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The Rapide E to get its feature film debut

Does it make a difference whether the car driven by James Bond makes farting sounds as it races off? It appears we’ll soon find out. According to a report in the The Guardian, the car driven by Agent 007 in the next Bond flick will be an Aston Martin Rapide E. This is something company CEO Andy Palmer suggested as a possibility two years ago.

Played once again by Daniel Craig, the fictional spy will return to the big screen next year — the current release date is said to be April of 2020 — and give the new model its big screen debut. It’s the first time a Rapide of any motivational persuasion has been in a Bond flick.

A battery-powered Bond will find himself in control of one of only 155 copies of the sportscar to be made. They will sell for a reported  250,000 British pounds ($333,391 at today’s rates) and should be appearing in showrooms in the fourth quarter of this year.

Specifications the posh brand shared in September

  • a target range of more than 200 miles (320 km) under WLTP cycle
  • 65 kWh battery (5,600 lithium-ion cells – 18650 type)
  • rear-wheel drive with two motors and total system output of 610 PS and 950 Nm
  • 0-60 mph (nearly 100 km/h) in less than 4 seconds
  • 50-70 mph in 1.5 seconds
  • top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h)
  • 800 V system voltage with capability to charge at 100 kW or more

Though we imagine some fans will feel shaken by the switch to an all-electric, we have no problem with it. Though, being big fans of the classic shape of the DB5 that has a long history with the film franchise, our own souls would have been more stirred by the appearance of one those classics converted in the company’s recently announced Heritage EV program.

Source: The Guardian

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specs on range and charging are trash

Yep – That’s the tipping point to EV adaptation. When EVs become prominent in films. It’s all part of a media culture shift that will influence viewers when it comes time to purchase a car. If an EV is good enough for JB, It’s good enough for me.

In the latest Johnny English movie he was trying to catch a BMW i3 and run out of gas.

If the movie makers were more resourceful and smarter they would some how finagle a new “Tesla Roadster” , Which is Superior in every way, “A True Super Car” 🙂

It’s all about tradition

It’s Not Tradition anymore . They used a little 4Cylinder Sh!t Box BMW Tiny 2 seater Convertible in a previous Bond film/films (early2000’s or there abouts) .. That’s when they Broke Tradition years ago…. Check it out … ****

I think the English “BMW Bond car” riots put an end to that.

As Omar would say, it’s All about the Benjamins.

If this is the case though one might think he would be stirred by the smoothness of the ride as opposed to shaken by a legacy auto.
Posh brand, now that’s a good use of that word.

Points for martini ref.

Stirred , but not shaken .. lol .. * 🙂 *

I hate it when they switch gears every second even when driving at steady speed. The movie cars must have hundreds of gears.

*Theatrics* …. lol

To get full charging benfit the car must first be Shaken not Stirred.

Bond, Spectre is getting away in the evil gas car!

Wait a while, we need an hour to charge…

“I shant worry, I rerouted his exhaust to the interior so he’ll be stopped, dead, shortly. Now where’s my martini..?”

Yes, because most dramatic high speed car chases go on for more than 200 miles.

And it’ll make engine noise in the movie due to the movie’s sfx department, just watch

More likely a velvety smooth electronic motor sound.

Too bad Bond didn’t get the Pininfarina Battista.

Can’t say I care about that car in particular but having Bond drive an EV is progress.

Nice to see old Bond catch up with us pioneers. 😀

Sorry Aston but £250k for a car that has only 200 mile range using old technology batteries and is almost half as slow 0-60 than a £100k Tesla P100D. No thanks.