German Automakers Account For 16% Of Electric Car Sales In U.S.

FEB 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

BMW i3s

The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) noted that German OEMs accounted for 16% of total plug-in electric car sales in the U.S. in the past year.

German Plug-In Car Sales in U.S. in 2017

While 16.2% seems like a solid part of the pie (two times more than the German 7.9% share of the U.S.’ total light vehicle market), according to our stats, the share held by German OEMs has in fact been decreasing over the past years, despite introduction of many new plug-in hybrid models. The peak was 20.3% in 2015.

German Plug-In Car Sales in U.S. in 2017

  • 2013: 1,009 (1.0%)
  • 2014: 11,351 (9.3%)
  • 2015: 23,586 (20.3%)
  • 2016: 29,069 (18.3%)
  • 2017: 32,445 (16.2%)

In 2017, the biggest German OEM in plug-in electric car sales in the U.S. was BMW (with MINI), representing two-thirds of total.

BMW increased its sales from 16,107 in 2016 to 21,208 in 2017, while Volkswagen Group decreased from 10,721 to 8,003. Daimler, on the other hand, increased sales from 2,241 to 3,234.

Because of the high number of plug-in hybrids, German OEMs held around 35% of that segment in the U.S. in 2017.

Source: Green Car Congress

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Jan Tjarks

The 83.8% in the US belong to who?


USA: 59.2%
Japan: 17.2%
South Korea: 3.3%
Others: 4.1%

Gerhard Hauer



Tesla, GM, Nissan

Don Zenga

So the Germans will sell here, but they won’t buy American cars. I think US should seize whatever assets Germany has in USA.

GM sold vehicle in Germany thru its Opel division, and they that is sold to Peugeot Citroen, so the GMs sales in whole of EU is 0.

No idea about Ford’s sales there. Next time, you plan to buy German vehicles, please consider these.

Robb Stark

Americans can buy German cars and Germans can buy American cars.

Germany has a trade surplus because they make better products.

The solution for American companies is to make better products.


LOL, total market share 7.9%. Hyundai alone has more. German companies create jobs in US, while american companies like Amazon or McDonalds destroy jobs or replace with slavery jobs in Germany. Megalomaniac and spy companies like Apple,Google,Facebook have a market share of 100%


Germany has nobody but itself to blame for “slavery” jobs with its lack of minimum wage until 2015, and still low rate today compared to wealthy nations in the EU.

It’s beyond moronic to call Amazon a jobs destroyer. 90% of the world’s economy is the result of efficiency gains eliminating labor for the same work; furthermore, plenty of independent sellers have created their business (and employment) through the Amazon marketplace. Amazon makes minimal profits, too, so their revenue is all going to the economy, unlike some companies with a massive cash reserve.

The world’s problem is not automation. It’s how we use it.


What a populistic nonsense. Seize whatever assets… I think this statements stands for itself.

Daimler and Bmw both run factories in the us. For Bmw 25% of their cars are made in us. More than they sell in the states.

Ford by the way is excellently positioned in Europe and Germany and sells plenty of cars.

GM had a failed attempt to European market through Chevrolet. That was just excecuted weakly by their management. If gm sells 0 cars in Europe the only one to blame is gm.

In the end, if American car companies want to be successful over here, they need to up their game and try harder to offer suitable solutions for customers. At twice the fuel prices the market is different.

The only American car I would consider buying right now is a mustang. And they are overpriced over here. Tesla Model 3 not available yet and model s is far to expensive for an average consumer.

The us has other business areas where there are really strong in Europe eg google Facebook apple etc. don’t forget that!


What a joke. The Germans make appealing cars, so we buy them, even at a heavy price premium. And yes, the German companies build hundreds of thousands of cars in the US. There are a lot of American workers that are grateful for these German companies.


Actually, the German companies pay the worst in America. Sad. Same problem as Ikea.

Gerhard Hauer

Don’t blame us Europeans for:
American cars being thirsty as hell/of poor quality/simply not offered here.
GM proving again and again how incompetent they are (Chevrolet-in-Europe fail, Opel missmanagement…)
Ford missmanaging Volvo/Jaguar/Landrover into Chines and Indian hands.
(Chrysler is now Fiat anyway.)

If you have a good offer, we WILL take it (see Tesla).

And if all the European car manuf. shut their factories in the US good luck with your jobs!jobs!jobs!


Yes of course . Its expected of Germans to make rules, so Tesla NOT QUALIFY FOR any rebates. When Tesla changed its ricing to under 60K , they still disqualified them.

And, of course, Americans as expected will also soon Disqualify Tesla , since they sell too many cars