KSR MOTO Announces Affordable New VIONIS E-Scooter


A 2,000-watt electric scooter for under 2,000-euros

Electric scooters have been pretty popular at EICMA 2017 as manufacturers attempt to attract younger, more environmentally conscious riders. While Piaggio stole their part of the show by unveiling the a new electric Vespa, the storied Italian scooter maker wasn’t the only one with new high-tech machines. Other, smaller companies rolled out their own electric vehicles, among them was Austria’s KSR MOTO.

KSR announced its new 2,000-watt, two-passenger E-scooter that boasts a surprising amount of noteworthy features for such an affordable ride. Cheap two-wheelers typically mean weak engines, but KSR MOTO’s VIONIS has managed to deliver a machine that delivers good around town performance at a very reasonable cost. Powered by a Bosch motor and fully-removable LG lithium ion batteries, the VIONIS is capable of speeds of around 30mph and a range of 35 miles per charge.

KSR Moto Vionis

The VIONIS’s 2,000-watts of continuous power results in 34ft-pound feet of torque on tap, which KSR MOTO claims is comparable to your average 500cc motorcycle. The removable LG lithium-ion cells are ideal for urban dwellers who might not have a garage, as the batteries can be easily schlepped inside walkup apartments and charged. Obviously, none of the VIONIS’s specs are particularly striking, but KSR MOTO has nonetheless created a pretty impressive package when you consider its roughly $2,300 price-tag.

There are other Chinese scooters on the market that are comprably cheap – some of them are electric too – but most offerings in the VIONIS’s price-range are much more primitive. They often containing lead-acid batteries that not only can’t be removed, but have a much shorter lifespan and weigh much more.

KSR MOTO clearly stuck to what mattered with this e-scooter and, aside from the decent brand name motor and battery, the VIONIS is a no-frills twist-and-go model.

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We need that over here in North America.

I would like to get some information about purchasing one of these scooters right now I got s tao tao 50 cc scooter it runs great but I’m thinking of change to eletric

Looks nice.

This bike fits in a grey area between moped and motorcycle. Most states limit mopeds to two brake horsepower ~ 1500 watts. If this bike was 1500 continuous, 2000 peak it would probably be OK. This would have to be registered as a motorcycle with title, tag, insurance, motorcycle endorsement… My luck I would get pulled over by the only officer in the state that knew the law.

It would be OK for city use, but out in the burbs, it would get run over. 30 mph top speed may mean 20 – 25 climbing a hill unless it has some type of governor limiting it to 30.

Now if it had a top speed of 45, meaning it could climb hills at 35 – 40, I would be interested. But, that would probably cut its range in half. And, to double up the battery, put in a more powerful motor and maybe better brakes would make it $3000 – $3500.

I’m still waiting for the e-Cub that Honda keeps promising is just around the corner.

“other Chinese scooters … some of them are electric too” and “They often containing lead-acid batteries”
These statements are so 2010 !
In China ALL scooters are electric, from few years now, and lead-acid batteries is (much) more an exception than the rule (even the 30 MPH micro-car are shifting to lithium these days)

My daughter wants a scooter to get her back and forth from school. This might just fit the bill.

But as always…
Until it’s available in Pennsylvania…

Bolt scooter is a bit higher in price. But more bang for the bucks.