Karma Revero “Delivery Day” Sees First Cars Head To Customers

MAY 15 2017 BY JAY COLE 41

First Karma Reveros Leave California For Retailers In North America

As earlier promised, The Karma Revero has officially entered the US market, as the company celebrated “Delivery Day” with some 800 of its employees.

The first Reveros left the Karma production facility in Moreno Valley in California, headed to retail locations for delivery to customers in the US and Canada.

“Karma has moved from a product development company to an automotive manufacturer,” said Jim Taylor, Chief Revenue Officer.  “We have completed the critical steps to become a true luxury vehicle OEM. The launch is a great accomplishment for our Company and all our team members.”

After a short ride on some transport trucks, the vehicles are expected to start to arrive by week’s end at Karma’s ten dealers in North America.

The Revero starts from $130,000 (and tops out at ~$139,900), can travel up to 50 miles on electricity, and can zip to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds  – full details here (full spec sheet below).

Below: Karma Revero Gallery

2017 Karma Revero Spec Sheet (click to enlarge)

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Remarkable to meet promised delivery dates nowadays, LOL.

Model S. Plus style. Minus substance. Karma revero.

Pretty slow. Good looking car though.

Clearly you’ve only ever traveled via roller coaster all your life if you’re gonna call it slow.

I never liked this car much, till I saw one in person. It’s beautiful.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Same here.

Up close and seeing it on the road, it’s a pretty sweet looking ride.

They should’ve made an all electric version also.

I’m pretty sure raising a car company from the dead is pretty hard all by itself and perhaps biting off a BEV is a little bit of a reach during that process.

The grille is not good. The rest is pretty good.

Fancy volt\Ampera

Just like how a Model S is a fancy Leaf amiright!?!?!?

Pretty much, and an Aston martin is just a really fancy mini. Pretty much all cars travel at the same speed on the worlds increasingly congested roads. I think that this is a great addition to the market, there will always be those who don’t want a Tesla or who want a fancy volt this gives them another option.

Not my thing but it is good to see it back again.

Agreed. I get amused by EV gans that judge everything by absolute electric range and the purity of BEV. If all car purchases were made as the result of a carefully weighted practicality equation, we’d all drive a Hyundai. Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, etc would not exist. Why by a 7 series BMW when you can buy a Toyota Corolla? The right answer to that question is ‘because I can’.

Anything with 50 miles or more AER gets my vote. But I don’t think I’m a purist for being down on those 20-mile hybrids. Sure it’s better than nothing, but none of them are cheap. They are hobbled by design more than necessity, and that deserves little respect.

I thought an Aston Martin is a Focus EV?

I would have expected a $130,000 PHEV to be more than just 1/2 second faster to 60 in EV mode than my Volt.

Or you could just buy a Volt

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

About 5 Volts……lol

Why spend all that money on a Volt, when you could have bought an iMiev cheaper? Why get an iMiev, when you could get a Mahindra Reva? Why get a Reva when you can get an electric bicycle or scooter? Why get an electric bike, when you can just walk?

Why bother walking, when you can sit in your basement all day and troll? right someone?

What’s with the long hood? Is that a giant frunk to hide dead bodies? 😀

It is a PHEV. They put the ICE engine there. And shockingly, even though it is a 4-cyl, it is crammed in there pretty tight.

The had to have room for the generator too. A very large one because it is a pure serial hybrid. Or at least it was when it was the Fisker Karma. Has that changed?

You guys didn’t get my joke. Dead bodies as in dead dino juice eater as in ICE engine, and inefficient (dead tech) serial hybrid stuff. Frunk basically holds dead “bodies”.

You’re right, we didn’t. It takes two people to communicate, and I don’t think the failure was on our end.

I personally don’t care for the style, especially not the highly exaggerated front end, but to each his own.

“For people who like that kind of thing, this is the kind of thing they like.” ―- Artemus Ward 😉

It’s great to see someone making a success of reviving a failed plug-in EV. From all reports, they’ve significantly improved the quality (and hopefully the reliability) of the car. I don’t know if this company will succeed long-term, but I wish them much success!

Go Karma!

For that much, I would rather have a BMW i8.

I’d rather have a leaf and a deposit for a house.

People in that price segment won’t be satisfied with a LEAF and probably already bought a house with more than 4 garage spaces ready for this “show off weekend” car.

It certainly is a BMW i8 competitor. The Revero gives you much more EV range than the i8, at the cost of being slower.

BMW i8 —
More futuristic looks
only 15 miles of EV range.

Karma Revero —
More of a sleek ICE look
~50 miles of EV range

Why? The Karma is more unique, practical and has more EV range than the i8

Red Karma > any i8

I’m pretty sure management placed a standing order to not park any of them on the dock in Jersey…

*laugh* I’m sure they also have a standing order not to build the batteries on incorrectly calibrated manufacturing equipment too!

Nice looking car, but I hope one NEVER parks next to me – those sharp over extended rear doors will dint the crap out of the car next to it. What were they thinking ?

Pretty sure they were thinking the owner of one of those cars won’t be parking next to you any time soon.

Can’t blame a company for wanting to leave a mark!

The exterior is still different, and interesting after all these year. But that interior. YIKES. Go look at anything, i8, Range Rover, R8, La Ferrari, literally ANYTHING ELSE. They need to update and simplify it fast.

The interior is definitely dated. It has been nearly a decade since they first designed it. It was a very original interior back when it was shown in the 2009 Detroit autoshow. But it isn’t 2009 anymore.

With that said, I think they were trying to appeal more to Bentley tastes, with their more over-the-top type of styling that is designed to make the statement that you aren’t in just any other car with an interior like every other car:

Not sure what you are getting at. The interior I see has completely redesigned instrumentation and is far less busy and complicated than my 2015 Ford Fusion platinum edition. Also this car is being marketed to people who take oddness as being a feature.

Maybe that explains why I like it.

And not a single Red Karma. All the bland colors. Yawn.

Let’s see the Red!

And how is it slow? The Model S 85 does 0-60 in 5.4 seconds and is very quick.

Standard 85 hauls ass. So this Revero can’t be “slow” rofl

If you pay $123k for a Model S, it won’t be doing 0-60 in 5.4 seconds.