Jaguar I-Pace Looks Toasty After Fire Of Unknown Cause


It is the first reported incident involving the electric crossover.

Vehicle fires are an unfortunate fact of life.  According to the U.S. Fire Administration, about one in eight fires that fire departments respond to are burning vehicles. And it’s not just restricted to those motivated by petroleum fuel, either. Electric vehicles can also go up in smoke on occasion. Such was the sad case early last Friday morning when a fire crew was called to respond to a burning Jaguar I-Pace.

Pictures of the smoldering ruins appeared on Facebook (embedded below). Occurring in the village of Rumpt in the Netherlands, no mention is made of the cause of the incident. It is significant to note, though, that the battery does not appear to be the source of the combustion.

It’s also worth mentioning that this could be a case of vehicle arson. As the publication Autobahn points out in its coverage of the Car-B-Que, this hamlet is very near the city of Culemborg which suffers from an unusually high number of vehicle arson events. In their (translated from Dutch) words, “In addition, Culemborg, a few kilometers to the north, is plagued by an auto-pyro man.”

According to a tweet from Verge transportation reporter Sean O’Kane (embedded below), Jaguar has the crispy I-Pace in its possession and will try to determine the cause of the blaze. Said they, “Our colleagues in Europe are aware of a thermal incident w/ a vehicle in Rumpt, in the Netherlands. Jaguar is in possession of the vehicle & we are investigating the cause of the incident in cooperation w/ the local authorities. That’s all we can say at this time.

Lead Image Credit: Marco van Deick


Source: Facebook, Autobahn

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“thermal incident” Lol

From Jaguar UK forums, it seemed to be arson.

Why? What evidence for that?

It was mentioned on other sites that this particular area has had several incidents of arson involving cars parked outside overnight.

There hasn’t been evidence reported either way. But the battery was not affected, the car was not charging, so it is very peculiar if it started by just being idle and there had been no prior accidents.

There is a privacy wall blocking the view of the front of the car from the street and neighbors across the street. So it seems like a good target for an arsonist (such as the one a few kilometers away). That isn’t evidence, but it is an interesting observation.

“Arsonist” ir “As***le”?

Arson , Tesla Should 0f Used That Excuse .. lol .. * 🙂 *

Maybe, overcharging.

How the hell you overcharge an ev?

Nothing to be gleaned from this at this stage: If it was arson due to Jealousy of a Nice looking vehicle, the design by Magna International cannot really be blamed. To be continued I’m sure.

Looks like the fire was in the front of the vehicle. The I-pace uses a skateboard design like Tesla so the battery pack is in the middle. I’m assuming if the fire was electrical in nature, then it wasn’t the battery pack but some other faulty electrical connection.

I have the same conclusion.

Weird location to burn. When media shows a Tesla on fire, it us usually “driven” by a drunk and/or a person sleeping, resulting in a crash and a damaged battery. I’ve never seen a Tesla where the front is on fire. If it’s arson, I would have been so pissed. Having been early in the waiting line and just had to drive the new car for a few days/weeks.
Wonder if the batteries are still OK, since some of them must have been close to the fire/heat.
I’m waiting for the battery pack to be listed on Ebay.. ready for some DIY projects 🙂

I’ve heard that one of the best ways to set a car on fire is to get a fire lighter of some sort, like those cups filled with wax and wood chips, and put it on the top of a front wheel and light it. Almost guaranteed to burn the car down, gives you a nice delay during which you can make your getaway, and would probably lead to results that look EXACTLY like those pictures. Just sayin’.

Share some of your experiences with this method please.

Hahaha- no. I may not really like fossils, but setting them on fire releases a tonne of pollutants and makes recycling more difficult. Plus there’s a lot of paperwork involved afterwards… Not the ideal solution to our problems.

“I’m assuming if the fire was electrical in nature, . . .”. Or perhaps not – it may have been the result of a petrol bomb! 😕

If arson (or other cause) it seems impressive that the battery wasn’t effected enough to catch fire too.

The battery obviously wasn’t part of the fire.

EV hater arsonist

Sad! An I-Pace lost.

BMW fires were caused by a faulty part that would overheat, sometimes hours after the car was turned off. It was a cheap $12 part that they chose to use instead of one whose contacts were coated with silver. So to save a few pennies on the part a bunch of their cars, and a few garages burned down.


This could be arson.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

This could not be arson.

Or Maybe You Should Read Between The Lines

Or it could indeed be arson.