the P85D never had 691hp.

It still goes like stink, but you are best advised to have any of Tesla’s claims verified, or prove that things like Autopilot actually work, before you live without them. Just as it wasn’t GAAP for Tesla to record Autopilot revenues, they could also have reserved for some representation of the power they didn’t provide.

The virtue of the P85D is a high, flat torque curve. That doesn’t excuse the HP claim that helped sell a lot of cars.