“I Made The Switch” – Portrait Of A Nissan e-NV200 Owner: Erik Vos, Amsterdam


Nissan e-NV200

Nissan e-NV200

Nissan e-NV200 is an electric car (well van), which just like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, isn’t yet available in the U.S.

Those Japanese manufacturers like to test American’s patience it seems.

In the case of e-NV200 we await a 30 kWh version to be announced as in the 2016 LEAF, but it appears the standard 24 kWh apparently wasn’t enough for such a big vehicle to be offered in the US.

Erik Vos, a furniture shop owner in Amsterdam, proves in latest “I Made The Switch” episode that even the 24 kWh e-NV200 can be useful on longer distances combined with CHAdeMO fast chargers.

Vos averages a distance of 200 km (125 miles) a day, while his record was 450 km (280 miles)! In home and in the shop, the e-NV200 is charged through slow AC to be always ready when needed.

Nissan e-NV200 is rated at 170 km (106 miles) under NEDC – 85% of the Nissan LEAF’s result, so under EPA it would likely be 116 km (72 miles). Besides the cargo version, there is also a 5 and 7 seater.

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With electric vans, a lot of city pollution can be avoided as the ICE -mostly diesel- vans are not very economical in city traffic. Also, many entrepeneurs work in a specific region of the country where distances are not so great, so they can easily switch, especially with the current tax benefits. Unfortunately, entrepeneurs are very often very conservative and stick to diesel vans out of habit.

I “made the switch” in 2011 when I bought a second hand Renault Kangoo Electric from year 2002. I replaced the original 13kWh nicad battery pack (still in good condition) for a lithium 32kWh pack (26kWh usable), for a real world range of 160km (100 miles) and with careful driving even 200km (130 miles). Not a single electric van currently on sale can beat my range. I enjoy my little van every working day, driving around in my home town and surroundings, pollution free and economical. I really hope more entrepeneurs make the switch!

Can we assume the ENV200 will eventually get the 30Kwh battery?

They might wait for the 60, but it would make a lot of sense to offer this with a larger battery.

I would definitely buy one if it had the 60KWh battery and 7 passenger seating. If they did a refresh of the appearance with the second generation Leaf, that would be even more awesome.

I am very eagerly awaiting the U.S. availability of the e-NV200 in a 7-seat arrangement. Our current mini-van is the only thing in our household using a combustion fuel. Everything else is electric and powered from renewable sources.

I am waiting for the 30 kw model. Actually, I was waiting for the Ford Transit EV. That went down in flames. I’m tired of waiting any longer.
Nissan, build up this Van!

Soccer moms all across the US await this EMV!

I wait for thé 30 version or a 40 version,
Hell ,been waiting for 3 years anyways!