Jaguar I-Pace – Video Overload


Concurrent with the reveal of the new Jaguar I-Pace, the automaker released tons of videos highlighting various aspects of the car.

If specs and technical details are what you’re looking for, then you’ll find all that on the I-Pace here.

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You can check lots of those videos out here. Word of warning…there’s a lot to watch here and we’ve only focused on the videos we think are of particularly high value. There’s more out there still.

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They are really pushing this car. While it’s great to see a MFR strongly push EV, my enthusiasm will be short lived since I’ll probably wait at CCS DCFC later this afternoon. Had they offered this with Supercharger access (unlikely, I know), it would hold enthusiasm whole lot better.

Modern advertising, at work. In 24 hours, between maybe 3-4 Youtubes, there are several hundred thousand views indicated.

Tesla’s “blogger” advertising is also going up against a different machine.

How is it that every time you post, you’re blocked at a DCFC charger? Do you try to do all your charging using DCFC? That is not a normal way to drive an EV. Even Tesla Super chargers only include 400kWh of juice a year on their plan after which they charge you. People supercharge/DCFC/Chademo for road trips and use level 2 for their day to day needs. If you adjust the way you charge, maybe you will be less disgruntled all the time.

When I drive more than 45 miles from home (eg weekend beach trips), I must use DCFC. If I had to use DCFC exclusively instead of charging at home, I would’ve got rid of SparkEV long ago.

Having 240 miles range EV would be better, but I also drive 250 miles trip about once a month. That means using DCFC and waiting. I’m only paying $75/mo for SparkEV lease, but if I had to pay Jaguar money to waste time at DCFC for some i3 charging at 1.8kW out of 50 kW charger and then insist on plugging in for second 30 minute session, I will be even more grumpy.

Unlike 1 or 2 handles per site for CCS, every Supercharger site has far more handles with one in San Diego having 12. That means no waiting most times.

Quite simply, CCS cars should be priced like SparkEV and even that’s pretty bad.

Nice! The BEST EV so far..

A nod of respect for your name.

Definitely NOT a concept. This is a real contender for the high-end EV market. Jaguar has really surprised me. This has to have created a “gulp” in Tesla’s management.

The first snowball of an avalanche of compelling EVs about to fall on the high-end EV market currently occupied solely by Tesla. BMW, Daimler, Porche, Audi, all queuing up behind Jaguar. And GM is queued up at the just-down-market level.

As others have stated, it is now time for all the future entries to gather together in an international CCS consortium to collectively fund a compelling and coordinated high-kW CCS charging infrastructure in all markets. That currently is the Achilles heel still separating their EVs from true mass-market acceptance.

Nice job Jaguar. Now just waiting for the price. With just 240 miles of range and AWD, it should cost about the same as a long-range 320 mile Model 3. Then start adding the options.

Based Model 3: $35k
Long Range Model 3: $45K

Interesting how Model 3 can go 220 miles with a 50kWh battery pack, and the i-Pace AWD can do 240. I wonder how it does in eco mode when all the power is not needed.

Lol. Why would a Jag cost the same as a model 3? This is a $90k car.

$90K car with 1.8 kW charger? Yes, you will encounter people who insist on full 30 minutes of charging when their car has tapered down to 1.8 kW. Some even insist on second 30 minutes to try to get even slower charging.

Meanwhile, you’re stuck sitting in your “$90K car” while they charge slower than SparkEV L2 since leaving your car could mean someone else could take your spot in line. I’d be fuming if I paid $90K to sit and wait for 1.8 kW charging.

… it should cost about the same as a long-range 320 mile Model 3.

Doubt it. I’m seeing estimates of $90k for a base model I-Pace.

In the UK the I-Pace starts at approx. $13,000 less than a Model S (base) – so about the price (if it were available here – which its not) of a long range Model 3 with Dual motors and lux pack.

Not sure how the new US import tax on cars will affect its price.

In the UK, a BMW I3 costs nearly half of what an I-Pace costs.

When exactly is this new tax to begin? Yes Trump has mentioned the possibility but far from implemented.