Lit Up & Animated Tesla Charging Cable Is Coolest Homemade EV Device We’ve Seen – Video


This animated, LED lit Tesla charging cable is beyond cool.

Purely Awesome

Purely Awesome

The work of ch00ftech, the lit charging cable actually reacts to the amount of current being drawn by the Tesla.

Ch00ftech set out to make this nifty device with these three criteria in mind (detailed on his blog here):

  • Tesla charger cables are around $600 which is a little out of my budget, so I had to make a device that would sit around my father’s existing charge cable and not require any modification in case he wants to remove it later.
  • The cable should light up only when the car is charging, and if possible, animate differently when the car is drawing different amounts of current.  This means it has to have a way to measure current.
  • The device is going to be used unattended by my father on a daily basis.  It has to be durable and look clean and professional.  I usually get by with some pretty hacked up circuits on this blog, but that simply wouldn’t fly this time.  Especially when I’m dealing with 40A at 240V.

The end result is a almost magical charging cable that, at night, is sure to impress most anyone.

You’ll find full details on how to make your own animated, LED lit charging cable here (note: though the video shows a Tesla cable, this setup will work on any EV cable, but beware that it’s not been properly safety tested and looks a bit sketchy to us, so use at your own risk).

Source: Ch00ftech via Teslarati

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If it could work with Tesla api, could you make it go green when the car is fully charged?

Mix that with Tesla’s robotic arm cyborg charger and you’ll have Go Go Gadget rich boys buying them just to entertain their friends and neighbors!

I agree it should cycle through a color or shade band to let you know how far through the charging cycle it is at a glance from a distance and in the dark.

Like any gadget, it still would get old in a few weeks…and on to the next gadget.

Agreed. Tesla should find and hire this guy to help make their robot snake charger work right.

A lot of people know engineering, but not Cool. They should add dancing lights as an option to the home charger, that can be switched off if desired. Adding LEDs is got to be dirt cheap, because I see stuff like this covering whole houses at Christmas.

Cool! Nice find.

Ecologically unnecessary.

So are Humans…

So was your post, and mine.

Stupid waste of energy. But looks nice.

It would be cool to have sc equipped with these. They draw very little power, but at night you could see the rate of charge and know, at a glance, who was charge hogging, for one, but mainly because it would look cool.

Tesla should integrate that idea into their charge cords. That would be a cool selling point. Maybe we can get some EVSE manufacture to offer a version that does that. I mean, what this guy did is okay, but the setup is kind of clunky and the cable looks very DYI. This could certainly be done more elegantly.

No, please don’t!

The charge port already glows to indicate charging status. No need to do it to the cable too.

Well it’s certainly pretty, but at the same time, I can’t help but think that those who complain about the ~10% loss of energy efficiency from wireless charging shouldn’t be advocating using this unnecessary use of energy. At least wireless charging has practical benefits.

Are you kidding? If it is done with LEDs, I doubt a full charge cycle would use even one watt-hour! Ok, maybe 10 or even 100Wh… big whoop, not a waste of energy at all.

I think P-P was noting the loss from wireless charging, not lit charging cables

It draws 5W which is roughly 0.05% the power of the car’s charger.