Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales Booming – Market Expands 75%

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JUL 2 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Globally, plug-in electric car sales in May exceeded 159,000, which is second best result ever. A new all-time record is now expected in June.

The 159,346 deliveries reported for May translates into an outstanding growth rate of 75% year-over-year. 63% of sales came from BEVs, compared to 37% for PHEVs.

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After the first five months of 2018. sales almost hit 600,000 (estimated 597,757, up 71%) at an average 1.5% market share.

Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales In May 2018 (data source: EV Sales Blog)

The BAIC EC-Series, thanks to 12,624 sales in May, managed to move back into first place in the YTD rank with nearly 40,000 deliveries.

With such a strong contender in China, the second-generation Nissan LEAF (7,069) was left behind at #2.

The Tesla Model 3, with an estimated 6,551 deliveries, was third best for the month and fourth for the year (up 5 positions).

Tesla remains the only manufacturer to put three models in the top 10.

World’s Top 10 Selling Plug-In Cars In May 2018 (data source: EV Sales Blog)

The race between manufacturers of plug-in cars becomes closer than ever before. BYD, Tesla and BAIC are now spread by just a few thousand and each is hoping for the win. Especially BAIC, who surges up to an all-time high of almost 20,000 in a single month.

  • BYD: 13,392 (55,048 YTD)
  • Tesla: 12,935 (51,668 YTD)
  • BAIC: 19,589 (51,127 YTD)

Interesting things are happening in lower part of the table, as Volkswagen (9,743 in May) is now above Nissan (7,123) and Chevrolet returned to the Top 10.

World’s Top 10 Plug-In Car Manufacturers – May 2018 (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Our thanks to EV Sales Blog for tallying up and estimating the individual sales by OEM

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11 Comments on "Global Plug-In Electric Car Sales Booming – Market Expands 75%"

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Model 3 will be in first place by end of year. By a substantial margin.

BAIC EC around 100K and Leaf around 85K. Model 3 also aorund 100K?

Yelp, until 60kw leaf model, Nismo Leaf, end of year sales and new 2019 models come out and Nissan will be in 3rd 4th place vby the end of the year


They sold out 6 month of production of Leaf in Europe.

The EC-Series is hard to make projections about, since historically it has seen very sudden changes…

Only 100,000 Model 3 seems extremely pessimistic, though. That would be about 2,500 per week on average for the rest of the year — and virtually no improvement over the Q2 average.

Tesla delivered more than 70,000 EV’s in the first half of 2018.

That’s the first six month, you have to wait until end of July before we can see numbers for the first six month.

We already do have the numbers of Tesla.

Tesla delivered 30,000 in Q1 and 40,740 in Q2.

Total for the first six months is more than 70,000 deliveries.

Tesla will deliver more than 200,000 EV’s in 2018.

Tesla will be on top in the car manufacturers ranking in 2018 (and beyond).

Wow, we thought that 2018-03’s sales of 140,000 will last for few months as #2, but it just lasted 1 month and 2018-05 has broken that record with nearly 160,000 sales. Even more surprising is the fact that last month is not even a quarter ending month.

Will the 2018-06 overtake the #1 month of 2017-12 which stands at 170,000. Let’s see. Many EVs are introduced in China.

Nice to see 3 players, Tesla, BYD & BAIC battling for the #1 while BMW is somewhat left behind. 2018-06 # could propel Tesla a bit higher, but its the 2018-07 that is the key as many Model-3s are in transit and a higher production/delivery rate will also be sustained.

Tesla will reveal more details regarding their new Gigafactory in Shanghai in the next few weeks. That will be very interesting.

The Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai will be crucial for Tesla to compete in China. Local production is vital.