Honda Will Open Order Books For Urban EV In Early 2019


Honda re-confirmed at its Geneva Motor Show press conference that the production version of the all-electric Urban EV Concept is coming in 2019.

Honda Urban EV Concept

The order books will be opened in early 2019, but deliveries are expected in late 2019.

It will be the first series-produced BEV in Europe from Honda. the automaker will later sell the car in Japan, too.

The Urban EV Concept previews Honda’s first mass-produced battery electric vehicle sold in Europe. The Concept features a simple and sophisticated design, slim A-pillars and wide windscreen that appears to sweep around the entire front of the passenger cabin.

Inside, four occupants can be accommodated in comfort across the concept car’s two bench seats, which are finished in different materials to create the ambience of a lounge. The front row is upholstered with a natural grey fabric and embellished with contemporary wood finish accents. The dashboard features a wrap-around screen that extends into the doors. The dashboard display presents a range of vehicle information, while the extended door screens function as the car’s side mirrors through digital camera displays.

The Urban EV Concept will feature as part of Honda’s booth at 2018 Geneva Motor Show from 8-18 March.”

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Speaking during Honda’s 2018 Geneva motor show press conference, Senior Vice President, Honda Motor Europe, Philip Ross confirmed the news:

“A production version of this highly acclaimed concept will be introduced to Europe during late 2019, and in response to the positive feedback to this model, we expect to open order banks for the Urban EV during early 2019.”

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37 responses to "Honda Will Open Order Books For Urban EV In Early 2019"
  1. Clive says:

    It looks a a VW Rabbit

    1. Aradara says:

      Yes it does!

      1. dan says:

        First Gen Honda Civic predates the Rabbit by 2 years.

        1. Clive says:

          I owned on of those a 1983.

          I never saw that looking at it.

          Thanks for the link, now I like it 10 times more than before.

          1. Clive says:

            Ooops I actually have a Gen 2.

          2. dan says:

            If you take a look at 1960s Hondas – the ones that didn’t even make it stateside, the resemblance is even more striking. The Urban EV really looks like a trip down nostalgia lane for Japanese of a certain era.


            1. Brian says:

              Honda 600 sedans as they were called were sold in the states. My family owned one.

              I’d buy one of these cars for sure.

        2. Steven says:

          That’s what I saw.

    2. Sch says:

      It looks as Peugeot 205 even more.

    3. eject says:

      It looks like a homage to all the hot hatchbacks for the 80s.
      I hope the released car keeps the headlamps and the illuminated H with the window across all. Obviously the LCD display is nonsense.

      An pretty please make it RWD even though the ancestors were FWD. Also release a super hot AWD rally version.

      1. Ricardo says:

        Now that would be something

  2. VazzedUp says:

    They best keep it real close to the concept, else it will be just another golf/rabbit.

    1. eject says:

      exactly this

      1. South Waves says:

        Will they keep the concept’s doora?

  3. Someone out there says:

    Great! A cute little car, with a 45-50 kWh pack it could be a great city car.

    1. Ambulator says:

      Knowing Honda, it will probably be around 30 kWh. That’s all they think anyone needs.

      1. eject says:

        If it is as efficient as the Ioniq 30kWh will be plenty.

  4. Harold T says:

    better bring that to USA too!

  5. Dan B. says:

    You had me at “slim A pillars.”

  6. J Will says:

    I want one…USA please

  7. Aradara says:

    Awesome news! This concept is my favorite of the last couple years – a simple elegant shape among a sea of over-designed insectoid cars inspired by the Transformers (movie version). Hope they bring it stateside too.

  8. Phil says:

    I love this car! I really hope it makes its way to the US.

  9. Mike says:

    While I think this is a cool car (and it reminds me of my 83 Civic S), I cant see there being any real demand for another short range city car, especially an expensive one.

    Now if it had 200 mile range and was reasonably inexpensive I would be really excited. An affordable, reliable car was what made the original Civics great cars. Another 30,000$ mediocre EV isn’t going to do anything to advance EV adoption

    1. dan says:

      The original Civic was $2200. If it is to capture that spirit, it would need to fit closer to the Leaf and target 150 miles than the 200 mile cars. Batteries aint cheap.

    2. jimjfox says:

      WHY would an URBAN car need 200 miles of range??

  10. krona2k says:

    I predict a tiny battery and a high price. Still might sell well given the retro looks. To me it’s a toy car that shows Honda aren’t even trying.

    1. Phil says:

      I suspect you are right. If it had a 100 mile range and was priced the same as the Fit I’d be very interested, but I’m not holding my breath.

  11. Another Euro point of view says:

    This is cute !

    Reminds me a bit of the first Civic.

    1. David Gould says:

      > Reminds me a bit of the first Civic.

      The front does a lot, the rear roofline is more like the second gen Civic. I like it a lot as a look. I wonder how aero it can be though. And I don’t like the suicide doors. Gonna be a pain to unload a shopping cart.

  12. Mulon Esk says:

    Will be 24 kWh and 100,000 USD

    1. jimjfox says:

      $100k?? Got any evidence?

    2. jimjfox says:

      There is no way around this, you want an urban car with a 100 mile range, you need a 400 pound battery that costs $8000, and a motor that uses rare earth metals and costs almost as much.

      So $16,000 for a battery and a motor, and you still need to build the car.

      $100k- utterly stupid ‘estimate’.

  13. Get Real says:

    Well I guess if retro ugly and very poor aero is your thing in a PEV?

    1. jimjfox says:

      Take your own advice- GET REAL!

      Poor aero is completely irrelevant at city speeds; as for the ugly opinion, that’s fine. Most here seem to think otherwise…

    2. Ricardo says:

      Well, if it ain’t tesla employee number 233 spreading poison

  14. Steven says:

    You know, if it comes to the streets, it won’t have the “suicide doors”.

  15. john says:

    another coffin on wheels ! da nu kia soul ev
    will smoke it in da crash test. dats da # 1 priority isnt it

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