Hobby King Offers ScootPlus Electric Scooter

NOV 19 2014 BY TDILLARD 14


ScootPlus features (click for full-size)

Hobby King, a well-known name in RC parts and supplies, has launched an interesting new product: the ScootPlus electric scooter.  Though it may seem to fly in the face of the well-established Razor brand, which you can find just about anywhere for a few hundred dollars, the ScootPlus touts some interesting tech.

Most interesting is the (very tiny, but powerful) in-wheel hub motor, with a speed of about 17 mph.  This eliminates a huge amount of the bulk and weight of the cheepy toy-store scooters.  You’re getting (probably RC lipo) battery packs on there with a rating of 6.5ah at 33V.

…but what caught our eye?  Regen braking, AKA KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System).  A scooter with regen.  What kind of a crazy world are we living in?

Here’s a rundown of the features and specs:

• Electric power scooter with up to 30km range and 27kph
• Light weight, strong aluminum frame
• KERS Technology (Kinetic Energy Recovery System)
• Folds into small size for easy storage



• Lightest electric scooter in the world
• Front and rear suspension and braking
• Cruise control
• LCD Screen displays voltage, speed, light indicator, odometer and trip odo
• LED headlight and alert horn

Dimensions: 940 x 135 x 1160 mm (Ready to Ride)
945 x 135 x 300 mm (Folded)
Weight: 10.7kg
Motor: DC Brushless 800 kv
Motor Torque: 13.3Nm
Charge Time: 2~3 Hours
Charger Input Voltage: 220V/110V
Battery: 33V, 6.5Ah
Duration: 30Km (70kg load)
Max Load: 110Kg
Max Grade: 15 degrees

ScootPlus display

ScootPlus display

Maximum grade of 15%?  Say wuuuut?  That’s some pretty serious climbing ability, able to hold it’s own on the streets of San Francisco, even.

Compared to the standard motor/drivetrain and lead batteries, this thing really is in a class of its own.  It looks like it has a detailed display as well, though we don’t have specs on the readout.  We can see battery state of charge, speed, available range, a headlight indicator (though no apparent headlights) and what appears to be a “kW used” indicator.

We’ve long been of the belief that these little scooters are really viable options for urban transportation – ever since, working in downtown Boston, we carried one of the Razor scooters under our arm, rode it to and from the train, and off around town to visit clients.  At $400 $499, 17mph and only 20lbs, it beats a Segway hands down.  And this one doesn’t look that much like a kid’s toy.  Does it?

Here’s the link to the Hobby King product page: ScootPlus Electric Scooter.

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I think there is a typo on the stats. The motor is probably not an 800kv motor, maybe 800W? Oh nevermind, found out what “kv” means in the Hobby King world.

“K = Rpm
v = per volt.
This is short-hand for how fast the motor turns per volt.”

Headlight looks to be integrated in the front of the display housing. Neat.

Looks awesome. I might get one of these!

Or… The worlds tiniest ebike I saw yesterday. It is also amazing.


Also according to google, the price in HKD of $3,879.92 converts to $500.29 USD. Don’t know where you came up with $400 USD. ???

Hobby-grade electric RC cars have had regenerative braking for several years now, and many are now more powerful than this scooter. So they’re just adapting those established RC battery/motor/controller components to a scooter platform.

This looks like a great little scooter. You’re not going to load a big Segway into the back of your Volt, LEAF, Model S or i3 – but these work great to sustainably zip that extra mile or so to work from the Park And Ride, or to that beach bike path or street fair. The leader in E-Scooters has been Go-Ped, and they used to fight off Chinese junky copies weekly who use their name to identify their vehicle. If Made In USA is important to you and nice, spongy tires with a lot more suspension and traction than these hard rubber tires can give – go to Goped.com. I like these scooters because they are lightweight. Regen braking is new for this type of scoot, and a strap can make them over-the-shoulder transit friendly. When one thinks of Razr scooters or those Chinese ones you find on Amazon, you get what you pay for. Hopefully, these are sturdy and rugged. I have a lead-acid version of the Go-Ped Hoverboard. It’s 65lb heavy but it’s entire construction says, “serious transportation” vs. these, which most-times come off as toys. This is the latest crop of scooters which look promising. With… Read more »

First, I DO like the scooter. It’s very slick.

But I have to disagree with you on your first point: I can deadlift my Segway into the rear cargo area of my VW Beetle with the added side cargo carriers– no problem. So, I have absolutely no idea what you’re yammering on about not being able to put a Segway into other vehicles that have larger and easier to load hatches…

The more common solution is, most folks use folding ramps. Boom, problem solved. There are a number of places to obtain them:



The downside of not having a Segway for the 4.5 miles max speed difference, or the superior maneuverability (turning in place, reversing, etc.), is you’re not allowed on pedestrian access ways as defined in most state’s (49) EPAMD laws in the US. So, depending on your local city laws, you can’t use this e-scooter on the sidewalks or bike lanes (most restrict motorized devices that are not classed as pedestrian mobility devices).

*shrugs* I’m biased, but I’ll take the Segway over this scooter in an urban city environment, every time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as geeky as the next guy – Segway’s are cool as heck! Especially the one with big balloon knobby tires. 12.5 mph is rather turtle-like compared to Go-Ped Hoverboard speeds over 20 mph., and no way am I gonna herk a 90lb Segway into the back of any car.

These scooters are portable, fold and are legal on bike paths and sidewalks in my area. You may have gas powered scooter laws in mind re: regulations. Larger scooters, i.e.: sit-down scooters need pedals in some areas to qualify for such, but these little stand-up types are good to go for such byways.

The “fender brake” looks a bit cheesy.

I think “suspension” is a relative word in this price level of scooter. The Go-Peds are heavier, but the suspension travel works for curb cuts, cracks, roots under blacktop…and small rocks. This is the stuff that jars your hands and wrists on an over mile trip in the real world.

Stuff to consider if looking at toss-in-hatchback scoots. Another thing I found people don’t consider in say scooters they pick up on Amazon is – will it glide? Some scooters don’t glide after the battery is dead – forcing you to carry it or get a cab.
If you can kick-scoot, the way our kids do, it can save the day if you run out of battery and you don’t have far left to go.

Good point… Wonder if it glides

Any idea what the actual power is of the motor.

800kV tells us nothing, 33V@6.6aH, I would say the motor does no more than 20Amps with a 6.7AH battery. It would flatten the battery in 20 mins at full power. So that only means about 600watts max power. more like 500watts conservatively. I was hoping for a bit more. These small brushless motors are capable of 2000watts easily. 1000watts would have gotten me interested.

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