Honda S2000 With Volt Batteries, Tesla P100D Motor, Hits The Strip


This is one sweet conversion that marries Tesla, Chevrolet, and Honda.

We’ve shared some pretty awesome EV conversions with you over the years. It’s hard to say which one might take the cake as the best of the best. Really, it all comes down to your priorities and brand preferences for sure. Tesla-powered conversions seem sure to succeed and it’s not uncommon to see these Chevrolet batteries as the go-to. This particular electric vehicle conversion ought to capture the attention of many since it marries three hugely popular automakers and kicks some major butt as well.

Take not one, but two Chevrolet Volt batteries, which makes perfect sense since the Volt is not known for its large battery packs. Add a Tesla Model S P100D motor. Not to mention modifying it. Slap that all in a Honda S2000 that now makes a whopping 650 horsepower and this is the net result. We always hate to provide a spoiler, but we’re honest to say that this conversion is already beating Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous+ times.

What do you think of this beast? How do you feel about EV conversions in general? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Also, if you have a favorite electric car conversion that InsideEVs hasn’t already covered, provide us with some information and links. Perhaps we can add it to the list!

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But, but, but, I been told by all the petrol-heads that making major mods to electric cars don’t make sense because they are just faster boring golf-carts.

Nobody has really said that for at least 5 years or so……

You have not been on Youtube then, they were saying that still last year. This year they have to deal with the Model 3 Performance and are starting to change their tune. But last year they were still at it.

Oh they certainly still do. Go look at the dregs of comment sections like Yahoo news articles or Youtube videos. Maybe they are Russia trolls but there is still a large number of anti-EV trolls that still push all the debunked myths.

That’s what Tesla should do: produce a little convertible two-seater.

Agreed. That’s what I really want is a practical two seat roadster like this that I can actually afford, not some rich guy super car. In addition, I don’t give a damn about drag racing, so I would value range and handling over 0-60 times, or 1/4 mile times. I suspect the problem is, there is just not enough room in a little roadster like this to put enough batteries for decent range.

I wonder, without the back seats (and maybe a smaller or no truck) the battery pack can be L shaped, also a lighter design will need less power to have the same range/acceleration.

Plus the weight of say 50kWh of batteries just adds weight everywhere, stronger frame, bigger suspension.

You’ll end up with a Solstice not an RX-7

I can’t tell if you guys are trolling or not, since Tesla’s first car was a roadster. And Tesla is planning on a roadster in 2020.

key word there was ‘practical’ like under $50,000

Some people complain that the next-get Tesla “Roadster” — unlike the original one — will not really be a roadster, but rather a supercar, more like a Lamborghini or something along these lines… (In form factor as well as pricing.)

Tesla has shown the high end how it’s done and is moving down the price pyramid.

Now they need to build a fire under the low end, not by making cheap Teslas, but just buy Mazda and electrify their line of pretty good cars. Start with a Miata, then a sedan/crossover series on a common sled, not with Tesla fanciness in the cabin, just Mazda goodness. I think they could show the foot-draggers how it’s done.

Why would they even want to do that? If Mazda wants to use Tesla power train technology, I’m sure Tesla would gladly oblige — but that’s up to Mazda, not Tesla.

To get at Mazda’s production capacity of1.5M/year.

Buying an existing combustion car maker would *not* help with production capacity, which is limited mostly by battery production. And all the existing management, sales channels, product lines etc. would just be a burden.

Agree on buying out Mazda!

Impressed, but i would have expected it to be even quicker. Maybe more tire?

car is 6 months old and only twice at the race track…. still lots of work coming soon

Why so slow compared to Model S P100D ? Stock P100D record is 10.6 so how is that beating anything? Tesla Racing Channel has done 10.4 with weight reduction.

The inverter was derating us before the 1/8th mile mark, we’re investigating and have some ideas on how to fix this. Oh and there’s an error in the text , we only have one motor!

Fixed, thanks.

Looks like a Hot Wheel toy with funky fender flares and all, how bout getting the right offset wheels next time!

The better to fool the competition.

Great to see Tesla motors being used so much in EV conversions. However, looking up the 1/4 mile times for the 2017 Tesla Model S P100D ‘Ludicrous Plus’ Upgrade I found 10.5 seconds with a stripped down versions even achieving as low as 10.44. This Honda S2000 conversion had 10.67 as its best time. How is that faster? Just wondering where this comparison is coming from. Still awesome though! Seems like this is going to be a big trend, of converting older “classic” ICE cars to electric. Wont end up with a superior product, because it is not an EV from the ground up, but will provide a second life to obsolete ICE cars for decades to come.

It’s just a pitty so many cars with great engines are chosen for conversion, it completely destroys the soul of these cars.
Why not cars that should have received a good engine in the first place, but never got it from the factory
For example: Delorean, Citroen SM, etc.

Because noise and pollution does not a good engine make!

As someone in the process of converting my car to an EV, i find these stories awesome! Please share more of these.

ok first… I work at the shop where we built this.
— it’s a rear wheel drive.. (not Awd)…
— the car is 6 months old and we have only been at the track 2 times… its still a work in progress
— there is more work coming soon

the car should run under 10sec pretty soon

Honda needs to build a factory version of this.

I actually got my new MY 2000 Miata with an eye to a BEV conversion around now when the motor was shot.

Alas I broke the engine and had to put a new one in in 2009, which screwed up that plan.

Plus BEV hasn’t advanced as fast I was hoping . . . It’s getting there, but slowly