Hyundai Aims To Launch 180 Mile Electric Bus In 2018

MAY 19 2017 BY MARK KANE 5

Hyundai isn’t stopping at passenger vehicles when it comes to electrification; starting next year the company will begin the commercialization of electric buses in South Korea.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

The unveiling of a new fully electric bus is expected later this month.  And this won’t be the company’s first attempt at this segment either.

Hyundai tried to introduce electric buses several years ago, but those early versions were reportedly not successful in terms of market response, due to the lack of charging stations according to a company spokesman.

The latest Hyundai’s electric bus is equipped with a 256 kWh battery, good for up to 290 km (180 miles) of range.

“Hyundai has been developing the ‘Elec City’ for the past eight years and will showcase the vehicle powered by a 256 kilowatt-per-hour battery at the Hyundai Truck & Bus Mega Fair, a local commercial vehicle exhibition initiated by the carmaker, it said. The electrified bus can run 290 kilometers on a single charge with the company claiming it will take several hours to top up the battery.

The commercial vehicle show is scheduled to be held from May 25-28 at KINTEX exhibition hall, just northwest of Seoul.”

source: Korea Herald

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Hyundai’s earlier bus debuted in 2010 with a range of 110 km (68 mi). I hope this one is more successful. Still kind of short range, but if it is priced right it should sell.

Most buses don’t get close to going 290 km in a day. But it would be nice if they offered longer range buses too.

The Hybrid buses of this type get less than 10mpg. Most city transit buses won’t travel more than 240km-270km in a day. If you add induction charging at large bus stops or direct connection charge to the roof at the stops the range may even be enough for Bus Rapid Transit without the risk of a need to recharge during the day even in a Canadian winter.

290km is pretty good.

Just buy BYD already

I liked the design of this bus.

Hope they’re going to sell this to Norway, Germany and the rest of Europe. There are way too many diesel busses on the road.

With a smart route, that can incorporate some high speed charging during the day/night.

I wonder where large bus manufacturers like Volvo and Scania is in their development of EV busses. I know of all the prototypes, and testing going on. But when will they release EV busses for the general market?