Get $17,500 Off A BMW i3: Here’s How


Customers in Georgia are offered up to a $17,500 rebate on the BMW i3.

Georgia Power has been involved in the electric transportation field for 20 years, and now the company has seemingly partnered with BMW to offer a seriously appealing option for all future BMW i3 customers.

According to a recent tweet by the company, select customers may be eligible for an instant rebate of $10,000, but also, for a potential future $7,500 federal tax credit as well, totaling a whopping $17,500 in savings. Since the BMW i3 currently comes with a $44,450 Starting MSRP, customers could drive away this fully-electric city car for as low as $26,950.

The 2018 BMW i3 comes with a few refreshes compared to the previous model year vehicles. Namely, the new i3 features an AC electric motor setup, a 33 kWh high voltage battery and can attain a range of up to 118 miles (190 kilometers). The vehicle is RWD (Rear Wheel Drive), comes with a wide range of in-car entertainment and looks pretty good, even by today’s standards. The BMW i3 is built at a carbon-neutral BMW Plant in Leipzig, Germany. The plant uses 50% less energy and 70% less water than conventional factories – and runs on 100% renewable energy.

A rebate like this will certainly move a few customers in Georgia towards the BMW i3. However, even with the potential full rebate, the BMW i3 still costs quite a bit. For example, the Nissan LEAF and the Hyundai Ioniq are both sub $30,000 cars. With a tax incentive, they drop to a few thousand dollars less than the i3 deal here. But, if you want to buy a premium, fuel efficient and fully electric city car, the BMW i3 might be the way to go. Especially with an offer like this.

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Other than BMW having a presence in Georgia Power territory – it would be nice if they could convince other utilities in other locales to go along with the sweet incentive.

They had this through PG&E in California recently (maybe still do, I don’t know). The money, of course, comes from BMW. Add another +/- $4300 here for sales tax on the price before rebate and tax credit.

I can get 10k with my employee discount at Walmart. Corporate fleet discounts

Tax credit is not an incentive

You mean it’s not a rebate, perhaps. It’s still an incentive.

The State of Georgia is among the least favorable states, from a cost standpoint, in which to register your EV/ Alt Fuel Vehicle.

A $213.69 additional registration (annual license fee) EV Fee, for all EVs, is not at all fair or reasonable.

Arguably it is “fair”, since EVs don’t pay for road maintenance through fuel taxes… But I totally agree that it’s not *reasonable* at this early stage of EV adoption.

It’s totally “fair”, not that adults should even be using that word. I taught my kids from an early age that life is NOT fair and not to expect it, guess William never learned that lesson. Anyway, to the point of his statement, EVs use the roads in GA just like every other vehicle, and we must pay our share of the costs associated with road maintenance and construction. The system in place in GA may not be perfect and will likely change over time, but it is needed. To argue that it’s not “fair” to have EVs paying a fee to support infrastructure is just silly, IMO.

If you want to argue fair, then your argument should be that semi trailers should pay a 10,000 times higher registration fee, since that’s the damage they cause to roads vs passenger cars. (Realistically, passenger cars don’t damage roads at all.)

It’d be fair if full size trucks and SUVs didn’t pay less than $100 bucks in gas taxes driving ~15K milesyear while a little LEAF had to pony up over $200. It’s been increasing based on “inflation” for years now too while fuel tax has been the same percentage for decades now. And that’s already on top of electric “fuel” which is taxed 2-3 times already. So yeah, you might want to revisit “fair”.

The elections are coming time to vote the representatives out of office. That don’t support EV’s and renewable energy.

I live in Atlanta and back early this summer when we were waiting for our Model 3 configure invitation we seriously considered getting an i3 with this rebate instead. Georgia Power wasn’t sponsoring this then but there was still a way to get the $10,000. Anyway at the time we owned a Volt and leased an 60 Ah i3 with the lease ending so we went into the BMW dealer, which is the largest in the Atlanta area, and told them of our plan. We were planning to get a Model 3 but if we could get a really good deal we would go with another i3. The one requirement we had, however, was that we wanted an i3S. The handling of the i3 at times can be tenuous under certain circumstances like at higher speeds on the freeway and in cornering. For example, one time while on a cloverleaf exchange I hit some shallow potholes and it almost sent me skipping off onto the shoulder. So we were concerned about the newer longer range i3 adding even more weight to that suspension and those skinny tires with the newer heavier 33 kWh pack. With the larger pack we would… Read more »

Shame they couldn’t source you an i3S. Fabulous car. The Model 3 is boring and feels very cheap compared to the i3, but at least you get 5 seats.

As an i3 owner, I’d have to respectfully and entirely disagree. Cheap is a car like the i3 that doesn’t even come with rear speakers and the base media screen has the most gigantic bezels I’ve ever seen in a car. That’s cheap!

Weird. Just wrote a long comment with no links and it went to moderation and disappeared. Is there a reason I’m being moderated?

Wow. Just wrote a thoughtful comment about my relevant experience in Atlanta that pertains directly to this article and it’s gone. I’m certainly not going to write it all over again.

It may take a little while to go through, that is if it “all goes well”.😉

Philip – I hate that you would have to type it again, but as a fellow Georgian, I would love to hear your take. Did you actually get the incentive?

I didn’t. Was mulling it over but decided to take delivery of our Model 3 instead. Long story short we requested an i3S at Global Imports coming off an i3 lease from them. They couldn’t even get one in their allocation from BMW.

I would think this would make a lease very attractive if it doesn’t affect residual. I assume you have to be a GA Power customer and not one of the EMCs.

The comment moderation system uses certain “trigger words” as one of the criteria for holding posts. The list unfortunately includes some entries that are, let’s say, surprising…

Fixed. There are few words actually in the comment moderation list. We removed several that were causing an issue with stopping up posts. Generally the ones that send these comments to the trash are not what one would expect. They are usually part of a username or email of a previously banned user.

Yeah, I think it’s been happening less often to me more recently…

Often I can guess fairly well which word triggered it though, since it’s simply the only distinctive word in the entire comment… And there were a few cases where I was wondering, why ever would that be on the list? 🙂

The model 3 and the goody i3 are not even in the same league. Who builds a car in 2018 with a 1.9 gallon fuel tank and a battery that goes 100 miles? The whole car is nothing more than a compliance vehicle for BMW in order for them to sale more SUVs

It’s fine for a commuter car — albeit very expensive for that…

From what I gather, it was originally more of a development exercise, not necessarily a compliance car… Though they are actually selling surprisingly well in many parts of the world, and even got upgrades over time. (Rumours say another major one is to come very soon.)

Yes, I think I read that a battery upgrade will bring the range to about 150 miles or so. Yes, a much bigger jump in range than last improvement but still woeful lower than almost any credible competitor expecially the model 3, 60kwh battery pack leaf at 220 miles and both new wagons from Korea at over 250 miles.
With that light chasis bmw should drop a 50kwh or larger battery in it to easily get 200+ mile range…then it would be at least a contender in most “green” eyes

The point is that it was never *intended* for longer trips. If a larger battery enables it to be used for such occasionally, that’s a nice bonus, but not the main purpose.

Just as a note – the Ioniq is NOT an option for Georgia Power customers as it is only available in parts of California.

And the sub $30K LEAF S is fairly stripped – if you want things like quick charge, heated seats, heat pump, charge cord, you’re north of $36K MSRP

It looks absolutely terrible in black. White or a loud colour suits the i3 much better.

I’d prefer it if they would offer more of them in Europe. They can even sell it at full price.

Do that in my state on the 2019 with the bigger battery and I may be interested.

If these power companies were really interested in going green and promoting EV’s, these deals would be available for ALL EV’s.
This just show’s they’re in bed with BMW.

BMW provides the $10k not the power company

GA Power offered a similar deal on the Leaf about a year ago, I almost grabbed one but decided against it. As other users said, it’s really the car companies providing most of the rebate, the power companies simply help them advertise.

Launched in MY-2014, i3 has completed 5 model years in market and is running into 6th model year (2019). Whether it will be redesigned or continue into 7th year with same design or discontinued is not known.

There are only 400 units for sale in USA and this is just 1 month’s inventory.

Its far better to wait for some time and spend the same $44K on a Model-3 with 310 mile range.
So this type of $10,000 rebate will become common.

If they redesign for 2020, it will be better if they use steel frame, reduce the cost and increase the range.

No thanks, I bought a TM3.