Honda Commits To Electrifying Every New Model For European Market


Urban EV concept gets a production version in 2019, CR-V hybrid arrives next year.

Another day, another manufacturer announcing its plans for an electrified future. Today, just like Volkswagen yesterday, Honda is using the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show to reveal its every new model for Europe will use some kind of electrification from now on platform.

Honda Urban EV

“Here in Europe, we see this move towards electrification gathering pace at an even higher rate than elsewhere,” Honda President and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo, commented during the brand’s press conference.

Honda believes the Old continent has a very strong interest in hybrid and electric vehicles, and plans to have electrified technology in two-thirds of its new car sales on this market by 2025. Globally, the target year for this plan is 2030.

Given the marque’s strong ambitions for Europe, it’s not surprising the Japanese company has decided to reveal the all-electric Urban EV concept in Frankfurt. During its official premiere, Hachigo announced the study will evolve into a production model in about two years from now.

“This is not some vision of the distant future; a production version of this car will be here in Europe in 2019.”

Next to the Urban EV concept at Honda’s Frankfurt stand is the near production CR-V Hybrid Prototype. It uses a dual-motor powertrain with a compact multi-mode, single fixed-gear ratio transmission, which delivers torque seamlessly to the wheels. The final production variant of this SUV will be launched in Europe next year, replacing CR-V’s diesel versions on the continent.

The plug-in Honda Clarity BEV recently just hit the market, with the 47 mile AER Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid (in much higher volumes) to follow in a few short weeks.  What will be the next model to get a plug, and how much of this “electrification” will include that plug?  I guess we will have to still wait to find out.

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Every Honda Hybrid battery pack fails here in the Phoenix HEAT after 60-100K miles. Most around 60K. They just don’t get liquid cooling like almost every PLUGIN automaker knows.

Just a shame that in the EU, Honda is strongest in the Northern half of it.
We don’t exactly get Pheonix type of weather in Germany or Ireland. Hell, I still see 2003, 04, 05 Civic Hybrids running around.

I hope that “electrification” means something more than just “We’re going to make all our gasmobiles into micro-hybrids by adding stop/start systems to them.”

But at least we have reason to believe Honda will try to follow through on its stated goal here, unlike Volkswagen, which is the undisputed king of vaporware.

Electrification in context of EU means ‘we have to get our fleet average to 95gCO2/km by 2020 or pay unbelievable amount of money’. Unless the cars are heavy (like German ones – they get a ‘correction’ and thus are allowed higher fleet average).

Frankfort Auto Show is a joke, where’s the new production models. It’s basically concept central. European journalist should be questioning these automotive tactics

I wonder if Honda can get back the passion it once had in ICE vehicles and apply it successfully to EV’s.

Honda needs their old mojo back. sadly I have the feeling they are run by aging accountants & not the brilliant engineers that brought us amazing products.

Very well said.

Exactly….Honda is quickly dropping down in the food chain….

They could start by simply SELLING the Honda Fit EV.
Sure, update the battery, but then SELL Them.

But, that’s ok, you can lease the BMW i3 pretty reasonably, just find the right dealer, who wants to increase they’re sales numbers.