Images Of Veteran’s Day Tesla Model X

NOV 12 2015 BY STAFF 20

Via Instagram, under #teslavets, several images of a Tesla Model X commemorating Veterans and Veteran’s Day have emerged.

We’ve posted a few images here, but you’ll find loads more at this link.

Veteran's Day Model X & Model S

Veteran’s Day Model X & Model S

Veteran's Day Teslas

Veteran’s Day Teslas

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Veterans, more than probably any other group, have personally sacrificed for America’s lack of energy independence. And Tesla is leading that charge wiwith American fueled vehicles.

So absolutely true. Saudi Arabia and OPEC countries make billions…not every year but about 2 billion day! And they don’t spend anything on an army or a defense budget! We have to sacrifice American Vet lives fighting wars that OPEC countries should be fighting for themselves. How many Saudi’s died in the Iraq war #2? Hardly any.

Saudi Arabia has quite a large defense budget for their size. It’s more than the UK but less than Russia.

Their soldiers don’t fight much.

I came here to say this. Happy to see it’s the first comment. Well done sir.

Nice, but I don’t know of many Vets that could afford either model… ๐Ÿ™

I’d give them away for free

Most of my veteran buddies are very successful and can very much afford a tesla.

The Model 3 will fit the budget of many Veterans. A few in our area drive a LEAF for now but will be glad to step up to a model 3 soon.
Energy Independence, no more IRAQ or IRAN funding and clean air all at the same time. GO USA made TESLA.

Sure do miss EVworld !

I’d consider the livery. Heck, there are lots of TDI owners who kept the green, on white, “clean” diesel stickers.

The new sleek and efficient “Urban Assault Vehicle”

“Where’s my F—ing Truck!??!”

See what happens when reneck meets technology!
Ford had the perfect platform in it’s Ranger series. They could have easily had a 200+ mile truck there. No R&D there.
” Where is my Model III “

“Whereโ€™s my Fโ€”ing Truck!??!”

It’s still a gleam in daddy Musk’s eye!
It will come after the Model 3 for sure, and likely after the new Tesla designed Roadster that Elon wants to do.

I think by that time they will have satisfied their desire to build a drive train good for a life if a Million Miles!

hThey might even have designed a dual motor package for the rear of their ‘F-150 Beater’ that is also mated with a front drive system!

It could be the vehicle that leads to a 3-Motor Drive Line! I expect that they will want to tow more than the 5,000 Lbs that the Model X us rated for! I suspect they will at least want the top models to be able to tow 10,000 to 12,000 Lbs! They will likely want to have over 200 miles per charge, possibly even while towing!

They will likely want a performance edition that can also knock 0-60 in the 3.5 – 4.0 Second range! I would expect 125 -145 MPH top speeds, too! (A bit slower than the S and X, due to towing gear ratios!)

Ha ha ha – That’s the “Fact” Jack!

ding ding – Bingo!

(considered a hint RE Czechoslovakia, but thot, naaah..)

This is genius.
Get an X with a lift kit, big tires and black wheels and Tesla could open up a whole new market.

We can convert all the monkey boys in lifted pick up trucks to go electric ๐Ÿ™‚

Tesla has hired some Vets,haven’t they?

Hey hire a disproportionate amount of Vets and specifically recruit them. Tesla mentioned that they fit well with their sense of mission.

wow, those Tesla’s look awesome!

Thank you for remembering us Mr. Musk…j