Honda Urban EV Rendered For Production

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The concept of 2017 will have a few changes…

In the coming years, we should witness the birth of a new trend, that of the neo-retro electric cars. Like Volkswagen with the I.D. Buzz, or Peugeot with the e-Legend concept, Honda started clearing the field with the Urban EV. Originally presented as a concept at the Frankfurt motor show in 2017, this adorable city car will arrive on the European market in a few months.

At this point, the final model has not yet been presented by Honda, which generally does not provide much information about it. Fortunately, our illustrator is here to give us a first idea of what the Japanese brand is preparing for us.

If the look of the concept is generally preserved, several elements have been retouched. Thus, our Urban EV forgets the two large suicide doors to adopt four doors opening in a more conventional day, and have flush handles. It also abandons the side cameras in favor of traditional mirrors, receives more conventional wheels and has a new shield incorporating a lower grid. In addition, it is content with a metal logo at the front (and no longer bright) and abandons the load indicators placed on the sidewalls. The two round headlights and the boss on the bonnet are still part of them.

Finally, even so, the Urban EV remains crisp. We will quickly know if our illustrator has seen right or not, since Honda has promised to launch this model in the course of the year 2019.

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I like it, how about some stats. I mean usually they want to tell us what they will be with cars that won’t be coming out any time soon, but this is next year already, if that is really true. But good luck with it.

Next year already?

How is that possible?

Expect is in late 2019, in Europe. Europe is the first market it will be released in.

The working Alpha prototype was revealed in 2017, and it usually takes 2 years to go from Alpha reveal to production, so 2019 seems right.

It looks like a nice update to the Gen 2 Civic.

Amazingly restrained styling for a Japanese car, I like it. Kinda the same urban EV idea as the BMW i3. Honda has lots of EV tax credits left (assuming no change to the law).

It looks so much like the Gen 2 Golf.

I’m not familiar with the individual generations — but “it looks like an old Golf” is exactly what I wanted to say as well 🙂

honda civic sb1

Looks more like a modernized Chrysler Omni / MIT’s Colt early 80’s

Right off the bat I like the larger side windows and thinner windshield pillars and the box Retro Rabbit look, car looks great then imagine a nice wide body kit etc., will never make to US unless it’s jacked in the air four feet and has the name BUBAH.

Much better looking than the Clarity, and worthy of the Honda badge.

Much better looking than any recent Honda.

The angle of the hood is way to steep compared to the concept. I’m not complaining, but I would sure hope Honda keeps the elegant body design of the original.

I was trying to put my finger on what was different with the hood, because it definitely looks more bubbly than the concept. I really don’t think I’m a fan of the change. Maybe if I saw it in white…

The front grill looks cartoony to me. Im not digging the round headlights.

Still no info about motor, battery, range or efficiency. Move along folks, nothing to see here.
I really don’t understand why Honda aren’t doing a more commercial version of the Fit (Jazz) EV compliance BEV. That would be a much more useful car.

This is a very refreshingly honest design. No fake drama. No fake vents, venting nothing, like the cuts in the rear bumper of the new Camry sport trim. No huge grille, pretending there’s not a reinforced front bumper hiding in plain sight behind the black slats. No huge intake vents cut into the front end that lead nowhere. No fender portals with nothing to do. We don’t see that much these days.
I love the outright honesty of Honda’s concept car, and this render remains true to that ethic.

To repeat myself from 3 months ago:
I completely don’t get the noise about this car. There are absolutely no details about drivetrain/performance/capabilities/price, so the only thing it can be judged on is external design.
But there’s absolutely nothing interesting or advanced about the design — it’s a 2-door city hatchback, and looks _exactly_ like the 1979 (2nd-gen) Civic in the link below. If anything, a 2-door, 2-row hatchback is less practical than the universal practice today for this class of car, which is 4 doors (Toyota Aygo, VW Up! / Skoda Citigo / Seat Mii / Peugeot 108 / Citroën C1 / Renault Twingo, various Suzukis & Subarus).

This should sell well in Russia…all their cars look like this.

Neo-retro NSX plz

I’m guessing the designer owned a VW Golf at one point?

Or…you know, it’s based on the original Honda Civic?