Is Jaguar I-Pace A Tesla Model X Killer? Watch To Find Out


There’s no wrong answer, though.

Quite a number of reviews of the Jaguar I-Pace have been published over the past year. This time, however, the all-electric crossover SUV gets a close examination by a proud Tesla owner. Sean Mitchell, who drives a Model S, got his hands on a loaner from a Colorado dealership and has posted his findings on YouTube. In a video (above) he asks if it’s really a Tesla Model X killer.

Now, he doesn’t actually answer this question, leaving it for viewers to decide for themselves. What he does do, though, is give his impressions of the driving experience, the external appearance, and its functionality. He starts with a look at its off-the-line performance.

Acceleration, he says, is a touch quicker than the Tesla Model X 75D, at 4.5 seconds to sixty miles per hour. Like most well-engineered electric vehicles, it’s got that instant torque. However, he does note that there is the slightest of delays from a dead stop — just a fraction of a second, but noticeable. Performance-wise, he seems quite happy with the car, saying this is one area it competes well with Tesla.

Styling-wise, he is impressed with the overall form. Despite sporting a large grill, its drag coefficient is just slightly higher than that of the Model X at .29. We have to part ways with Mitchell’s opinion that the Big Cat’s appearance being less aggressive than the Silicon Valley SUV. We feel those glowering eyes, along with those powerful-looking front shoulders give the vehicle an assertive look. Its competitor’s lines are quite a bit softer, not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

We don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you, though, so if you haven’t already, mash that play button. Then, let us know how you answer the question posed in Comments. Is the Jaguar I-Pace a Tesla Model X killer? We don’t think there is necessarily a wrong answer here, though we do enjoy hearing why people feel the way they do.

One interesting thing Mitchell mentions at the end is worth bringing up. According to what he was told, dealers may actually have some inventory in stock available for purchase. Ordering a particular configuration, though, may involve a wait of several months.

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The something killer of something else – sometimes it’s just silly, there’s plenty of room for both I’m sure.

“Is [the] Jaguar I-Pace A Tesla Model X Killer?”


Is Jaguar trying to ride the coat-tails of Tesla’s popularity, in a rather desperate manner, by running ads claiming it is?


Now, could we stop flogging this particular deceased equine?


Yup. Jag need to do a lot better, especially in terms of efficiency (aka, engineering). Dropping the price way low (ie, sub $50K) might be one way to compensate in market, but that still doesn’t address the poor engineering.

Go on, order an IPace. Depending on the market you won’t be able to score a 2019 model anymore. The IPace sells.

Yeah, because they are not production many. Same story with the etron.

Even if iPace is below $50K, I wouldn’t order one. If they up the efficiency to that of Leaf (which is less efficient than Bolt), I might be tempted at $50K.

That’s until I try to charge at DCFC clogged with half a dozen free charging Leaf, i3, Bolts. Then I’d be kicking myself of wasting so much money when half the price would get the same kind of nonsense waiting.

Without a natiowide Combo charging network allowing coast to coast and border to border travel in any direction the “Jaguyre” to quote the author is a nice dedicated city and suburban commuter car. . additionally Level 3 charge times about double compared to Tesla.

Or a car for Europeans.

Less rows of seating. Less efficient. Less frunk. Less, less, less….

Oh, yeah, it’s got a grille and lots and lots of shiny interior trim and confusing buttons and switches along with a smaller center screen.

Less rear stowage. Jaguar UN-reliability. ULTRA low and slow distribution. No Supercharger network….whew!

Last but truly not least is it’s inflated efficiency and range numbers.

The I-Pace is a placeholder for Indian Tata-owned Jaguar to keep a foot in the EV door should Tesla break out and begin to compete door-to-door with OEM ICEmaker CUV builders.

Cost LESS than a Model X or a Model S. It’s the beginning of transition for Jaguar for what possibly may be an all electric car line-up.

A Yugo costs less than either a Model S or Model X. You don’t see the world full of Yugo’s do you?

It’s not cost per se, it a value proposition.

It’s got the interior space of a Model 3 and limited quick charge capabilities and almost zero quick charge network support so I think it had better be cheaper than Model X and S.

Since Jaguar became “Indian” Tata-owned, as you so tribally identify it, the feline machines have been soaring as a global brand. Desirable. Affordable. Fast. again once more. These Indians have breathed vital new life into the company and brought the old Jag slogan of Grace, Space, and Pace back into relevance after the carmaker’s decades-long descent into an exemplar of the boring rolling dead under its former “English” management. The iPace is certainly a vastly superior offering than anything seen so far from fading “American” brands, or even the global top-grossing “German” brands. Such competition is good for Tesla. At long last, there is an EV CONTENDER worthy of the title.
Go Tesla!
Go Jaguar!
Gone GM, Ford, Chrysler, VW Group, Daimler et al.

Sorry to be pedantic, but I have to correct you and say the last owners of JLR were Ford. Jaguar was bought by Ford in 1990 and Land Rover was sold to BMW in 94 and then sold to Ford in 2000 until they were both sold to Tata around 2007/8 I think. We haven’t been responsible for killing our own car industry for a while now, until recently at least where our government has decided to become anti-car and not supporting the EV roll out properly. Maybe in 2050 they’ll make the decision they should be making today.

James, are you EV enthusiasts, or Tesla sheep? I thought everyone here is suppose to be happy just to see anyone move from an ICE vehicle to an EV?

“Jag-WIRE.” It’s funny but that’s usually how my African-American friends pronounce “Jaguar.”

They play in different markets, so no way one would directly compete against the other

That’s not true, they compete, even if for some, one doesn’t make sense against the other.

No, until there is significant market penetration of EV, they will not be competing with each other. Right now both are only competing against ICE versions of their respective market.

They compete directly. How can you not see that?

A 5-seat hatchback with superior off-road ability (the I-Pace) will “compete directly” with a higher priced, better engineered, more user-friendly 7-seat CUV (the Model X) which doesn’t have any particular ability to off-road???

You have a rather different definition of “directly” than I do!

If the I-Pace competes directly with any Tesla car, it’s either the Model 3 or the Model S. Certainly not the significantly larger Model X.

The Model X does have some off road capability. Where are you getting that it doesn’t? It’s not a Jeep, but neither is the Jag. I’d be surprised if they actually aren’t comparable.

Wrong. Standard “X’s are 5 – seaters.

7 seater vehicles are in a class very much on their own. The only reason these cars are comparable at all is that there are so few electric vehicle options. I’m sure some people will cross shop the cars but basically, most people don’t want seven-seaters, they are a niche market.

Since when are all X’s 7 seaters?

A six-seater is a $6000 option as is the OPTIONAL 7 seater at $3000.

Standard equipment is 5 seats. That is if you believe the website, but then I figure they probably know how many seats are in their own product.

Their respective competition is ICE until EVs penetrate the market much more. Until then, they won’t compete against each other.

In the Norwegian and Dutch market it doesn’t look like a zero sum game between Jaguar and Tesla. But I still wouldn’t say that they compete directly it is just that buyers now have another large EV to choose from and it might fit their needs better. Especially because the Model S is denied an official tow hitch for marketing reasons.

it’s the first ev that can hold a candle to Tesla.
Not nearly as efficient, but fast, and handles well, better off road, if that’s your thing.

As regards the overall advantage of Tesla, areas in which the Jaguar doe not compete, a charging network, OTA updates, and production in numbers that matter, the Jag has far to go.

I hope but, there should be room for lots more EV SUVs in the market.

Maybe it could be a BMW X5 killer. That would be nice.

Definitely room for more EV SUVs in the market, but the I-Pace is most definitely not an SUV. It’s a hatchback with superior ground clearance; at best it’s wannabe CUV, altho it’s too small to properly be called a CUV.

Outside of the USA/Canada this is clearly a SUV. It is too large to be a CUV or Crossover.
As for the ‘hatchback’ label? You have gotta be kidding. That puts it alongside a Leaf or Zoe and it is not in their market space.

How about calling it a station wagon.

Does anyone seriously believe that with the Jaguar on the market, people will stop buying the Model X? Of course there’s a wrong answer. In order for a car to be a Tesla killer, it needs to be a lot more than just a competitor. Jaguar still has to show that it can compete. If they want to be a Tesla killer, they need to show that Tesla fans would prefer the Jaguar.

Right. A real competitor would be sold in sufficient quantities to actually steal a lot of market share. But the I-Pace won’t be made in sufficient quantities to put any noticeable dent in Tesla’s sales. Especially not sales of the Model X, because the I-Pace is in a different, smaller, market segment.

It is only a Model X killer if one can’t stand the ugly Model X in styling. In just about all other area, the Model X beats the iPace.

Don’t forget the overly complicated, engineering fail (not KISS) falcon wing doors. Could also throw in those stupid door handles.

Why do media outlets keep posting this Jaguar PR nonsense? The i-pace is a sedan, the Model X is an SUV. Why do you keep comparing the two?

The ipace is too small to be considered an SUV, with a height of only 61.6 in, it is shorter than even a Bolt (62.8 in). Even a small CUV like a Lexus NX has a height of 64.8 in (Even Jaguar’s smallest CUV E-Pace has a height of 64.9 in). For reference, the Model X has a height of 66.3 in.

So let us stop pretending the i-pace is an SUV and call it what it is, a hatchback sedan. Dimension-wise, it is closer to the Model 3 than the X.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is nice to see more segments covered in the EV race and more gas cars be replaced with EVs. But there is no reason to resort to false equivalency, the enemy are the ICE cars, not each other.

Actually, the I-Pace is a hatchback, not a sedan.

Otherwise you’re dead on target.

That is what I said “So let us stop pretending the i-pace is an SUV and call it what it is, a hatchback sedan.”

I am mind blown over how often People get the size of the Bolt so terribly wrong…

Is not yet… Two things… 6 – 7 seater and autonomous driving… These two thinga are missing in the Jaguar.

Those are valid points but really of interest only to a minority of people IMHO. Outside the US the level of interest in autonomous driving is pretty small.

Until it’s readily available, and then everyone will wonder how they got along without it. I bet they said the same about cruise control.

Except in countries with good mass transit, auto driving is less of a big deal. They aren’t going to build more roads for auto cars so mass transit will be better. The US is setup around the auto so it is a lot different.
That being said, I agree with you that people don’t realize how much of a game changer it is. But lets not pretend that Tesla is that far along. It is far along in Elon’s mind but that doesn’t make it true.

Until it’s ready for prime time in most road situations, which Tesla’s autopilot is not. It’s a level 2 system that should only be used on larger, open roads. It’s a step in the right direction sure, but it’s in the same tech grouping as adaptive cruise control and lane assist, which is available in a lot of vehicles (albeit not quite as good). It’s not autonomous and you have to be alert at all times when using it.

Uhhh. Tesla doesn’t have autonomous driving either – isn’t really close. It has a nice driver assist suite – that costs a pretty penny as an option.

So you’re saying Tesla has autonomous vehicles? Are they out yet? I haven’t seen any announcements for this.

Or are you confusing driver assistance with autonomy? Because that’s how accidents happen.

Has an ugly unnecessary grill!

Jag Wire

What’s a Jag-wire? As far as how ‘well made’ it is, Jaquar does not make it. It is made in Austria by Magna, a Canadian company.

American pronunciation: Jag-wahr
British pronunciation (or at least “official” Jaguar pronunciation): Jag-you-are

Between the two I think I-Pace is definitely the better looking one but it’s also a lot smaller and it’s not practical yet to use outside base range so I don’t see any direct competition as the cars cater to substantially different needs.

Interesting pronunciation of the word Jaguar, in American English as spoken on the video, it appears to be Jagwire, in the proper British English it is pronounced Jag you are, phonetically.
Jagwire is clever as it is electric though, lol!

Showed the Model X to my wife, very impressed. Showed this Jag to her, ” hmm, I don’t like it “. Model X it is then.
One thing I will say from my point of view, I hate black/dark interiors. Tesla white interiors look great, even my light grey Leaf is lovely and bright. The Model X just feels so spacious. This Jag looks closed in and a bit pokey to be honest.
Apart from that, really just two quite different vehicles at similar price points, so just pick the one that suits you best.
Tesla killer? No! Tesla joiner, that’s the message that should be promoted, who has joined the EV movement.

Pull up in the parking lot and see how many people come to oggle at it. I parked next to the F-Pace (basically the same as the I-Pace, and nobody really seemed to interested, just another vehicle that looks much the same as every other one of its type. But park next to the Model X and people point it out, that’s a Tesla, that’s a brand people are aspiring to own.
Ok, now open those Falcon Wing doors and see what the crowd does. If where I live is any indication, pretty much everyone wants to take a look at, and admire, those doors. We have been conditioned from an early age by such cars as the Mercedes Gull Wings and Delorean to like these type of doors, and Tesla Model X delivers and takes it to a whole new level (dual folding, distance sensing, who doesn’t love that concept/action?).

Some people love what you’ve described, but some do not. I really prefer subtle cars which don’t stand out. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than constantly having random people asking me questions, although I’d appreciate their interest it’s just not for me.

Can’t understand why people are still comparing jaguars with Tesla. Buyers for model X are looking for 7 seats, Jaguar out. Also the coolness of the falcon wing doors, Jaguar out. Also the space in the frunk, Jaguar out.

Who cares about 0-60? I drive the Tesla in the chill mode anyways and is plenty fast enough.

Sit in the 3rd row of the X and get back with me.

People talking like the iPace is something like an X should get to see one in person.
It is not.
It might be a better model Y.
Ipace is the size of model 3.

No, the i-Pace is shorter OAL than the Model X/S/3 and more suited for unimproved roads or snow/ice with more water clearance and advanced low traction algorithms and excellent ground clearance. It climbs like a goat. It is more like a Land Rover than a luxury sedan.
There is no Model Y.
The backseat of the 3 is more cramped. Yet is it actually longer than the i-Pace.
The Model 3 is longer than necessary as is the Model X. The 3rd row of the MX isn’t like a Suburban or other full sized SUV. The Suburban seats up to 9 adults if they are friends. More realistically, it’s 6 in luxury mode like the Escalade/Denali hi-cap variants.
The Model X is not truly a 7 seater in SUV terms. It is a 5 or 4 ‘+2’ design with less headroom in the 3rd row.
Cliff Notes: The i-Pace does not have a comparable Tesla model.

No, it is not a Tesla killer.

1. No EVs are in competition with each other. They will only be competing with ICE until there is significant market penetration.

2. The I-pace is a different beast. It is a sub CUV (read hatchback) with a set of qualities that set it apart from any one Tesla model in performance and in styling. If there were more EVs to compare, (like there will be in 2020) there would not ever have been the suggestion that they are competing.

Some quirks. The supplied EVSE is not the same as the prototype which was a 120v/240v 5-15/14-50 compatible cable. You get a 10a 120v cable. inferior to the Volt or Bolt, and certainly worse than the Teslas. It is not actually one-foot driving as you might have read. It’s sort of like a Volt, but nowhere near a Bolt. Still better one-foot than the Tesla. It has both Apple Carplay and AA in the retail model. Glass fixed roof is the only option. It doesn’t accelerate hard until it’s rolling, but then the fronts dance a touch as they try to grip. Certainly no Vette, but better than the X or S in drive electronic controls. It will roll backwards on an incline if it’s not set for creep. By pressing the brake it will kick into hill hold. Lots of headroom for the driver wearing a helmet. Backseats OK for large males, but if you have size 12+ shoes, you might have trouble getting your shoe out. Nice car, has some features Tesla isn’t offering like HUD, hand grips for egress, 360° view, real leather, nice stereo, interior storage, magnetic suspension, off-road technology. At $89k though, I think it’s… Read more »

So for the Disagrees, which aspect of my testdrive of the i-Pace is erroneous?


The front grill into a venturi hood was an instant turnoff. That is aerodynamic nonsense.

It’s not the first or only car that reduced it’s front end lift and total drag by cancelling the high pressure zone at the base of the windshield.

All EV’s are great . Buy the one that you enjoy. Amazing you can buy all this new new tech for the same price as old school gas car. The gas cars are overpriced!